Dragon’s Down XXIII


Event Summary

Date: July 11 , 2014 until July, 13 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 11th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 13th 2014

Event site:
Nix Ranch
220 Nix Road Chehalis, WA 98532

Dragons Down is a small event
put on by the Shire of Fire Mountain Keep.We are inviting you all to our fun

This year Dragons Down is,
again, going to be held at Nix Ranch, 220 Nix Road, Chehalis,
Washington 98532. The dates for our event are July 11 through July
13, 2014; times are to be announced. Prices are as follows: Adults
who are members of the SCA enjoy a $5 price reduction and get in
for $15; those who do not have a membership get in for $20 ALL
CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18 GET IN FREE! This is a garbed event,
meaning, we would like for all who attends to put forth an honest
effort to have made something that is medieval-esk.

This will be a camping event,
be sure to bring your tent, blankets, cooking supplies, food, and
drink (yes alcohol is welcome for those of age). Smoking will be

There will be Heavy Armored
Fighting and Rapier Fighting for those of you who wish to try your
hand to become our Defender, Siege Cooking competition- team up
with some friends (adult and Lord Shade will be hosting for youth
again), Bardic competition for those who wish to share their music,
voice, poetry, story, etc (youth and adult categories), Brewing
competition-mead, wine, beer, and “other” (cordials, rootbeers,
sasparillas, etc.) for all those who wish to share their talents,
our first ever Glakhaus tournament, Lord Lukan’s annual Magic the
Gathering tourney (this years theme is YEAR OF THE HORSE, every
deck has to have at least 1 horse in it). We will also be holding
our Sheep Toss and Braemer Throw as well, all are welcome to come

On Saturday night there will be
a feast. We will be offering a roasted, in ground pig, for all. If
you wish to join us in this feast, please bring some food to share.
(The Shire is offering ONLY pig, all sides to come from the
populace, you guys.)

Feel free to ask ANY questions
you may have.


Event Steward: HL Mairwyn vun
Echternach (Tracy Kappenman)


Co-Event Steward: HL Morgan of
Applecross (Morgan French)


Merchant Steward: HL Bors The
Luscious (Robert Kappenman)


Gate Steward: Lord Johnathan of
Dunblane (John French)


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