Demo Wars


Hosted by Device of Rath an Oir

The Stronghold of Rath an Oir (Fort Lewis, WA) DORMANT

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Shawna Kerr of Devonshire
Date: May 15 , 2004
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 15th 2004
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Fort Lewis
Bldg 2272 Ligatte Ave Ft. Lewis, WA 98433

Event/Demo: 5th Annual Demo War, affectionately called Demo Freud or Spat


Stronghold of Rath an Oir, at Fort Lewis, WA celebrates its annual Demo War May 21th from 10 AM to 7 PM.  Gate open at 8 AM.  The Stronghold invites all interested to come participate.  Yes, we have their Majesties blessing to post this demo.  Those who came in prior years had great fun and we expect to do the same this year.  Room for lots of fighting, arts and science, demo-ing, etc.  We have a large tent, tables and chairs available and if you desire to bring your period tent that is great too.  Just let me know in advance.


Merchants are welcome and encouraged.  There is a contract to be completed and a small fee that goes directly to the post, $15.  Please let me know if you would like to participate.


Will post site information and directions, including which gate, in May.


Because of security precautions the post is restricting parking to designated areas away from the activities and using busses to transport visitors to the site.  Since fighting gear and other stuff can be cumbersome we have a means that allows you to gain access directly to the event site. We have tow methods available, if your membership is current as of February it will be on the list at the gate, or send me your SCA name and modern name NLT May 1st.  This is for all who think they may come.  Or you can request a pass in advance by sending the following information to me in advance, NLT May 1st. 


No matter what method you choose you need to have proof of insurance, valid license plates, vehicle registration and valid driver’s license.  You will have to show them at the gate.


SCA Names (as I may not know you otherwise) of you and all who may be riding with

Modern Names (required) of you and all who may be riding with

Phone number (required) of primary contact

Address (so that I can mail you your pass) of primary contact

Vehicle information required:                                           Driver Information:

Type of vehicle                                                                      Driver’s Name

Model                                                                                     Driver’s date of birth

Make                                                                                      Driver’s license number

Color                                                                                       State of issue and

License number                                                                                expiration date



List trailers as separate vehicle. No limit on number of vehicles, but need information on each of the drivers.


Please send the information directly to me, I promise to use this information purely for the purpose of the pass and will not share the information with anyone.  Some of you have provided me information a couple years ago which I can use, but since updates are likely, please resubmit.

Autocrat Baroness Shawna Kerr of Devonshire, Seneschal, 253-538-1203, cell 253-278-3242

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