Champions Event 2011


Hosted by Device of Kaldor Ness

The Canton of Kaldor Ness (Columbia County, OR)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Sophia Isabella de Medici
Date: June 11 , 2011
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 11th 2011
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Marshall Farm
34058 Sykes Road S. Helens, OR 97051

Three Mountains Baronial
Championship Event 2011               
Canton of KaldorNess 

June 11, 2011     St Helens,


Hersir Alfric and Baroness Jill,
Their Excellencies Three Mountains, invite all to the Three
Mountains Baronial Champions Tournament to be held June 11, 2011 in
St Helens, OR.


Cheer for our combatants as they
take on the challenge of becoming the 2011 Armored, Rapier,
Archery, and Youth Champions.  In addition, on-site games,
group art projects, amusements, and volunteering opportunities will
be on hand for those without busy hands.


All challengers are required to
submit a written letter of intent (of some sort) to Their


Bring your own lunch.  After
court, there will be a potluck so bring your own main
dish and a side dish/dessert to share.  There are no
sinks or kitchen facilities and you will need your own feast gear
and utensils.  There will be a few BBQ’s to cook on and
some limited electrical outlets.  Bring your own feast gear,
chairs, tables, and shade/rain cover.



  • Food Drive for the
    Oregon Food Bank.  We raised 135 pounds of food last
    year.  Lets beat that.  Bring Non-Perishables with you to
    the site to help ease hunger in our
  • Participate in the
    Scavenger Hunt 
  • Bring the kids along and
    do some activities with our A&S Champion on the large
  • Volunteer your time and
    receive Raffle tickets for the NEWCOMER–ONLY
  • Try your hand at
    creating a felt tile for the Tile Carpet project.  It’s
    for posterity so be creative
  • Bring your latest
    handwork and share your talent as you cheer for the
  • Enter to be a
      –Armor up, Bow up, Limber up, and
  • VOLUNTEER –we need
    gate help — and those willing to schlep—and parking
  • A Thrown Weapons
    Tournament to guage interest in this marshal form as a
  • Come to visit with
    friends and newbies and catch up on the

Autocrat: Mistress Alexandria DK (Laura McCoy) 503
543-6133 or


Site Info:  Marshall Farm,
34058 Sykes Road, St Helens, OR 97051

Site is open: 10:00 am – 9:00
pm site is discretely wet, parking space is limited, so carpooling
is recommended


Site fees: $7 + $5 fee for
nonmembers, youth (6–17) $4, Under 5 free 

Raw new folks: Come visit the event
for an hour to see how things are done free of charge—Please
still sign in at gate.

Schedule for 3M Champions

(Subject to



Staff on site

10 am
Gate opens &

Food Drive
(Ramp to Deck)

Gold Key

Invocation Court –
(Baronial Pavilion)


Immediately following Court:

Youth A&S
Entries turned in

inspection for Heavy & Rapier     

Championships begin:


Archery tournament                        
(Archery Range)


Heavy Fighting tournament –         
(Erics 1 & 2)


Rapier Fighter tournament –          
(Eric 3)


Youth Championship         
(Arch Range, Eric 4, A&S Area)

Thrown Weapons Tournament Begins –
(Thrown Weapons Range)

(Staff & Court Staff Lunch )

A&S Projects, Scavenger Hunt, etc         
(A&S Area)


1-3:30 ish     
Family/Children’s activities –                     
(Children’s Area)

Possible dancing if there is interest-       
(Meet near Baronial Pavilion)

activities, Scavenger Hunt-              
(A&S Area)


Court to be held after the tournaments are

Potluck sides may be dropped off           
(Potluck Deck Area)

(Potluck Deck Area)

8 – 10
Event take down & close of site



“I CAN” Challenge” to be held and the 3M Championship–By
Madame Jacqueline de Lioncourt
A&S Champion, Three Mountains

–If you know a skill, and you plan on engaging in that skill at
the event, please bring along extra supplies to teach your
knowledge to another. For example, embroiderers will bring extra
hoops, linen, floss, and needles.
Armorers will bring extra wire and pliers to teach chain mail

–Those of you who choose to pick up this gauntlet will be so
identified by a blue, white, and green braid of my making. You will
be known as members of the Three Mountains’ “I Can” Team.

–Come and find me in the Children’s Area. We will have many
dayshades, chairs, and tables. Youth and adults alike will find
many of my own “I Can” packets featuring a variety of activities.
You can learn to weave yarn,
braid yarn, sew a pouch by hand, appliqué, embroider with a
few basic stitches, paint with gouache, do calligraphy, tell some
easy stories, and  sing a few easy songs.



Youth Championship Rules:

For all the youths in our fair barony, Below is all the information
about the competitions – please feel free to contact me with
any questions you have.
All of these things are desirable traits in any champion but three
are required for our Youth Champion (youths age 8 -17)

Strength at arms, Precision at the bow, Service to AnTir, Skill of
items wrought by one’s own hand, Tactics and strategy of a
General (games)

All participants must state their intent to enter (and be accepted
by the baronial coronets) during court at the Three Mountains
Championship Tournament.
This should be in the form of a scroll written in your own

All participants are required to compete in a minimum of three
contests. The youth with the highest overall points is the winner
of the championship.

Points are awarded for each category as follows: 1 point per
category just for competing,  3 points for 1st place,  2
points for 2nd place,  1 point for 3rd place.   If
there is only one competitor in the category, that entrant will
receive a
total of 4 (1 for entering and 3 for taking 1st place)

The Contests are as follows:

created by your own hands. Your entry information should
a time and place of your choice. Documentation is not required but
having it will increase your chances of succeeding.   If
you choose to do documentation, it should be no longer than 2
pages, (not
counting the cover and source pages), and should tell the judges
where your entry was found, when and how it would have been used,
and how you made it. Each  entrant’s documentation should be
in his or her own words and be neatly written.
Remember, your documentation will help the judges decide what your
score is but it is not the only thing they will be looking at.

SERVICE – A minimum of two hours of service during the event and
completed before closing court begins. Each additional hour of
service will earn an additional point. The Youth championship
coordinator (Vivien NicUldoon) can help you find
opportunities for service at the event.

STRENGTH AT ARMS – Youth Combat: All participants MUST wear groin
protection. Females MUST wear chest armor. The youth combat
competition will be held according to the Kingdom
of An Tir rules. Helmet and body armor is required. See the Kingdom
web site for all rules and armor requirements for youth combat.

TACTICS & STRATEGY OF A GENERAL – The competition is for
the best two out of three games of Nine Man Morris. The game rules
the championship will use are at

PRECISION AT THE BOW – This year we will be having a novelty shoot.
I’m working on having youth loaner gear onsite for
competitors to use, but can not yet guarantee it – If you
to compete, and will need loaner gear, please contact me as soon as
possible. Don’t forget: A parent MUST be at the range with
the youth, no exceptions.

YIS,  Vivien  NicUldoon



Bring a non-perishable food
donation or a dollar or check donation with you
when you come and help us provide “alms for the poor” in our own
Scadian way.

We raised 135 pounds of food last
year.  Let’s beat that. 

Food Bank Website:


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