**CANCELLED** Embers and Ambrosia


Hosted by Device of Blatha An Oir

The Barony of Blatha An Oir (Tacoma-Pierce county, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Maire nic Shiobahn
Date: April 24 , 2020 until April, 26 2020
Site opens at: 3:00 PM on April 24th 2020
Site closes at: 1:00 PM on April 26th 2020

Event site:
Swiss Sportsman Club
9205 198th ave East Bonney Lake, WA 98391

From Barwnes Angharat and Sheik Yusuf, Baron and Baroness of Blatha an Oir, and on behalf of the Embers and Ambrosia Event Team: For those who are watching Embers and Ambrosia, April 24 – 26th, with the current health crisis in the Puget Sound area. The Event Stewards are in communications with our Coronets, Seneschal, and the site owners, in case the situation does not get better before mid-April. If the Society policy of no events is continued through April, or if the Governor or Mayor determine that mandatory distancing will occur, we will notify all immediately and work on rescheduling the event for later in the summer. Yours in Service, Angharat verch Reynulf, Barwnes Blatha an Oir


Embers 2020This is a Level 1 event.

A weekend event with camping focused around A&S classes as well as our A&S, Bardic, and shield of the Barony Championship.

This coming spring, Blatha an Oir again combines three events to bring people together from across the Kingdom in their passions and interests. We are hosting Embers and Ambrosia, Celtic Bardic, and Daffodil Archery at the Swiss Sportsmen’s Club the weekend of April 24-26, 2020. This is a wonderful site to kick off the event camping season with a mix of indoor/covered event space and even areas for younger children to burn off energy when parents or siblings are in classes.

If you are interested in teaching or setting up a demo, please reach out to HL Maire nic Shiobhan at ladymaire_bardatoutlookdotcom 

Baronial Arts & Sciences Competition, 2020
Competitors for the title of Baronial Campion may enter one or two entries. Finished or in progress. Judging will take place on the Kingdom A&S judging sheets. Those can be made available to the competitors ahead of time upon request. Each competitor will be assigned a time during the day to present their work to a panel of 3 judges. A 20 Minute slot of time to be divided however the competitor chooses between presentation, demonstration, questions and answers. A letter of the competitors intent to compete must be presented to the baronial champion and their Excellencies by the end of day on February 15th, BaO Candelmas. If the competitor would like to present their letter at court during the event they will be given the chance to do so. Letters of intent can be a simple or extravagant as the competitor wishes but must include the competitors name and what they intend to enter in the competition. 
Children’s Arts and Sciences Age groups 5-9 Age group 10-13 Age Group 14-17 
The children must present a finished work with documentation that includes, at minimum, time period and place, what materials they used. 
  •  Ages 5-9 not required to prepare a presentation. 
  •  Ages 10-13 encouraged to prepare a presentation. 
  • Ages 14-17 required to give brief presentation. 
 Prizes to be awarded. The Current A&S Champion, Sigriðr Eirikskona,  will be available to everyone for any help or guidance.
Shield of the Barony
Requirement to compete: the fighter has been fighting for less than three years and has never won another tournament. In addition this champion must be willing to swear an Oath of Fealty to the Coronets and that they be available to conduct the following years tournament. 

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Has Classes
Has Arts & Sciences activities

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This is a Cancelled Event event.

A weekend event with camping focused around A&S classes as well as our A&S, Bardic, and shield of the Barony Championship

Registration Information

Pre-registration is not required, but highly suggested if you wish to RV camp. Pre-registration will be available March 1, 2020. Please be patient with us as we get PayPal set up for this event. 

Accessibility Information

Accessible parking is available, as well as indoor restrooms and showers.  RV camping with water and power hookups available on a first come first served basis.  You may wish to pre-register if you intend to camp in your RV.

