Emprise of the Black Lion


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Gera Gangolffin
Date: September 28 , 2018 until September, 30 2018
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 28th 2018
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 30th 2018

Event site:
Granite Falls Masonic Park
24310 Mountain Loop Hwy Granite Falls, WA 98252

Hear ye, hear
ye, hear ye!

Let all people
of An Tir, and of all the known kingdoms, who are not banished or
enemies of the king our lord, know that there will be a great
festival of arms and a very noble tourney, both mounted and on
foot, with archers, crests, banners and horses covered with the
arms of the noble tourneyers, as is the ancient custom, hosted by
the very noble and very powerful Barony of Madrone.

Emprise XVI will be at a new site this year in Granite falls, WA. The Emprise is now a camping event! Activities will span from Friday, September 28 through Sunday, September 30 2018. more site info

**Please note that only service dogs are allowed. For the safety of the horses and riders, dogs are not permitted near the horse paddocks nor in or around the arena, and must be on a leash at all times.**


Event fee:


  Weekend (adults)


  Day event fee (adults)


  Children under 18 – free with parents 




  Saturday Lunch


  Saturday Dinner


Equestrian pipe corral stable fee


*SCA members
receive a $5 discount on event fees.

Note that the
Emprise will be a camping event this year for the first time!

using PayPal is now available
– and recommended – through
September 16. 

Site Schedule

3pm Friday, Sep
28 – 3pm Sunday, Sep 30

Event Schedule:

3pm – Gate Opens
4pm – Riding Time for Equestrians
7pm – Music & Revelry in the Courtyard

8:30am – Heraldic assembly to plan for competitor introductions, field heralding and town cry (list field)

9am – Equestrian Lists Open (Equestrian)
Rapier Lists and Armor Inspection Opens (Rapier)
Archery Range Opens (Archery)
9:30am – York Shoot Begins (York Range)

10am – Equestrian Procession before the Judges (Equestrian)

11am – Jousting (Equestrian)
Setup for artisans display (A&S)
Decorate a (model) horse (A&S)
Artisan social (A&S)

12pm – Lunch
Pas d’Armes List and Armor Inspection Opens (Heavy)
Ermengarde’s artisans display (A&S)

1pm – Grand Pas d’Armes (Heavy)
Pigs/Heads at Three Heights (Equestrian)
Rings/Quintaine (Equestrian)

3pm – Petit Pas d’Armes (Youth Combat)
Tassel making class w/Mistress Isolde (A&S)

4pm – Pet the Pony (Equestrian)
Shield making demo w/Malys mac Néill (A&S)

4:30 pm – Dinner

5pm – Evening Court

8pm – Music & Revelry in the Courtyard

8:30 am – Baroness Spike’s Breakfast Cake (Courtyard)

9am – Equestrian Lists Open (Equestrian)
Archery Lists Open (Archery)

9:30am – Noblesse Oblige Tournament Prize Bragging (Equestrian)
10am – Noblesse Oblige Tournament (Equestrian)
Madrone Archery Championship (Archery)
List fields open for pickups (Heavy & Rapier)

3pm – Site Closes


  • The event staff is offering lunch and dinner for a fee on
    Saturday. Meal preregistration is strongly recommended to ensure
    availability. Menu will be published here and on Facebook in
  • Join Baroness Spike for breakfast cake and coffee on



For all
non-equestrian space reservations, please contact
Mistress Ysabeau

  • Group camping (no longer available due to site change)
  • Pavilion
  • Cabin (no longer available due to site change)

For equestrian
space reservations, please go to the Madrone Equestrian Guild

horse pre-reservation page


There will be
five different tournaments at the Emprise this year, all inspired
by the 1460 treatise of Rene of Anjou and overseen by four
noble judges.

Arts and

The Arts and
Sciences are a huge part of the pageantry of the Emprise. Join us
in the A&S tent for displays and contests. (Details TBD)


Masonic Family Park
24310 Mountain Loop Hwy
Granite Falls, WA 98252

It is a lovely site full of giant trees, semiprivate group campsites, and a river running around the perimeter. It has multiple permanent picnic shelters, a kitchen with indoor space for eating, flush toilets and showers.

Site Rules

  • Burn bans are at the discretion of the county fire marshal,
    however, they are often in effect in September on the east side of
    the mountains.
  • Please note that only service dogs are allowed. For the safety of the horses and riders, dogs are not permitted near the horse paddocks nor in or around the arena, and must be on a leash at all times.

Emergency planning:

Please be advised that there is no cell phone connectivity on the Granite Falls Masonic Family Park site. Our emergency plan is:

  1. All event staff are carrying radios (channel 3) and can contact the emergency primary leads:
    Event steward, Gera Gangolffin (Jeri Sisco)
    Equestrian MIC, Mistress Kerij-e (Crystal Smithwick)
  2. First step: we will have a car staged at event gate and at the equestrian MIC point, available to drive to the Masons’ gate, where there is a landline in both the gate house and the caretaker’s house.
    Backup: we will have licensed amateur radio operators on site. Stephen Desjardin, Christopher MacEveny, and Anne-Rose Smythe will have handheld ham radios available and have been provided contact information for local emergency calls.
  3. As mentioned, we will have cars staged ready and available to drive offsite, as well as a horse trailer and truck, should driving offsite be the best option for emergency assistance.
  4. There are fire extinguishers in the dining lodge and Peterson building, and AEDs in both buildings and at the gate house.

Local emergency contact:

Dial 911
Emprise site address is 24310 Mountain Loop Hwy, Granite Falls

Local emergency vet:
Pilchuck Animal hospital
Equine Emergency Care
11308 92nd Street SE
Hours: 24×7
Distance: 20 mi/33 min

Local Urgent Care:
Multicare Indigo Urgent Care
911 Frontier Circle E
Lake Stevens, WA
Hours: 8am – 8pm 7 days a week
Distance from site: 15 mi/24 min

Local Hospital/ER:
Providence Hospital Everett
1820 14th St
Everett, WA
Hours: ER is 24×7
Distance from site: 20 mi/33 min



HL Gera Gangolffin

Event Vision

Master Guillaume de


Mistress Kerij-e Ong

Armored Combat

Sir Athos Belisarios


Gallant Katryne MacKim


Arcos Arthur Green Arrow

Youth Armored Combat

HL Sarah Pixie


Lady Megara Belisarissa


Mistress Ysabeau the

Arts and

HL Helewisa de Frejous


HL Sarra the Brave

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