Embers and Ambrosia


Hosted in-person by Device of Blatha An Oir

The Barony of Blatha An Oir (Tacoma-Pierce county, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Maire Blakater
Date: April 29 , 2022 until May, 1 2022
Site opens at: 3:00 PM on April 29th 2022
Site closes at: 12:00 PM on May 1th 2022

Event site:
Swiss Sportsman Club
9205 198th ave East Bonney Lake, WA 98391

This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted event.

Join us as we welcome back Embers and Ambrosia after the long plague!!  A weekend event with camping focused around A&S classes as well as our A&S, Bardic, and shield of the Barony Championship.

This coming spring, Blatha an Oir again combines three events to bring people together from across the Kingdom in their passions and interests. We are hosting Embers and Ambrosia, Celtic Bardic, and Daffodil Archery at the Swiss Sportsmen’s Club the weekend of April 29- May 1st, 2022. This is a wonderful site to kick off the event camping season with a mix of indoor/covered event space and even areas for younger children to burn off energy when parents or siblings are in classes.

Site opens for general public at 3 pm on Friday April 29th, Event staff, volunteers willing to help put up classroom pavilions, and merchants are allowed on site at 12 noon.

Gate opens Friday at 3 pm and Saturday morning at 8:00 am closes before evening court.
Site closed Sunday at 12 pm, everyone must be packed up so that event team can have the site cleaned.

Camping & Site Information

Wet RV is 15.00 per night. or $30.00 for the weekend
Dry RV is 10.00 per night. or $$20.00 for the weekend
Tents are $5.00 per night.

Camping available both Friday and Saturday evening. Please note the per tent fee.

Camping fee: This site has a $5 per tent per night fee that we must charge, a $15 dry RV per night camping fee, and a $20 wet RV per night camping fee. There is no camping fee per person, just PER TENT or PER RV. Open pavilions do not count towards a tent fee.

This site has bathrooms AND showers. It is discreetly wet, please keep all alcohol within period/period-esque containers. Fires are allowed within fire pits only, and must not be left unattended at any time. Ashes/partially burned wood must be removed from site, there is no dumping area for them. DO NOT PUT ASHES IN TRASH CANS. Please be sure to have a bucket of water and fire extinguisher handy near any open flames. We will be using the Alpenhaus, which has a small kitchen area and electricity with a sink, fridge, and stove/oven. If you wish to use these facilities please talk to the event steward first. You will also be required to clean up after yourself in the kitchen, please don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.



This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Has Merchants
Has Classes
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Archery activities
Has Thrown Weapon activities
Has Bardic activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Allows pets (check for details)

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This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted event.

Registration Information


You can still attend via day trip or camp in your tent!

Accessibility Information

Indoor restrooms and accessible showers, handicap parking available.

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Weekend entry $20
Day trip $15
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Event Schedule


Time Activity Location
9:30 opening court


10:00 am



The Latvian Mitten 2 hours

Weather dependamt


White A&S tent/Class B

10:00 am Polearm: One True Weapon Style Class A 10×20 meet up and move to open area
10:00 am Kids cup cover and bag stamping 2 hours Children’s Activities Tent
10:00 am Missile Combat Marshal Training Archery area
10:00 am

10:00 am

A&S competition (1 hour)

The Etiquette of the Eric

Alpinhause Hall


10:00 am Medieval Falconry Blue/Yellow tent
11:00 am From Pavillion to Palace Tent Painting Class A 10×20
11:00 am Intro To Acting in the SCA 1.5 hours Tavern
11:00 am Panther Paw Rapier Tourney Rapier erics
11:00 am Learn Ukulele as Renaissance guitar Alpinhaus Hall
12 Noon Baroness Tea Blue/Yellow pavillion
12 Noon Missile Combat tourney Archery range
12 Noon Basic Hand Sewing 2 hours White A&S Tent/ Class B
1:00 pm Bentwood Boxes Blue and Yellow Tent
1:00 pm Children’s leather bracelets Children’s Activities tent
1:00 pm Feminine Rapier Garb Class A 10×20
1:00 pm Beginner Harp (hands on class) Alpinhaus hall
2:00 pm Medieval Methods of Design Blue and Yellow Pavillion
2:00 pm Period Theater Scene Study Tavern
2:00 pm A survey of fibers used for textiles Alpinhaus Hall
2:00 PM Daffodil Archery Tourney Archery Range
2:00 pm Which Fur Should I use? 2 hours White A&S Tent Class B
3:00 pm Rapier Tourney 2 Rapier Erics
4:00 pm Medieval Fletching Whipping Archery area
4:00 pm How to sew with fur White A&S tent Class B
5:00 pm Closing Court Alpinhaus Hall

Meal Information

Bring your own food. Many off site options for take out and fast food.

