Daffodil Tournament


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ingibiorg Petsdottir
Date: March 15 , 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on March 15th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Cowichan Exhibition Grounds
7380 Trans Canada Hwy Duncan, BC V9L 6B1



join Their Excellencies, the Baron & Baroness of Seagirt on
Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella.  Along the way you will encounter
Grand Tournaments to choose Seagirt’s Defender
combat), Captain of the
Grenadiers (rapier), as well as an Archery Tournament. You will
find a competition for A Daffodil in Any Medium, and a Pilgrimage
themed A&S Competition (TBA). On our journey, (in the evening)
we will be stopping along the way to savour the local Cuisine and


Steward: Inga Petsdottir

(Karen Barclay)

305 Sabina Pl

Victoria BC, V9B 3L7

250-478-9771 or 250-886-4637

(no calls after 9pm or Monday nights



Site info:  event runs 9am to

Cowichan Exhibition Grounds

7380 Trans Canada Hwy

Duncan, BC V9L 6B1


Site fees: (Proof Of Membership Discount = $5.
This means, show your SCA Membership card to gate and get $5 off
the fee)

(including feast): $30

13-18(including feast): $10

12 & under (including feast): $5

cap: $85

fees: Adult $15, Youth $7, 12 and under free


off for feast tickets is March 8th.  No feast tickets sold at the
door. Tickets are non-refundable. Make cheques payable to
“Barony of Seagirt”


will be a cash bar in the evening; no outside alcohol


have all minor waivers and consent forms filled out ahead for all
underage children. Forms at http://www.antir.sca.org/Pubs/forms/.
Underage children coming without their parents
must have forms signed by their parents designating an accompanying
adult as their guardian for the event.



10:00am: Invocation of Champions (Baronial

10:30am: Lists open

11:00am: Archery

12:30pm: Rapier

2:30pm: Heavy

4:30pm: Investing Champions (Baronial

5:30pm: Principality Court

7:00pm: Feast

give you the DAYFOOD MENU for your perusal and planning… Each
menu item will be priced at $5 per serving, per menu item. All menu
items are culturally Spanish and have been taken from the cookbook
written by Ruperto de Nola, titled “libro de cozina” or
“Book of Cooking”, which was published in 1520 in
Barcelona, so period. I chose the categories based on my test
recipes and how most would classified them by todays gastronomic
standards. M
enu Legend :
GF = gluten free, V = Vegetarian, DF = Dairy Free (meaning free of
milk and milk products)


Salpicón de Mar – GF, DF
a salad of shrimp, crab, fish of the day, red & green bell
green onions, corn, tomatoes, mint, olives, olive oil, vinegar,

Potaje de Adobado de Gallina – GF, DF
a chicken potage, served on gluten free crackers

Fruit & Cheese Tray – depending on the choices made – V, DF,
Either the infamous Spanish tetilla cheese or a Dairy Free Soft
Cheese served with grapes and gluten free crackers


Caldo Gallego – DF, V
a hearty vegetarian soup of white beans, turnip, potato, onion,
greens & vegetarian spicy sausage. Also contains olive oil,
vegetable broth, and salt
(HAM added on request for non-vegetarians, at time of serving)

Patatas Bravas – GF, DF, V
Spanish boiled potatoes with salsa.
Contains potato, salt, tomato, celery, cilantro, vinegar, sugar

Empanada – DF, V
Sweet Potato & Black Bean. Also contains jalapeno, cumin,
oregano, onion, tomato, celery and egg, onions, and cilantro, and
soy based meat substitute (contains traces of gluten)

Huevos Revueltos con Setas y Chorizo – V, DF, GF (if no meat
substitute added)
a scrambled egg dish with mushrooms, and spicy vegetarian meat
substitute sausage


Tetilla Cheese Tray – V, GF
the infamous Spanish tetilla cheese served with grapes and gluten
free crackers

Compota de manzanas sobre peras hervidas – GF, DF, V
spiced apple sauce served over poached pears. Contains apples,
pears, almonds, ginger, rosewater, vegetable broth, cloves,
cinnamon, ginger, sugar, cinnamon

Polvorones – GF, V
Spanish shortbread cookie. Contains gluten free flour, almonds,
butter, sugar, cinnamon




GF – no wheat flour or gluten containing
flours were used in the production of these recipes.  It is possible for cross
contamination to have occurred.

Allergy Alert:

Canola non stick cooking spray has been used
on the pans for the turnip/rootibega dish and the honey almond
cakes. Also, that sweet rice flour was used as a release aid for
the honey almond cakes in addition to the canola cooking

  • First Remove – England
    – heading out on the pilgrimage

    • Winter squash/Pumpkin soup –

      • Winter squash/pumpkin, onion,
        vegetable broth, verjuice, parmesan cheese, saffron, sweet

    • Bread (not GF)

  • Second Remove – France &

    • Lentil Puree – GF

      • French green lentils, bouquet
        garni (parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil etc), olive oil,
        saffron, parmesan cheese, eggs, salt and pepper

    • Buttered Wortes –

      • Spinach, cabbage, parsley, other
        available winter greens, butter & salt

    • Else Birgersdatter’s Meat
      Soup – GF

      • Chicken, bacon + fat, onion, wine
        vinegar, broth, currants, dried apple, dates, winter roots
        (carrots, turnip, potatoes etc), celery, ground clove, ground,
        mace, thyme, pepper, salt and bay leaf.

  • Third Remove – Germany &

    • Roasted Apples and Cabbage –

      • Butter, garlic, onion, green
        apple, red cabbage, cloes, apple cider vinegar, salt and

    • Pork Roast

      • Pork, marinated in blackberry wine
        and honey

    • Garnished Turnips

      • Cheddar cheese, turnips, pepper,
        mild spices (ginger, cinnamon, cloves) & butter

  • Forth Remove –

    • Honey Almond Cake

      • Ground almond meal (blanched),
        honey, vanilla, eggs, baking soda, salt

    • Chocolate





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