Clinton War


Hosted by Device of Lions Gate

The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary

Date: August 2 , 2002 until August, 5 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 2th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 5th 2002

Gerhard & Amanda Kendal ac.deepsthgil@ladnek

In their last great war as Baron and Baroness of Lions Gate,
Baron Gerhard and Baroness Amanda will lead their barony as we take
on the world – well, the rest of our Crown Principality.

This “Battle of the North” will take place at the Clinton War on
August 2 to 5, AS XXXVII (2002). Native troops and mercenaries,
heavies, lights, archers & rapiers, are invited to join in the
mayhem. Many scenarios involve war archery, so come prepared.
Baroness Amanda will join her Sergeants and Yeomen for a walk through
woods infested by brigands on Sunday morning, while battles will rage
in woods and meadow, on castle walls and bridges and anywhere else
the marshals allow. War Points are listed at the end of this posting.

While the carrion birds feast, the wonders of merchants row await,
as well as a myriad of Ithra classes. Traditional Clinton pastimes
and pleasures, including cinnamon buns and pizza from the bake oven,
the tavern and wenches, the baths, and the bardic fire will help you
pass the time most pleasurably. Everyone is asked to help in
marshaling, heralding, gate, constabulary, Gold Key, chirurgeon,
water bearing and other ways to learn new skills, meet new people and
help the event run smoothly.
The event officially begins at noon on Friday, August 2nd, and
opening court will be on Saturday morning. Closing court ends the
event on Monday morning. The site fee is $10 per adult, $5 per child
ages 5-12, and $25 per family, or whatever you can afford. If you
arrived during the Work Week and paid the fees then, that fee also
covers the War Weekend. A site donation of toilet paper, candles,
septic enzyme, construction supplies etc., is traditional. The site
is wet (in terms of alcohol, not weather), and pets are welcome if
reasonably well behaved (same for humans).
The Clinton War is held on private property just north of Clinton,
B.C. in an open field through which runs a creek. There is no
plumbing or electricity. A spring provides water for many, others
prefer to bring their own or fill water containers with chlorinated
water in Clinton. Pit outhouses, sometimes aromatic, are the
sanitary facilities. The nights can get very cold, the days are hot
and afternoon winds are gusty. Because of fire hazard, smoking,
braziers and open flames are restricted. Groceries, gas, cash and
alcohol are available in Clinton.
Except for setup and takedown, and those with medically restricted
mobility, cars will not be allowed on site during the event until
Monday morning. The passenger pickup and drop-off area will be at
the gatehouse, so a wheelbarrow; wagon or willing bodies are
recommended if you are doing an ice run for your entire shire.
Follow the Trans Canada Hwy. (Hwy. 1), to Cache Creek, head north on
Hwy. 97 to Clinton. Pass through town and turn left on MacDonald
(right if you are taking Hwy. 97 south). Follow it uphill until it
forks and take the right hand fork which turns into a gravel road
that continues to head up hill. Follow it until you cross the
railway tracks, then cross a cattle guard and immediately turn left
onto a road that parallels the railway. Follow this road and take no
forks. It will eventually pass a reservoir on your left and bring you
to a gate. Pass through the gate (open it first, close it afterwards)
and follow the road to the site.
Anyone wishing more information can contact the autocrat, Viscount
Scellanus of Skye (Neil Seedhouse). Maelen won’t be with us this year
but still can answer questions. Address: 7580 18th Ave., Burnaby,
B.C. V3N 1H9 / (604) 523-2795 / E-mail:

Gentles of all ages are invited to help prepare the Clinton site
for the onslaught of the armies. Beginning on Saturday July 27 we
need help with everything from painting signs to digging ditches to
laying out roads, building bridges and a new Castle. We have a job
for everyone, and this event runs because of your help.
Everyone is expected to do at least 12 hours of site work during
the week if you arrive early in the week, (this is not called the
work week for nothing). You can do a couple of hours a day, or a
couple of days, or knock yourself out in one day and loaf the rest of
the week. Enthusiasts, of course, are welcome to do more! Those
arriving Wednesday or later are asked to contribute 4 hours of site
work. There is no time clock and no one is checking up. This is on
your honour. Wear your work clothes (garb for Ithra classes) and
bring shovels, hammers, crowbars, etc.
As well as site work, there is still lots of time to take Ithra
classes, hike, hang out at Kelly Lake, tourist in the area or relax.
Contact Maelen or Scellanus (Pam Martin, Neil Seedhouse) at (604)
523-2795 / e-mail: or Baron Gerhard Kendal (604)
988-0304 for planned projects and equipment/ supply ideas.
Site fee is $10 per adult and $5 per child 5-12 years, up to $25 per family
(includes the war weekend) or whatever you can afford, and a site
donation of toilet paper, candles, septic enzyme, construction
supplies etc. is traditional.