Site Fees

Fee Type


Site Fee $15 per person (children under 17 are guests of the barony)
Tent fee $5 per night (no member discount; this fee is paid to site)
Wet RV hookup $15 per night (no member discount; this fee is paid to site)
Dry RV hookup $10 per night (no member discount; this fee is paid to site)
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Event Schedule

Time Activity Location
10 am Plumbata: Late Period Thrown Weapon Blue and Gold Tent 1
  Military Sciences; 90 minute course Blue and Gold Tent 2
  Canvas Tent Painting Woodworking tent/ section 1
  Plain Front Boxes 4-5 hour workshop Woodworking tent/section 2
  Bard 101  Bardic Tent
  Shield Punching Eric #1
  Tablet Weaving inside Hall
  Indigo Dying Back patio
  Open Lampworking All day on side patio
  Target Archery Marshall class-90 minutes Archery classroom tent
11 am The Shield in Late Antiquity Scandanavia Blue and Gold Tent #1
  Norse Apron dress patterning Woodworking tent/section 1
  Puppetry Bardic Tent
  How to mentally/physically prep for Tourneys Eric #1
11:30 am Intro to Missile Combat Marshalling Archery classroom tent
12 pm Noon Learn how to run Lists, the fun way. Blue and Gold tent #1
  Tudor Blackwork Blue and Gold Tent #2
  Singable Period Songs Bardic tent
  2 stick heavy fighting Eric #1
  Letterlocking inside Hall
  Marshaling Basics (in depth 2 hour class) Back patio
  Bardic Championship inside Hall
1 pm Viking Campcraft and Travel by foot Blue and Gold Tent 1 (may include short walk)
  Four Little Stitches Blue and Gold Tent 2
  Bentwood box making followed by demo Woodworking tent  section 1
  Transcribing a melody intermediate level class Bardic tent
  Kenjutsu Japanese Swordsmanship (2 hours) Eric #1
  Raised Gilding (2 hours) inside Hall
2 pm So you wanna be a Falconer Blue and Gold Tent #1
  Intro to Rapier Marshaling (covers rapier only) Back patio
3 pm 13th Cent. Welsh STD Tx Blue and Gold tent #1
  Overcoming Mental Struggles while fighting Blue and Gold Tent #2
  Posamont Woodworking Tent section 1
  Italian Rapier Eric #1
  Belly dance 101 inside Hall
  Marshaling advanced Back patio
4 pm Elizabethan Rounds Bardic Tent
  Great Weapons  Eric #1
  Rapier Prize Tourney Eric #2
  Bardic championship round 2 inside Hall

Meal Information

Many restaurants near by.  Or bring your own food to site! 

Tournament Information

Friday Night Fights! The Torchlight Tourney will return for your heavy needs! Info to come. 

Daffodil Target Archery Tourney! Info to come.

Daffodil Heavy Combat Archery Tourney! Info to come. 

Shield of the Barony Tourney! If you have been fighting for less than 3 years and never won a tourney before, you qualify! The winner of this tourney will be the Blatha an Oir Shield Champion, and will be expected to serve for 1 year and run the tourney to find their successor. 

Youth and Family Activities

Demos:  Learn to make fire with Dame Fitz William. She will be available throughout the day at the cooking guild location 

 Dragon’s Laire Cooking Guild- smells, treats, culinary delights.– find them under the large day shade. 

 Baroness Marika, OL- clay bead oven—back patio if weather permits.  

 Dame Gwen, OL- Pottery wheel demo!

 HL Alasdair Mac Roibert- Bentwood box demo—green tent 

Volunteer Information

We need Gate volunteers, instructors to volunteer, demos to volunteer, YAFA mentors to volunteer! 

Merchant Information

Norse Gypsy Forge- Plausibly period jewelry, horns, belts, accessories, gifts, and sundries. https://www.facebook.com/pg/NorseGypsy/about/?ref=page_internal

Keltic Kraze – from their Facebook, Pyrography, Wood and bamboo items such as boxes, serving trays, platters, chipwood baskets, kitchen utensils all artistically decorated with wood burning. https://www.facebook.com/pg/KelticKraze/about/?ref=page_internal

Hearthfire Nordic Wares Fine Viking age reproductions.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/HearthfireNordicWare

Classes Offered




Class descriptions:

Heavy Track:

Shield manipulation. how to do more than just blocking with your shield 
Sigmund Faust 
1 hour 
Max Number of Students:6 
Description of your class: This class is about how manipulate shields and break an opponents defenses and use it to your advantage. With your shield or a great weapon .Materials required : bring a weapon and shield or great weapon. 

