Fall Masked Ball


Hosted by Device of Seagirt

The Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Anastasia Daysshe
Date: October 19 , 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 19th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Eastern Star Hall
3281 Harriet St. Victoria, BC V82 3S3





Come one come all to The Seagirt Bardic Event And Masked

The doors will open at 9:30am and there will be Bardic Arts classes
held before the ball! 
The current An Tir bardic Champion Bieiris has agreed to grace our
Barony with her knowledge as one of the Instructors.   Not all slots have been
filled yet, but here are the classes that have been




Time Slot

Classroom A

Classroom B



Remembering Songs and Music- Master Stephen of



Lunch Break




The Troubadours-Bieiris

Ballads – Master Stephen of



Conquering Firefright – Bieris

Dance Intructional – Sirtas



To pre-register you can e-mail Tristan at


with which classes you are interested in.  The cost for
Remembering Songs & Music and Ballads are $2 each.  The other classes taught have no
additional fees.



Class descriptions are as follows:


“A Long Time Ago, In A Barony Far, Far Away…”: Creating And
Telling Great Stories For Any Period And Culture – Taught by
HL Wulfstan Hrafnsson


Unfortunately Wulfstan is unable to teach this class, however if
you are interested in obtaining a copy of the class handout, you
can e-mail Wulfstan at moc.liamg@nossnfarh.natsfluw.


Conquering Firefright – Taught by HL Bieris de Romans, An Tir
Bardic Champion

 Do you like sitting around a bardic fire, listening to songs
and stories and staring into the flames, but always say
“pass” when your turn comes? Do you wish you had a song
or story of your own to contribute? Whether you’re scared to
perform or your mind just goes blank, this workshop will help you
get started in the bardic arts.


 The Troubadours – Taught by Bieris de Romans,
An Tir Bardic Champion

 Learn the history of the troubadours of southern France, from
whom all western poetry and song can trace its descent. We will
look at a number of different songs, comparing male to female
authorship, love songs to satires, and pre- to post-Albigensian
Crusade. Bards with troubadour songs in their repertoire are
especially encouraged to attend. We will discuss performance
practice, language, cultural significance and historical


Remembering Songs and Music – Taught by Master Stephen


“How do you remember so many songs?”  That is something I have been
asked many times.  The
answer is likely to be different for everyone.  We shall discuss and experiment
with a number of techniques to help you remember songs and


 Ballads – Taught by Master Stephen of


What is a ballad?  We
shall look at the history of songs called “ballads.”  We shall look at how they are
structured and the range of themes they cover.

Dance Intsructional – Sirtas 

Interesting in dancing at the ball but don’t know the dances? 
Fear not!  Sirtas has offered to teach some of the dances
that will be danced at the ball. 

Remember to bring note-taking materials to the classes if you



Lady Diamante de Magenta will be providing a simple lunch on

A Full Menu will be posted prior to the event.  The offerings that will be
provided will be:

LIGHT MEAL $6 Choice of two hot courses (vegetarian gluten free
soup OR meat stew) Salad & bread

HEARTY MEAL $8 Same as Light Meal ALSO includes dessert



There is a Tavern – By Anna Jane ! Probably open around 430 ish as



For the evening meal we will be having a Pot Luck!  It begins at 5:30pm.


For those
born in 

February, March: Meats

April, May,
June: Cheeses/Pickles/Olives

August, September: Veggies/Fruit

November, December: Rice/Pasta/Starches

There will be bread and Nuts on the
table as usual.



 At 6:30pm during the Masked Ball there will be jam sessions
and open bardic downstairs in the Tavern Area.

for the ball starts at 630 ! 

Sets ( in no particular order yet ) for the ball, Starting at
630, 730, 830, and 930

Sets are Azure, Purpure, Argent and Vert ( Each set still
currently needs one more song )



  • Toltentanz

  • Childgrove

  • Upon a Summer’s Day

  • Sellenger’s

  • Portsmith

  • Juice of the Barley



  • Female Saylor

  • Drumul Dracului

  • Korabuska

  • Hunt the Squirrel,

  • Gay Gorden

  • Jenny Pluck pears



  • Ma na vue,

  • Faeriequeen

  • Rufty Tufty,

  • Black Nag

  • Christ Church Bells

  • Well Hall



  • Chestnut,

  • Tourdion

  • Jamaica

  • Grimstock

  • Billy Peddle

  • Gathering Peascods




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