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Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Attia Prima
Date: March 25 , 2006 until March, 26 2006
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on March 25th 2006
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on March 26th 2006

Event site:
Milwaukie Masonic Lodge
10636 SE Main St Milwaukie, OR 97222-7513

AUTOCRAT FOR DETAILS Food will be available through out the
day no charge! There will be a hearldry table set up for your
enjoyment! Come out and at least visit! Schedule: (Subject to
Change) Schedule Spring Crown Council SUBJECT TO CHANGE March
25, 2006 Saturday 9:00 Gate Opens 10:00-12:00 Chivalry
Meeting *break* 1:00-2:30 Equestrian Meeting 2:30 Court When
court is Finished- 5:30 Gray Goose/White Scarf Break
6:00-9:00 Laurel’s/Pelican Combined Meeting Candidate
discussions around 8:00 p.m. Site closes Good people,
Greetings from Dame Elizabeth! The menu for the prize
breakfast has been tested and here is what you could win! The
meal will start with the flavors from the time of the Roman
Emperors! You and your guest will enjoy fresh squeezed orange
juice, dates and figs and a savory and sweet omelet. Ducessa
Hlutwige will be smoking a pork roast to make back bacon.
After the time of Rome is the era of the Crusades! Enjoy
mouth watering, fresh made sausages, cheeses and herbs baked
in golden, flaky filo (My personal favorite!). Put behind you
the influence of Western Europe and enter the time of The
Ottomans! If you still have space, savor lamb slow roasted
over a fire complemented by ‘The Imam Fainted’ a famous
Turkish dish with a delightful story behind it. These are
only SOME of the many dishes that prize breakfast winners
will enjoy! Read further to find out how you can get a chance
to win! I will be at Three Mountains council on March 21st to
sell additional tickets for this amazing opportunity. If you
are unable to attend council, please contact me privately for
additional ways that you can purchase your chance to win a
place at the table with Their Royal Majesties! Here is the
original announcement: The Reign of Sven and Signy Prize
Feast 2006 “Breakfast in Byzantium” Sunday, March
26th at 10:30am Win a chance to share an intimate meal with
Their Royal Majesties Sven and Signy. Relish the flavors from
the ages and cultures of Byzantium. Taste the spice and sweet
of fruits, nuts, honey preserves, cheeses, meats and so much
more! Experience the exquisite flavor of meats prepared over
an open fire and sausages prepared by hand from the freshest
of meats and spices. Enjoy handmade fresh and aged cheeses!
Nine (9) couples will win a chance to partake of an all
handmade, period breakfast. The hosts will provide all
dishes, utensils, linens, etc for the winning couples.
Winners will need to bring their appetite! This is an
‘in costume’ activity. This is a great
opportunity for those new to the society to meet our great
Sovereigns of An Tir and to be a part of a wonderful culinary
experience. A breakfast of this kind has never been seen
before! All proceeds from the sale of the raffle tickets will
go to the Kingdom of An Tir Raven Travel Fund. Tickets are
$12.00 and each winning ticket is good for two (2) people to
attend the Breakfast. Checks should be made out to
“Barony of Three Mountains, SCA Inc.”. For
tickets contact Dame Elizabeth Llandaff, 5925 N. Gay Avenue,
97217 or 503-247-3504 or moc.oohay@htebazile_emad. Tickets
will also be available at Three Mountains March council. Host
is Dame Eleanor the Clumsy, at her home at 14131 NE Eugene
Court, Portland, OR. 97230. Raffle tickets will be drawn at
Spring Crown Council, Saturday March 25th. You do not have to
be present to win, a phone number will be required to contact
winning tickets holders. size=4>Spring Crown Council
Barony of Three Mountains March 25, 2006 Portland, OR The
Barony of Three Mountains invites the populace of An Tir to
attend the Crown of An Tir. Their Majesties Sven and Signy
asks the members of the Orders and anyone else who has
business before the crown to attend Spring Crown Council.
There will be food, meetings, and visiting! There is even a
rumor of a possibility of a competition! Stay tuned!
Autocrat: Anneka Grace (Amanda Grayson) 214 NE Russet St.
Portland OR 97211 503-984-7277 (Please no calls after 9:00
p.m.) E-mail: moc.nsm@zyecarg Site info: The site will be at
the Milwaukie Masonic Lodge 10636 SE Main St. Milwaukie, OR
97222-7513 The event opens at 9:00 a.m. and will close at
10:00p.m. It is a dry site The site fee is $12.00. NMS of
$3.00 applies. Make checks payable to SCA Inc. Barony of
Three Mountains. THIS JUST ADDED: and updated Greetings, We
now have an official site for the next War moot on Crown
Council Weekend! The site is the Westmoreland Park in
Portland. The park entrance is on 22nd Ave and Rex Street on
the following map: We will be
starting at 11:00AM on March 26th! This is going to be a
hands-on, how-to course on the current Cavalry War Tactics of
the Kingdom of An Tir. If you want a head start on what we
will be discussing, go to my website at:
Particular attention should be paid to the WAR MOOT section
on the navigation pane. This basically outlines the
‘Beginning’ curriculum on aggression and teamwork that The
Kingdom Warlord Sir Hathawulf and myself have been teaching
for the last 18 months. In addition, we will now be offering
the ‘Intermediate’ curriculum at this moot as well! This will
include the 4 types of troops and movement on the field, and
other advanced strategy and tactics! If you are not going to
An Tir West War, then come and learn and fight to make our An
Tir’s Army stronger for the War. If you ARE going to An Tir
West War, then come and learn and fight to make YOURSELVES a
stronger An Tiran Army for the upcoming WAR! We are also
going to be looking for marshals, chirugeons and waterbearers
to help out this weekend. Rumor has it, the Baroness is
considering a ‘Tea’ for the folks who will be there to watch
and support the fighters! Tourney Skills and War Skills are
quite separate. You (and your unit) will not become
successful on the Warfield if you don’t hone your Warfield
skills! We are holding this War Moot in Three Mountains in
the hopes that the more central and southern groups can get
the same training we have been working on in the Puget Sound
and Tir Righ areas. Those folks who were at the Moot in the
Summits will already know that the War Moot is where you go
to learn HOW to be an Army in An Tir! The Summits and the
Central Region along with the Inlands all should have a
roughly equal journey to this Moot! (and who knows? with
Crown Council on the day before we hope to see friends from
Avacal and Tir Righ as well!) Are you ready for War this
year? UNCLE SVEN WANTS YOU! In Service, Sir Daniel
(Permission is not only given, but encouraged, to pass this
message along in it’s entirety to any list or newsletter that
may have interest)

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