Great weapons technique 

Sir Brehon 

1 hour 

Max amount of students: 10 

Sir Brehon is a knight from Northshield who currently lives in the Barony if Glymm mere. And was the 2019 champion of Glymm mere. Tired of “sword and bored” Wanna learn something new and cool?  Come learn great weapons from one of Northshield’s favorite fighters! 


2 stick by Sir Athos 

SCA Name Sir Athos 

1 hour 

No student limit.

Sir Athos is teaching how to fight with 2 swords this is an introduction to the techniques used by him and many others.  Learn new skills and impress your friends on the war-field. 


Introduction to Kenjutsu 

Saitono Mitsukage-Dono 

2 hour class 

The Samurai were feared as swordsmen by just about everyone who crossed swords with them. This class explores the similarities and differences between Japanese and Western swordsmanship. We will work through kata from schools which date to the SCA period, in the form of slow work, and discover the principles which drive them. 


Mental Struggles and how to overcome them 

Instructor: Sir Rauoklinn 

1 hour 

Join this lecture discussion on the common mental blocks faced by fighters in the SCA. Sir Rauoklinn will guide this class and discuss solutions to topics such as not feeling “good” enough to fight others, and how to bring the fun back into fighting for you.  


A&S General Track:

So you wanna be a medieval falconer?  

Lady Runa Harrasdottir 

1 hour 

Class description: overview of how one would obtain, tame, train, and hunt with birds of prey in period. Learn how it was done and why it was important and why EVERYONE who was anyone (or wanted to be someone) participated in the sport of falconry. 

Students should bring chairs, this is a lecture Q&A class. 


The shield in Late Antiquity Scandinavia 

Hengist Helgason 

1 hour 

No max students 
An examination and build of a shield found in Nydam Mose, Denmark dating to the late 4th to early 5th century. This will include materials used and how to build one. 


 Viking Campcraft and travel by foot 

Hengist Helgason 

1 hour 

No max students 

 This will deal with the everyday traveler in Scandinavia during the Early Medieval period including what they would have carried in a backpack, backpack construction, and camp setup. 


Letterlocking. Security for written correspondence in period to modern times. 

Maestro Donatello  

1 hour 
No max students 

This is a lecture class, covering methods of securing communication from unwanted eyes. Examples of common use, spies, and royalty. 


13th Century STD Treatments from the Welsh Royal Court. 

Master Seamus, OL 

90 minutes 

A show and tell lecture class, for all you knaves out there.   


Canvas Tent Painting 

HL Alasdair Mac Roibert 

1 hour 

Lecture class, join HL Alasdair at his hand painted tent to learn how to personalize your canvas! 


  Norse Apron Dress

DisaBurkundi, OL

2 hours 

No student max 

Join us and learn how to pattern your own apron dress! 



DisaBurkundi, OL

2 hours 

Learn this Norse art of working metal in beautiful and intricate decorations on your Norse clothing. A great companion class to the Norse Apron dress.  


Lists the fun way 

Maestra Allesandra, OP 

2 hours 

Ever wonder how the lists at crown tourney are run? Are you looking to help out more in your barony but don’t know where to start? Running a tourny list is fun, fast-paced and you get to meet all the best people. Learn how to run a list, any list with Mastra Allesandra!  


Open Lampworking Time 

Baroness Maricka Sigrunsdotter, OL 

Open torch time will be 1on 1 instruction with Baroness Marika, our resident lampworking goddess, on basic, intermediate or advanced lampworking depending on student’s skill level. No fee but donations appreciated. Handouts will be available on the Kingdom event page and FB event page. 

For anyone interested in Baroness Maricka’s full process, her documentation can be found here https://drive.google.com/file/d/16Tn-GWk9j1rmq-f8MmqIKQZrKMcj7LZg/view?fbclid=IwAR1e4qj5KHwnFV4SoMaWzp92x9VbrzQSw6Fz9xv8QbU8XOZ40uqmZi6az8g


The Plumbata: a Late Period Roman Thrown Weapon 

Archos Gerald de Huntington 

1 hour 

Class Description: 

This is a basic overview of what a plumbata is. We will explore the when, where, how, and why of its use along with some information on construction. 

