Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament


Event Summary

Date: May 23 , 2014 until May, 26 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 23th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 26th 2014

Event site:
Lynx Hollow State Park
80998 Davisson Rd. Creswell, OR 97426

We invite you to the Ruby Anniversary of the first Egils
Skallagrimson Memorial Tournament!

This year is Egils XL, which marks the 40th Anniversary. Please
come and help Adiantum celebrate this milestone!

Site Fee:
Adult (Members): $20; Adult
(Non-Members): $25
Day Trip (per day): $10; (non-members): $15
Youth (10-17): $10; Children (0-9): Free; Family Cap: $60
Camping: Don’t know where you’re camping yet? Ask
at gate!
Pets: Thinking of bringing a pet? Here’s some
helpful info:

“Pets are limited to cats, dogs, and
non-livestock birds, a minimum of 6 months old, with proof of
current rabies vaccination. Proof must show an expiration date and
can either be mailed with the pre-registration or presented at gate
upon arrival. We want you to stay, but the Park rules won’t
let your pet in without the proof of vaccination! This policy was
set by the Parks Department.”

Event Activities:
Read on for some of the
things we have planned! 

Anniversary Party: Come help us celebrate our
anniversary with a big shindig! This will be Saturday evening
(about half an hour after the sun goes down); look for the neat
lights up on the meadow. There will be nosh and nibbles as well as
non-alcoholic beverages, but BYOB. If you are interested in
helping, or incorporating your party in with us, please let AT know.

Martial Sports

  • Fighting! Come, vie for prizes and show of your valorous skill
    and honorable death.
  • Archery! Come, show your sharpshooting skills upon the range.
    Archery Events at Egil’s include:

    • Friday 9 PM |  Candle Shoot – After
      Dark, Celebrate arrival and completed camp setup with a giant
      candle for a target, only the moon, stars and candles for light to
      aim by! – no loaner arrows for this shoot.
    • Saturday 10 AM – 12 PM | 3 Pillars Achery
      . Includes the following shoots: 4D, Ship Yard,
      Port-Able, Cardalot, The KRACKEN!, and much more! But wait! If we
      get 20 archers or 6 crossbows to enter is will be a Grand
      Archery Tournament!
      So come out and shoot!
    • Saturday 2 – 5 PM | Fun with Medieval Archery
      (Open Range with fun targets!)
    • Sunday 10 AM – 12 PM | Period Archery
      from Lord John Wyland. Both those with and those
      without Period Gear are welcome to participate. Details to come.
      Prize: Period Long Bow (if you don’t have one
    • Sunday 10 – 2 | SPAM Hunt with Don the
      Archer! If you haven’t ever hunted SPAM, now’s the time to
    • Sunday 10-2 | Archery Marshal (Book)
      with Royal Archer Loric: Persons interested in
      becoming an Archery Marshal or Youth Archery Marshal in Training
      will be able to go through the Society Target and AnTir Addendum
      with our Royal Archer himself! After passing the class hands-on
      practice will be available during the Sunday Afternoon Shoot.
    • Sunday 2 – 4 PM | Sunday Fun Shoot (open range
      with fun targets!): The Hunt is Up!  SPAM, Bears, quail,
      what’s left of the Kracken.  We will have lots to shoot.
      Other favorite targets from the weekend and Royal Rounds will also
      be available at the Marshal’s discretion.
    • More information on the ranges, and schedule can be found
  • Rapier! Come, help us make the fields run red with the blood of
    the fallen.

The Arts

This year we will have both an Artisan Village to wander through
and a list of classes to keep you entertained! Classes and the
village generally run from 10-4, with a few classes starting
earlier or later. Classes and demos will be posted as we get closer
to the event, so check back!

  • Artisan’s Village! Do you like to cook over an open fire?
    In clay pots? Like teaching others but find you don’t have
    enough time at most events to do some of the really FUN stuff? Want
    to try out some new recipes but don’t want to wait until West
    An Tir War? Well, then please consider bringing your passion for
    medieval cooking and yummy foods to the Egil’s Artisan
    Village! Let me know if you are interested in sharing the Joys of
    Cooking-Forsoothly! The Artisan Village at Egils is just the thing
    to take care of that itch!m Bring your period cooking equipment and
    join us. Contact Suvia at artisan AT to get get
    your food geek on. Read more about this year’s Artisan’s
    Village here.

    • “Tile Painting – Italian” with Elsbeth Cameron from Reannag
    • “Tile Painting – Islamic” with Elsbeth Cameron from Reannag
    • “Carved Ceramic Stamps” with Sarre Greyhand
    • “Simple wardrobe additions: 1st – 16th centuries” with
    • “Arm yourselves, ladies: Exploring the reasons women should
      fight” with Tam’re Brekke
    • “Tempera painting with period pigments” with Antonia
    • “Panel Painting” with Antonia Crivelli
    • “Oak Gall Ink” with Hrodric
    • “Making Bone Needles” with Hrodric
    • “Wool Fleece Preperation for Spinning” with Rowan
    • “Herbs, Teas, and Tinctures; We are Still Medieval” with Joanne
    • “Frisian Hats of the 7th to 10th centuries” with Yseult of
    • “Basic Hand Embroidery/Bayeux Tapestry” with Ayla Roth
    • “Kumihimo” with Alys out of Gold Key
    • “Making your own strigulae: a Greco-Roman bathing tool” with
    • Fingerloop Braiding” with Idonia
    • For times and full descriptions, look here.
  • Bardic! Come vie for the title as bard most fierce, most
    original, most ….silly?… at our annual bardic competition.

Three Pillars Competition

  • Three Pillars: Compete in martial, service and arts categories
    for prizes! Each contest winner wins a prize, and the person with
    the most points overall wins an extra big prize! Past overall
    prizes have included day shades, chairs and other fabulous
  • Competitions include: Archery, Period Encampment, Costuming,
    Decorative Useful object, most service hours and many more!
  • Brewing! This year there will be two brewing competitions at
    Egil’s with a combined overall champion chosen from the
    competitors of both. In both completions, competitors may enter any
    safely consumable beverage in which yeast is used to provide
    fermentation but lacks distillation (Eg. Beers, wines, and meads
    are OK, but cordials, infusions, and whisky are not). A competitor
    may enter the same brew in both competitions. There will be a
    Battle of the Best Brews (whose brew tastes best?)
    and a Brewing Arts and Sciences Throw Down (This
    competition is for the hard core recreationist brewer) as well as
    an overall competition. For more information,
    click here.

More Information
Futher information can be found on Facebook here. Our website is currently under construction.

You can also follow the latest news from Egils on Twitter.

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