Clinton War 2002 – War Points
There will be five War Points:
The Battle War Point is made up from three separate battles.
1. Native heavies and lights.
2. Native and mercenary heavies.
3. Native and mercenary heavies and lights.

The Sciences War Point.
A portable sunshade or umbrella (documentation is encouraged).

The Arts War Point.
Painted fabric (documentation is encouraged).

The Archery War Point.
1. Advancing fighter shoot. Fighter targets at various intervals, 6
seconds on each target.
2. Making and firing arrows. Each 3-person team is supplied with a
shaft, nock, points, fletching, glue, a knife and thread and must
construct 6 arrows. These are fired through a slot at a special
target. When the fastest team fires their last arrow, the contest
3. One-on-One war archery. Both fighters in an 8′ X 8′ “box” with
six missiles (competitor’s choice) and in full light combat gear.
Wounds and kills count as in battles. This is a single-elimination

The Rapier War Point.
1. A single elimination Champions Tourney featuring the best 8 native
fighters from each side.
2. An open field battle. No resurrection, no troops restrictions.
RBGs (Rubber Band Guns) are allowed; one shoot per gun. Objects
struck by shot are destroyed, the person holding them is not.
3. The Siege of New Rochelle. The defenders have no resurrections:
the attackers’ resurrections are unlimited. This will be run twice,
with each side defending and attacking. The most efficient (fastest)
attack wins. RBGs as above. As well, each side will have a banner.
When the banner is captured, the battle ends.

Mercenaries are welcome in all war point contests except where native
only is specified.


Clinton Classes – as of July 19 – Clinton War
Saturday – Afternoon

2 hr – 1 pm – 3 pm – Delwyn verch Ynyr – Intro to Archery
1 hr – 2 pm – 3 pm – Jodan – Tavern Wenching – at the Tavern
2 hr – 1 pm – 3 pm – Diarmuid – Rapier Marshalling
2 hr – 1 pm – 3 pm – damh’in – Field Heraldry
2 hr – 1 pm – 3 pm – Shareef – Beginning Arabic Drumming
2 hr – 1 pm – 3 pm – Asada – Live Performance Workshop for Arabic Dancers
2 hr – 1 pm – 3 pm – Ingvar the Restless – Basic Bodhran
2 hr – 1 pm – 3 pm – Imaigne de Brysele – Wool on Wool Embroidery for Children
2 hr – 3 pm – 5 pm – Shareef – Live Performance Drumming
2 hr – 3 pm – 5 pm – Lilya de Gascony – Juggling
2 hr – 4 pm – 6 pm – Mikhail Kurganovic – Tavern Games
2 hr – 4 pm – 6 pm – Tita the Wanderer – Dance
1 hr – 4 pm – 6 pm – Azure McGregor – Forsooth Speaking
2 hr – 6 pm – 8 pm – Rosalinde McAllister – Bedwarming


Sunday – Morning
1 hr – 9 am – Rosalinde McAllister – Waterbearing for Children
2 hr – Marianella di Ravenna – Glass Bead Making

Sunday – Afternoon
2 hr – 1 pm – 3 pm – Rosalinde McAllister – Blackwork
2 hr – 1 pm – 3 pm – Ingvar the Restless – Basic Bodhran
2 hr – 1 pm – 3 pm – How to Run – Yolande Chastellain
2 hr – Cushag – Charted Embroidery
Gerhard & Amanda Kendal ac.deepsthgil@ladnek


Minors (those under the age of 19) at Clinton War will require an SCA
Minor Waiver, a NSCA Minor Waiver and and two Medical Authorization
Form (optional in some cases) filled out and brought to the gate.

If the parent or legal guardian is not attending, the waivers should
be filled out and signed prior to the event and brought to the event.

SCA Adult Waivers will be signed at the gate for all adult
participants who do not show a blue SCA Membership Card.

SCA Minor Waivers will be required for all participants under the age
of 19 years who do not show a blue SCA Membership Card. They will be
available at the gate.

NSCA Adult Waivers will not be at the gate. They will be required
only for the combat, target archery, rapier, etc. activities.
Therefore, they will be available at another location. Check with the
Kendal Pavilion for the location.

NSCA Minor Waivers will be required for all participants under the
age of 19 years. They will be available at the gate.

Medical Authorization Forms will be required for all participants
under the age of 19 years, if the parent or legal guardian is not on
site continually. Two copies will be required, one stays with the
Minor, one with the responsible adult attending. (An additional copy
of the Medical Authorization needs to be left with the non-attending
parent) Medical Authorization form optional (unless they are
participating in Combat activities)

A copy of the parent’s/guardian’s drivers license or comparable ID
with the parent’s/guardian’s signature on it. Highly sensitive
information such as their Social Security number may be blocked out.
The parent’s name and signature must be identifiable. This takes the
place of requiring notarizing the forms.