Class Size: No Limits  

Nothing special required for students, a handout will be provided. 

Practical Indigo Dyeing Workshop 

Lady Isabella da Firenze 

Class time: 2 hours Number of students: 6 active dyers  

Learn how to dye with indigo, using modern techniques. Lady Isabella is also known for her period dyeing knowledge and classes. 

Cost: If students want to take home product – it’s $15 for a skein of wool supplied by instructor. You may bring your own material to dye (please keep it within the general size of a skein, yards and yards of fabric will not be allowed). You may dye the wool for practice and not pay for it, but it will go back to the instructor. Free to watch and ask questions.  


Rapier: track

How to prep for a tournament, physically and mentally. 

Master Martyn Baxter 

No student max 

Not everything works for you.  But here are some various tips on how to clear your mindspace and think about distractions.  Anything from breathing exercises to stretching.  The main focus will be rapier but if I have 2 or more heavy fighters they can spar together. It works for most competitions. 

Equipment: bring full gear I will be doing full sparing to demonstrate things to do once you step into an eric.  


Italian rapier and dagger  

Maestro Donatello Asino 

1 hour  

No limit on # of students 

Learn Italian rapier basics, fun at parties! 

Students Need to bring: Normal rapier kit (mask, gloves, gorget, etc), Sword Dagger  


Woodworking track:

Plain front boxes workshop 

4-5 hours 

Baron Dunstan Malolan 

5 student hands on workshop, participants will make their own boxes and take home their progress at the end of class. 

Located at woodworking tent 


Bentwood boxes plus Demo 

HL Alasdair Mac Roibert 

1 hour 

Bending wood for household objects 

Will cover topics discussed at 2019 collegium and expanded to include demo of bending process.  

This lecture class will go over the construction of bentwood boxes. Make sure to say after class for the bentwood box demo and see how to make one for yourself. Located at woodworking tent.  


Bardic Track:


Volk the Grey 

Charles Preston 

10 students max

Come and learn the history of puppetry as well as puppetry in general. No fees or material needed other then your imagination. 


Singable Period Songs: 

SCA Name: HL Gareth Albaric o’Eastbrook, Serjeant of Blatha An Oir 

1 hour 

 Learn some simple Period songs appropriate for any Bardic function.  There will be handouts complete with lyrics & chords. 


Beginning Bard 101 

SCA Name: HL Gareth Albaric o’Eastbrook, Serjeant of Blatha An Oir 

1 hour 

What every Bard just starting out will need to know. This will be a general discussion based upon individual needs. 


Tribal Belly Dancing 101 

HL Laeriel 

90 minutes 

Learn the basics of tribal belly dance. Wear comfortable clothes. Located in hall. 


 Transcribing a Melody into Tabulature for Fretted Stringed Instruments.  

Mistress Elizabeth Piper and Dame Elanor 

2 hours 

Intermediate level class 


Elizabethan Rounds class 

Mistress Elizabeth Piper and Dame Elanor 

1 hour 

Beginner class 


Scribal track:

Raised Gilding on Paper 
SCA Name : Renart le fox de berwyk 
2 hours 
Preferred time you want to teach: any but prefer mornings 
Number of Students: Max 8 

Class Fee : $5 
Description of your class: Raised Gilding on Paper – Students will learn the use of modern materials and techniques and a given a basic understanding of period materials and techniques. Handout and all materials provided. 


Fiber Arts Track:

Beginning tablet weaving, understanding the cards 

Instructor: Auđný Refsdóttir (Erin Severe) 

Number of students: 4 

Time: 2 hours 

What to bring: a notebook and pencil for notes, a weaving shuttle, 12 cards, two colors of yarn in a fingering weight, a belt, a chair, and a small clamp. If you have issues where you can’t do backstrap, bring a loom appropriate to this, either inkle or box/small warp weighted loom. (You need weights if you bring a warp weighted loom!)  

I will have a warping board, skewers, rubber bands, and scissors. 

