Court of Love


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Brynach ap Rhys
Date: February 12 , 2005
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 12th 2005
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
University of Northern British Columbia
3333 University Way Prince George, BC V2N 4Z9

Come warm yourself at our hearth! Cheer for your favourite rapier fighter at our annual Shire championship. Behold the glorious creations of our artisans at the Shire A&S championship. Feast with us to celebrate not only the victors, but all participants. Play an instrument, tell a tale, or sing a song for your heart’s love in our bardic circle.

  • Site opens: 10am
  • Armour inspection: 11am
  • Festivities begin: 5pm
  • Site closes: 12 midnight
The “feast” during the festivities will be potluck. Kitchen facilities are available. Please provide a list of ingredients for all dishes, as a courtesy to anyone who has allergies. You may be wondering what to bring for the potluck on Saturday. My question for you is, “What would you like to eat?” Answer this question and bring enough of this food for 6-8 people.

Please consider these simple guidelines:

  • Main dishes are preferred
  • Medieval food is encouraged, but not required
  • Please present food on the potluck table with minimal modernities (KFC buckets are right out! Aluminum cooking pans OK.)
  • Provide a clearly written list of ingredients on an index card as a courtesy to those who have allergies
  • If no ingredients are available, describe dish on an index card
  • Bread, butter, and raw vegetables will be provided

If you need assistance with finding medieval recipies, contact ten.sulet@77rehcra.

If you have an edible A&S Championship entry that is also your potluck dish, please reserve some of your dish for the judges.

There will be a Court of Love. The panel of Judges will hear all claims and appropriately sentence all wrong-doers. If you’ve been wronged, bring your claims and any evidence before the court. As anyone can be brought before the court as a defendant, be prepared to defend yourself in the Court of Love. [All in fun.]

There will be a Castle of Love. Ladies, defend your Castle. No one can enter without your permission. As an additional defense, you may hire one gatekeeper to defend your Castle. Lords, you must convince the Lady to allow entrance to her castle. At your disposal, you can use words, songs, gifts, and/or anything else except swords or other forms of physical force. You may hire bards to sing in your stead. Please bring gifts or anything else as you see fit. [Roles can be reversed, modified, adjusted, as people see fit.]

Bardic Circle. Sing, play and/or tell a story at our bardic circle. The Avacal and Tir Righ Bardic books will be available.

Medieval Games will be provided for your entertainment.


  • Adult (16+): $5
  • Children (15 and under): Free
  • Non-Member Surcharge (Adults Only): +$4
  • Make cheques payable to the Shire of Cold Keep

Arts and Sciences Championship

All Entrants must declare intention to participate prior to January 31, via email (ten.sulet@ailatan)

In the event that there is 1 or fewer declared entrants, the championship will not be held (again)

*Each championship entrant must submit TWO projects for judging. The entrant must show diversity and breadth throughout the Arts & Sciences. (Example: calligraphy, calligraphy, calligraphy – will not be acceptable as diverse, HOWEVER; calligraphy, illumination, embroidery – will be acceptable as diverse)

*All three entries must be documented, and come from the SCA time period (600-1600AD) must be of European culture or a culture that may have had contact with Europe at that time.

*No item that has previously been entered into any A&S competition may be re-entered into the championship

*A&S Champion is expected to work with the A&S Officer to foster the Arts and Sciences within the shire. In the absence of an Arts and Sciences Officer, the A&S Champion is expected to act as a mentor for fostering A&S within the shire.

*The A&S Champion is expected to care for and add to the Arts & Sciences Champion regalia.

*The A&S Champion is expected to represent the shire at events by attending and encouraging attendance amongst other shire members.

*The A&S Champion is expected to follow the guidelines for champion as laid out by council. These can be found

Single entries are encouraged!! In order to prompt the populace to participate in the Arts & Sciences, the outgoing champion, Lady Natal’ia Volkovicha is sponsoring a populace choice Arts & Sciences Competition in addition to the championship. Bring your finished and unfinished projects (with some documentation) and enter into the single entry category. All attendees of the event will have a ballot to vote for their favourite entry. A prize will be awarded for the most popular entry.

Location of Tourney
University of Northern British Columbia
3333 University Way
Prince George, BC
V2N 4Z9

Location of Festivities
Multipurpose Room
Studio 2880
2880 – 15th Avenue
Prince George, BC
V2M 1T1

Brynach ap Rhys (Eric Bayrd)
2573 Inlander Street
Prince George, BC
V2L 1J6

Vladimir Andreivich Aleksandrov (Michael Chorney)
1079 Harper Street
Prince George, BC
V2M 2X1

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