Cold Keep Champions


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Natal'ia Volkovicha
Date: May 24 , 2008
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 24th 2008
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Miworth Community Hall
13510 Flint Road Prince George, BC V2M 6B9

Cold Keep Champions
May 24, 2008
Shire of Cold Keep
Prince George, BC

The Shire of Cold Keep invites all comers to vie for the honour of
representing Cold Keep as Heavy, Archery, Rapier and Arts and Sciences Champion of our fair Shire.

The meal will be potluck – period dishes preferred! – followed by a bardic
competition to entertain all. This is a discreetly dry site!

The site will be open from 9AM until midnight.

Further detail and championship requirements can be found on the Cold Keep

Site fee is $10 for adults, $5 for children 5-12, children under 5 free:
the $3 non-member surcharge applies. Make cheques payable to the Shire of
Cold Keep, SCA Inc.

Champions Schedule (subject to change):

9am – Site opens
9:30 – lists open for heavy, archery and rapier
10am – Heavy inspection
10:30 – Heavy tourney begins
12:30 – Archery inspection
1pm – Heavy tourney ends
    Archery tourney begins
2:30 – Rapier inspection
3pm – Archery tourney ends
    Rapier tourney begins
5pm – Rapier ends
5-6pm – Judging of A&S competition

6:30 – Feast begins
    Bardic competition through dinner
    Best Period Dish contest ballots available at dinner, prize will be awarded at end of meal.

12pm – site closes. Autocrat needs to get home to her daughter πŸ˜‰

Heavy Tourney

Format will be round robin, 3 fight total. Fight one to be sword and board, with standard An Tir shield conventions in use. Fight 2 will be two handed weapon, not exceeding 7.5 feet in length, and according to ABC weight restrictions. Fight three will be short range weapons. Total length of weapons used must be less than 5 feet, and no weapons may exceed 3 feet in length. (so two 2.5 foot wapons may be used, or a 3 foot and a 2 foot).

Tournament may be modified according to number of fighters in attendance and site conditions.

If a fighter wins every one of their matches, they are the undisputed champion. Otherwise, the final round will be a best of 5 between first and second place. The first three bouts will be as per the tourney, with the last two bouts (if necessary) chosen by royal whim, by order of precedence. If royal whim can not be given, the event autocrat will select members of the populace to decide the type (sword and shield, two handed, or short) for the final two fights (if necessary).

Questions? Contact Arkill MacMillan (Arg on CK & WP forums, tisseur at telus dot net)

Rapier Tourney:

The tourney format will depend greatly on the number of fighters. Only a few and we’ll do a bear pit, and a couple others. if there are many then it will be a double elim and a cadet(squire) style.

Questions? Contact Liam Dughlus (Liam Dughlus on CK or WP Forums, willstavern at hotmail dot com)

Archery Tourney:

Questions? Contact Markus (Markus on CK or WP forums, dragonterror at yahoo dot com)

A&S Championship:
Competitors are expected to have their entries set up on display in the hall by noon. Populace judging will take place all day, and competition judges will have the opportunity to view and judge entries throughout the day without the competitor at their display (to allow entry in other championships). Final judging – if the judges want to speak to competitors about their entries – will occur between 5 and 6pm.

Questions? Contact Natal’ia (natalia on CK or WP forums, natalia at telus dot net)

Bardic Contest:
Our guest, The Skald of Tir Righ, HL Sionann in Ui Fhlaithbheartaig, will award a prize for the “Best Persona Appropriate Presentation”. This means the piece/s you perform should reflect your persona in your persona’s time period, either in the actual words, style, period, and/or performance etc.
Pieces can be actual Period, original, filked, borrowed, period-esque, stories, songs, instrumental, dance, poetry, performance art… whatever… but should be specific to your persona (ie: time period, history, style, place, people involved, etc…)
No written documentation is required beyond a brief oral explanation of how this pertains to your persona (if it isn’t obvious)
– Tell a story or epic tale in a style specific to your personas traditions… extra points if it is made up on the spot
– Sing a folk song from the region or period you are from… extra points for foreign languages πŸ™‚
– Write or recite a poem in a style from your region or period
– Perform a dance from your region or period (yes you can use a group of people to help you if needed)
– Play a piece of music on an instrument of choice which your persona may have played… extra points for period instruments πŸ™‚
– juggling, tumbling, mummery, dramatic performance…


Intro to Chainmail
Taught by Lord D’mitri and Lady Brighid

HL Natal’ia Volkovicha
available at natalia (at) telus (dot) net or by phone at 250-564-8278.

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