Feast of Fools


Event Summary

Date: February 21 , 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 21th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Lake City Center
1916 N Lakewood Drive Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

Winter lingers in the air, and wraps us in its chill.  What
better time to join together with friends for a day of revelry and
feasting.  Please join the Canton of Silverhart on February
21, 2014 for our annual winter Feast of Fools!  We will have
our very own Topsy-Turvey Day, which will include a Lord and Lady
of Misrule and a delicious  French Feast.  Please join us
for a day of merriment and hilarity to shake off the winter

There will be heavy fighting and a rapier tourney.  There will
also be an arts & science populace choice competition, a silly
hat contest, and other activities including dancing and
bardic.  The day will conclude with a topsy-turvey feast of
delicacies that starts with dessert.

At the Canton of Silverhart’s
Feast of Fools, up is down and down is up. White is black and black
is white. Hot is cold and cold is hot. Peers are serfs and lords
and ladies mis-rule!

Wait, what?!

Oh, that’s right. The foolages. Non-peers get to bid on a peer to
be their fool or jester for a couple of hours. Need some
entertainment? Ask your fool to sing. Are things around you too
serious? Ask your fool to dance. All forms of silly entertainment
are encouraged.

Several local peers have offered their time for this lighthearted
fundraiser for the Canton of Silverhart. So save your pennies to
bid to hear Dame Richenda croak like a frog, watch Master Ulrik
twirl like a ballerina, ask Dame Juliana to be your 3-year-old’s
pet dragon, or come up with your very own entertainment for Baron
Lars to perform. If other peers are interested in offering their
time for the fundraiser, please contact Dame Richenda at




you have a hat that is the height of foolish fashion? Are you dying
to make and wear a cap of epic silliness? Do you long for an excuse
to wear something ridiculous on your head? Then the Silly Hat
Contest at the Canton of Silverhart’s Feast of Fools is for

Bring your silliest hat, cap, or other headware, and enter it into
the Silly Hat Contest! Hats may be store bought, hand made, or a
combination of store bought with hand embellishment. Bonus points
will be awarded for extravagant silliness; so, don’t be afraid to
be a mad hatter one this occasion because you might just find
yourself chosen the winner!


Silly Hat Contest — wear your silliest hat to the event and vie
for a prize for the silliest hat in attendance!

Dancing  — Mistress Juliana de Luna has graciously offered
to teach Dancing once again!

Heraldic Consulting  —  Dame Richenda du Jardin,
Black Lion Priniciple Herald of An Tir, has graciously offered to
have a heraldry consultation table for those interested in getting
their name or device into submission.

A  Foolage  —  As a fundraiser for the Canton,
we will be holding a silent auction for Foolages.  The
person(s) winning the Foolage will receive a certificate to
commemorate their achievement as well as getting to choose as
a jester a Peer from among those Peers who have so generously and
graciously volunteered to participate.    The Peers
participating in the Foolage may secure their release from it at
any time during the day by matching the bid that won the
Foolage.  Many Thanks to Mistress Julianna and Dame Richenda
for proposing such a fun fundraiser!

More details coming soon!

Lady Fina is preparing the feast this year, and she has a French
meal planned for the occasion. The feast hall can only hold 100 so
please pre-register for the feast ASAP by
emailing moc.evil@camanif with
the number of gentles and names of each in your party. 


10 a.m. Site Opens

10 am Silent Auction for Foolages opens

11:00 a.m. Fighter Check-In/Armor Inspection

11:30 – 2 p.m. Heavy Tourney (MIC: Roy) 

12 p.m.– 1:30 p.m. Rapier (MIC: Michael of Lancaster)

12 p.m. A&S & Silly Hat Competition opens

1 – 3 p.m. Populace games

2 p.m. Foolages awarded

2:30-3 p.m. Servers meeting and class

3-3:30 p.m. Kids activities & Story Time 

3 – 4:30 p.m. Dancing 

4 p.m. A&S and Silly Hat Competition Closes

5 p.m. Court

6 p.m. Feast (Bardic competition as entertainment)

(Court will be briefly reopened to recognize the bardic

8:30 p.m. Clean up. Help would be appreciated

9 p.m. Site Closes 



Site Fees:

Member  (+$5.00 NMS applies per adult)

Adult with Feast $14

Youth 6-16 with feast $10

Family cap with feast $40 + $5 for each non member adult

Adult no feast $10

Youth 6-16 no feast $7

Family cap no feast $35 + $5 for each non member adult

No Merchant fee. Pre-register for space.  Please bring tables
to show your wares.  Hammering or fire exhibits are not
permitted indoors.

This is a dry site. Pets are not allowed.

Event Stewards:

Lady Suhayla of Silverhart and the Honorable Lady Fina

Lady Suhayla (MKA: Stephanie McMechan)

Email: moc.liamg@nahcemcms


Honorable Lady Fina MacGrioghair

Email: moc.evil@camanif

Please email feast registration & questions to moc.evil@camanif


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