Tournament Information




Blatha an Oir Championship Tourneys:

Saturday Morning! Arts and Sciences Champion: a mini-Athenaeum display. You will have the space of a standard 6′ folding table to display your choice of what you do – it could be examples of one type of thing, or a variety of them, including a photo gallery/album, digital display, tools used, a copy of research papers, class handouts, or even appropriately packaged samples. You may be asked about what you know regarding the way your exhibit pieces were made, used, or completed in period, but documentation is not absolutely required. Populace members, the A&S Officer Andromacha Tis Lesvos, and Coronets will come chat with you about what you have on display.

Saturday at the noon hour! Bardic Champion: Two performances required. The first should be documented. 100 words or fewer is recommended. Second is “bard’s choice”. This should have a “period feel” but does not need to be period or require documentation. Original pieces welcome. The second piece will be judged on performance and will be voted on by the populace. Both pieces should be no longer than 5 minutes.

7PM Friday Night! Shield of the Barony heavy tourney: The first and foremost requirement to compete in this tournament is that the fighter have been fighting for less than three years and have never won another tournament. In addition the requirement for this champion is that they be willing to swear an Oath of Fealty to the Coronets and that they be available to conduct the following years tournament.

Non-Championship Tourneys!

Friday night 8 pm! Torchlight Tourney!!! Heavy fighters bring your weapons, your armor, your glow sticks and have some smashy bashy fun in the glow of torchlight!

Saturday Morning, 11 am! Panther’s Claw Rapier Tourney: COME ONE, COME ALL rapier fighters who have never won a rapier tournament. Come fight for the honor of Their Excellencies of Blatha an Oir at Embers and Ambrosia. A good time to be had by all. There will be an accolade prize given by myself to the fighter nominated by their peers, for the fighter who gave them the best fight and had the most joy in their fighting.  Format: Round Robin, with top 4 advancing and then top 2 Allowed fighter: open to all CARDED fighters who have NEVER won a rapier tournament Weapons Restrictions: no case, no long sword/two handed sword

Saturday! Daffodil Archery Tourney:  Target archers at the ready!  The Archery Champion of Blatha an Oir will devise and run the Target Archery Tournament . The tournament will consist of a Royal Round, immediately followed by 24 more arrows at a selection of targets such as I can imagine… (and none shall be the traditional 60cm 5 color round target face). A very strong HINT for any who plan to compete… one of the targets will be limited to 3 “Loose’s” though 6 arrows are apportioned to that target.. For any who have not shot “Twins” finding someone to introduce you to it, and practicing that shot would be a very good idea… (I will make myself available prior to the tourney and during “Warm up”).

Saturday! Combat missile Tourney: Combat missiles at the ready! Missile Combat Tourney will be a “Corridor” style round-robin format. Competitors will be limited to a total of 12 bolts/arrow/hand thrown weapons, or a mix thereof. Depending on the number of participants, there may be a few surprises thrown in as well.

Saturday Afternoon at 1:30 pm Rapier Accolade Tourney :  this will be a standard round robin tournament; however, you are seeking to win the accolade of your fellow fighters. What should you be striving for? Showing your cleanest fighting, and the joy you bring to the fighting erics, and the honor you have for each and every opponent, the respect you have for your fellow fighters. The winner is not the one with the most wins, but the fighter nominated by their fellows for the embodiment of the questions above. Format: Round Robin, for the accolade, with top fighters advancing Allowed fighter: open to all CARDED fighters Weapons Restrictions: no case, no long sword/two handed swords

Youth and Family Activities

    • Smalls (children) Leather bracelets-Decorating and braiding leather bracelets. Suitable for all ages. Cost 5.00 for materials CLASS MAXIMUM OF 24 CHILDREN
    • Children’s Activities- making stamped cup covers and bags.

Two playgrounds on site!

Volunteer Information

We still need Gaye volunteers

Set up and tear down volunteers on Friday and Sunday.

Merchant Information

Keltic Kraze! Featuring Pyrography, Wood and bamboo items such as boxes, serving trays, platters, chipwood baskets, kitchen utensils all artistically decorated with wood burning.  http://Keltic-kraze.square.site/

Hooray for Bustle and Bristle!  Handmade brooms & whisks in a variety of styles. Functional beauty! Prices go from $30 to $85 depending on add ons & styles.

Alfheim Works- Come see our wares! Pottery dishes, cups, mugs, matching sets, glass beads, special order glass mosaics, special order dog collars!

Fairy Dreams- Natural Hydrosols, creams, and ointments.

Classes Offered

Classes offered:


  • Beginning Harp-Maximum number of students: 5. Cost: $6 for packet of music.   The class will cover tuning and basic technique. Students will learn to play a simple Renaissance dance tune. They will leave with a packet containing technical exercises and a collection of Medieval and Renaissance European music arranged for harp. Students need to bring a harp with at least 12 strings. Please bring a music stand if you have one. We will have two harps available to borrow for class.
  • Learn Ukulele as Renaissance Guitar– Maximum number of students: 5.  COST $4 for music packet  Maximum 5 Students.  This class is an introduction to playing the ukulele in the style of a Renaissance guitar. We will cover strumming chords to accompany singers as well as playing melodies from tablature. Students should bring there ukuleles and music stands if they have them. We will have ukuleles to borrow for class. Students need to bring their own chairs.
  • Period Theatre Scene Study– Maximum number of students: 6.  Study and perform a 5 minute scene from a period theatre piece. Scenes from Shakespeare, Sophocles, Marlowe, and more to study the greater story and history of and then bring to life in a staged reading.
  • Intro to Acting in the SCA:  Maximum number of students: 10.  Teaching modern acting to perform period plays in a way that speaks to a modern audience while still maintaining authenticity in the period piece.