Description: come learn how to speed warp for tablet weaving, and to learn how to read your cards without depending upon letters on your tablet and threaded in patterns. Have you tried tablet weaving but you keep doing something wrong and you can’t figure out why? Come learn the basic mechanics of tablet weaving so you can better troubleshoot your problems. Are you already warped up but you’re having issues? Come bring in your set up and we’ll see if we can figure out what is wrong. Historical patterns are easier to do if a weaver has a better understanding of the mechanics of weaving. 


Tudor Blackwork 

Effie Scarlet 

12-15 people 

1 hour  

Tudor blackwork stitches.  Fifteen minute brief lecture followed by Q&A and the project itself. Students should bring thread, needles, and aria fabric. Materials can be provided by instructor for $3. 

Afternoon class 


Four Little Stitches. 

Dame Elisabeth Fitz William 

 Two hours, six max.  

The participants need to bring a small basic sewing kit – scissors/snips, preferred needles, & the like. 


Military and Practical Sciences:

90 minute intensive course 

Military Sciences I: Home Sweet Castle 

Colin and Edmund Graham 

This is a basic introduction to the architecture and development of fortified dwellings. Historical siege tactics will also be presented. Relevant to the Sergeantry body of knowledge. 

 Military Sciences II: Arms & Armor 

Colin and Edmund Graham 

This is a survey of the weaponry and personal protective equipment of medieval Europe. Equipment of other times and places will only be touched on. Names, terms, relative merits, and anecdotes will be presented. Relevant to the Sergeantry body of knowledge. 

  Military Sciences III: SCA Small Unit Tactics 

Colin and Edmund Graham 

This will cover  aspects of SCA warfare from the squad to company levels. Maneuvers, massed weapon use, commands, the appreciation of the art of battle will be presented. Relevant to the Sergeantry body of knowledge. 


Start a fire demo and practice with a Sergeant! 

Dame Elisabeth Fitz William, OL 

Come and practice starting a fire with a BaO Sergeant.  Dame Fitz William will be available at the cooking demo area throughout the day to give advice and hands on practice. This course is highly suggested for those wanting to join Sergeantry.  ** Note Dame Phipps will not be available during her 4 Little Stitches class. 


Marshall Track:

Marshaling – Basic (note this class covers both heavy and rapier. For Rapier only see Intro to Rapier Marshaling).

2 hours 

Description:  From the fundamentals of what a marshal’s role is, through the basics of armor and weapon inspection, and the physical and personal dynamics of managing fighters on the field.  The class is usually focused on armored tournaments, but also includes some information about wars and rapier activities, and can focus more on those depending on the audience.  


Marshaling – Advanced 

2 hours 

Description:  Intended for marshals who have some experience, and now want to learn more.   How to authorize new fighters, and strategies to obtain cooperation from the more experienced ones.  How to be an effective Marshal in Charge, and the responsibilities of a Branch Marshal.  What reports are required and how to properly complete them.   

  • No Max students and no fees.
  • Materials for students to bring:  Chairs if there’s no seating available at the class location.  Note taking supplies are encouraged.  Students may also want to bring their copy of the An Tir armored or rapier manual.    


Target Archery Marshal class 

Instructor: Tymme Lytefelow 

1 hour 

No student maximum  

Come learn the basics of becoming an archery marshal, brush up your skills, or just find out why you are always getting yelled at on the range.  Students should read the An Tir Book of Target and Society Target Archery Rules before class, and should bring copies, whether in printed or electronic format. 


Introduction to Rapier Marshaling 

Instructor:  Baron Don Jacques de Normandie 

Class size:  20 

Class length:  1 hour 

Materials needed:  None 

I will be going over the basics for Marshal ling in general, plus the specifics needed for marshaling Rapier combat (armor inspection, weapons inspection, etc.)Intended for beginning and junior marshals, but seniors are welcome to attend as well. 


Intro to Missile Combat Marshaling Class 

Instructors:Steven des Jardin 

John de Percy 

2 hours 

No student maximum 

 Those who take the class successfully will be able to get their junior marshal authorization, if already a blue card holder. Class is open to all. 


Emergency Preparedness Information

Closest hospital is Good Samaritan in Puyallup.  Bonney Lake is above lahar range, and has self-contained police and fire services. 

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