Ducal War @ Axewater Keep


Hosted by Device of Coill Mhor

The Shire of Coill Mhor (100 Mile House, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Petrovich Rozvardo
Date: June 27 , 2014 until June, 29 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 27th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 29th 2014

Event site:
Axewater Keep
4921 Timothy Lake Road Lac la Hache, BC V0K 1T0



There is a shire in Tir Righ that has for
years laid almost forgotten. A great forest that shields the
heartlands, its shady roads a gateway to the ice bound north. Coill
Mhor is what it is called by those that live there and sow the land
to yield harvests for themselves and hay to attract the wild horse
herds that roam the hills nearby. The forests surrounding the
people, yield deer and wild cattle and the lakes that pock the land
will give over trout as long as a man’s arm. The summers are
sweet and warm, the winter’s dry and mild.

However there is a price to pay for being so
prosperous and yet so far from the eye of the Kingdom. For years
Coil Mhor would suffer raids from young warlords, their screaming
hordes trailing behind. They would pillage and burn all before
them, keeping only that which would help them survive their harsh
frozen winters of the North. Their coming was feared every summer,
their fur cloaked backs and snarling battle cries…for Coill Mhor,
it was the time of the Wolves.

Then suddenly the raids stopped.

Five years past and not a Wolf appeared in
Coil Mhor and although people wondered at the fate of the raiders,
they also enjoyed years of peace that was unheard of for a

Now whispers on wind say that these once young
wolves now turn covetous eyes toward the prize of their youth. Now
Dukes and Knights and High Lords of the realm, they desire to
contest the lands and take them by right of sword and to govern in
the name of The King.

Yet there are those heroes who still live and
remember the fights of old, Dukes and high lords in their own right
who would see the lands of Coil Mhor remain in the hands of the
existing small council…


Axewater Ducal War will see Duke Iuean
Gower’s Banner raised against the banner of Duke Owain ap
Einar in a war to determine the stewardship of Axewater Keep and
the gateway to The North, Coill Mhor.

 Declare your fealty now or wait
until the event, it’s your choice!


Multiple scenarios including; field battles,
ship to ship battles and of course many skirmishes in our permanent
wooden palisade!

Merchants welcome! The Merchant fee is a
donation to the event prize pool.



$20- adult w/membership…$25 no membership
$10- 15 and under w/membership…$15 no membership
$50 Family Cap.





Event site opens Friday @ 12 Noon and closes
Sunday @ 5 PM.



Site opens

Afternoon/evening non combat activities.



Opening court

Morning non-combat activities?

Armor inspection

War starts

Afternoon non-combat activities?

Evening potluck




Newbie bear pit list opens

Newbie bear pit

Morning non-combat activities

Closing court.


You may contact the Event steward, Petro
Rozvardo by Email; moc.liamtoh@01odravzor or send a message on

Also; Check out the…Axewater Ducal
War…Facebook event page to let he organizers you are planning to
go and to recieve updates for the event!

Move info will be added to this page as the
event date draws closer.



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