Marshall Activity Classes

  • Polearm: The One True Weapon Style-An overview of the polearm and its’ use and application in SCA rattan combat.
  • Missile Combat Marshal training– Maximum number of students: 24.  A class to train those interested into becoming Missile Combat Marshals. Those who take the class can qualify to become a Missile Combat Junior Marshal. An SCA membership is required to become a warranted marshal, but anybody can take the class to learn.
  • Medieval fletching – Have you wanted to learn how to add whipping to your arrows? Here is an opportunity to try your hand. Richard de Westwode is a fletcher with the Fellowship of the Black Swan. He will offer a class on whipping. Bring a finished arrow or two, a small knife, a spool of thread, and scissors. We will walk through the process together. The whipping can be easily removed afterwards if desired. Richard will have some arrows on hand should you forget or do not have ones to use. Additional class demonstrations may be offered on horn reinforced self-knocks, shaft planning, feather processing, and/or head fitment. Richard will be available throughout the day to discuss or assist in the art of fletching.
  • The Etiquette of of the Eric Open to all comers, highly encouraged for new fighters. This class will discuss what you do when you enter the Eric. How to interact with the marshals, and your fellow opponents. How to do salutes and how to acknowledge your opponent and dying in style.

Fabric Arts

  • A survey of fibers used for textiles in the Middle Ages– Maximum number of students: 16.  This presentation will include a wide variety of both animal and plant fibers that were used to create textiles for clothing and utility purposes in the Middle Ages. Fibers from a variety of Medieval time periods and geographic locations will be discussed, along with details on why and how they were used. Fiber samples will also be available for you to see and touch, and appropriate COVID safety measures will be required in order to handle the samples.
  • Which fur should I use!?– Maximum number of students: 5  Are you confused about which furs are period and which are not? Are you trying to figure out if that old fur coat in the closet can be used for garb? Come spend some time learning about period furs by examining real fur, period portraiture, and the written record
  • The Latvian Mitten– Maximum number of students: 6.  Cost: Free but Knitting kits are available for $15 Hands on class to learn medieval Baltic States knitting techniques.
  • Basic hand sewing-Maximum number of students: 8. Cost: Free,  but a few sewing kits will be available for $10 each  Basic hand sewing stitches will be covered: whip stitch, running stitch, back stitch, and buttonhole stitch. Students will need to bring a basic sewing kit with the minimum being thread, needles, scissors, thimble (is used), and pins. For this class, a basic two-piece coif will be the practice project. A handout will be provided.
  • How to sew with fur– Student max 6- This hands-on class will cover laying out fur for a project using a paper patter, cutting, and sewing fur. Students will construct a catnip mouse toy from rabbit pelt scraps, wool fleece, and felt. Materials and tools will be provided. Bring reading glasses if you wear them, we will be working “small.” Adults and teens welcome to attend.

Practical Sciences

  • Bentwood boxes-We will discuss the history of bentwood boxes, different methods of bending wood, prepping materials and then do some bending for a box.
  • From Pavilion to Palace, painting your tent-We will look at some illuminated examples of tent decorations found in manuscripts, discuss the materials and tools I use, and then do some demonstration of how I paint tents.
  •  I can kick your butt in a corset and skirts: This class will concentrate on the designs and modifications needed for female garb for the rapier Erics. It will take into account punch proof garments, chest protectors etc. It will discuss the practicality of creating female garb for fighting, ie. How long should your skirt be. What do you wear under said skirt. Shoes and head coverings included. Just because you want to fight does not mean you have to dress masculine. We will discuss fabrics and heat issues for making feminine garb.
  • Medieval Methods of Design-Maximum number of students: 12.  Attendees will use simple tools such as their hands, string, scrap wood, and dividers to learn and apply simple and ancient concepts of proportion, ratio, and scale in designing their own artisanal pursuits. These skills are applicable to a multitude of interests, including the design of illuminations, cabinetry, architecture, sculpture, and the embellishment of garb.
  • Medieval Falconry-It is said that humans left the cave on the back of a horse with a hawk on the fist. Explore the ancient sport of falconry and its methods. Learn the terms and have some hands on with the tools of the trade. Falconry was so popular many phrases coined 600+ years ago are still in use today in everyday speech. Still practiced today, the sport of falconry has changed very little. Whether you are interested in the history, interested in the sport, interested in the birds, or want to “flesh out” your persona a little, there is something in this class for everyone. As there will be at least one live bird of prey, please do not bring dogs to this class.
Dragon’s Laire Cooking Guild- Experience the sites, smells and maybe tastes of period foods cooked outdoors.

Emergency Preparedness Information


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