The waiver and the copy of the ID will be retained at Gate. The Gate
does not retain a copy of the Medical Authorization form. All Minors
must be in the company of an adult over the age of 19. If you don’t
feel sure about this, check ID. This person is to be specifically
named on the Medical Authorization forms. This adult is responsible
for the actions of the Minor. If the behavior of the Minor results in
them being removed from site or the authorities called, the
‘responsible adult’ will also be asked to leave the site.

The Northern Society for Creative Anachronism (NSCA) has its own web site:

The site has the NSCA’s Policy, a listing of its Board of Directors
and the NSCA membership application and waivers. The NSCA’s web site
will always contain the most recent version of the NSCA’s forms.

If you will be attending an event sponsored by the NSCA, may I
suggest a visit to before you leave?

If you have any questions about the NSCA, or about its website,
please contact the NSCA Secretary.

Elaine McMillan – Secretary, NSCA – “Elaine McMillan”

Parents or legal guardians can access the web site to print out the
NSCA Minor Waiver and the Medical Authorization Form, fill them out
at home, and bring them to the event. This will save time at the
gate. Don’t forget to have the witnesses sign as well.

The NSCA Waivers will be applicable for Clinton War as well as many
other events.

There is a link to the SCA Waivers.

in service
mka Nancy Stevens
NSCA President
Gerhard & Amanda Kendal ac.deepsthgil@ladnek

Clinton War

Welcome to the “War”. Please note that this is a private medieval
society function. During the War weekend, everyone should wear
medieval and or renaissance garb. If you are new or visiting, please
ask at the Gate for “Gold Key”.

Driving – Please, no faster than a walk. If you need to unload,
please do so, then park in the designated parking lots. Only staff
and emergency vehicles and cars for gentles with limited mobility
will be allowed in the camping area during teh War weekend, unless
setting up or packing up. Please use the “loading zone” near the Gate
for passengers, groceries, etc.

Parking – please park your vehicles as closely as possible, with just
enough room to get out. It’s going to be crowded.

Gate – please close it behind you.

Site closes to the general public at 9 pm.

Parents – you are responsible for your children’s safety.
The creek can be deep and fast for children.

The Creek – please stay out of the creek above the main bridge.
Please don’t dump anything into the creek. This is the Town of
Clinton’s water supply, as well as the water supply for almost
everyone here.

Water from the creek is regularly tested by the Provincial Health
Inspector as safe to drink. However, the chirurgeons recommend
boiling or lightly chlorinating as a wise safety precaution. Please
draw creek water upstream from the main bridge. As well, there is a
spring just below the cabin which offers very good water. Chlorinated
tap water is available in Clinton. The irrigation ditch water is not
good to drink. Please don’t throw wash water into the creek, which is
the main water supply for the town of Clinton.
Wading is allowed downstream of the main bridge.

No swimming or fishing in the reservoir. This is Clinton’s drinking water.

Grey water (washing water, dish water etc.) should be dumped into the
pre-dug holes by the road, or else into the middle of the war field.

Quieter camping – at the north end of the field.
Noisier camping near the Tavern and Bardic Circle; but because this
is a valley, there are no really quiet spots.

Please leave enough room between tents so a person can walk through
if necessary. Leave a walkway of 4 feet clear along the creek. Please
flag all guy ropes, with white or a light colour.

Please volunteer some time during the war to help with gate,
heralding, marshalling, waterbearing, garbage pick up etc. We need
everyone’s help to make this a great event.

Fires – only at the Bardic fire pit and in suspended braziers.

Smoking is allowed only at the Sir Walter Raleigh Memorial Bridge,
and at the Bardic fire. Please use the butt buckets. Smoking in your
encampment may be allowed if the fire hazard is not too high and your
neighbours permit it.

Food – keep it in animal-proof containers, since pets and small wild
animals are welcome on this site. Remember as well to keep your
perishables cold.

Horses – please leave them alone unless you have their owner’s permission.
Pets of all species are welcome. The good behaviour of your animal
is your responsibility. Remember shade and water, and that crowds
and noise can be very stressful for some animals and they will need
extra care and attention.

Constables, Heralds, Gold Key, etc. can be found on the main road,
near the crossroads and main bridge.

Hooting and drumming to stop at midnight unless at the bowl in front
of the Main Gate.

Emergencies of any kind – please contact the Autocrat, Mistress
Maelen of Catcott as Police and Emergency service are hard to find.
Mistress Maelen and Sir Scellanus can usually be found in the log
cabin .

Garbage – Please clean up your site when leaving, including bottle
caps, tent spikes, bits of wire and tape, etc., to leave the site
cleaner than you found it.

Please separate out recyclables – all beverage containers – and put
in the appropriate bin. Other garbage goes in the dumpster. Do not
leave it by the road or by the gate house or on the field.

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