Celtic Revolt – Champions Tourney & New Comers


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Caieth of Umber
Date: May 28 , 2010 until May, 31 2010
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 28th 2010
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 31th 2010

Event site:
Michael Lancaster Estates
6325 Hwy 291 Nine Miles Falls, WA 99026





For centuries the Danes have
ravaged Ireland, enslaving Her people and despoiling Her
beauty with their pestilential prescence.  But at long last, an Ard
Ri has arisen who will break the Vikings and restore Erin to
her rightful sons and daughters.   This Memorial Day Weekend,
 The Barony of
Wealdsmere invites all and sundry to join us in a long
holiday weekend of Competition and Camaraderie as we trace
the legendary career of Brian Boru culminating with the
Battle of Clontarff in 1014 A.D.


Throughout the weekend we
will determine our Champions for the coming year in all
categories (Heavy, Rapier, Archery, Bardic, and Arts and


will begin with war and melee scenarios on Saturday and
continue in Tournament form on Sunday.  As at last year’s
Celtic Revolt , there will also be hands-on classes in Arts
and Sciences,  Bardic,  Pied Piper and Newcomer


, you missed  the Hospitality of HL Sgt.
Michael of Lancaster on his private property in Northwest
Spokane County. 
His land is a vast improvement over the problems we faced at
the old site. 
Can you say no Merchant surcharge?  We sure can!  How about no more $5-a-day
surcharge just to park your car?  Yes! We can say that
too!  There is
also a massive two-story Tower for both Heavy and Rapier to
play with.  Even
better, there is a HUGE piece of land adjacent to the
property that belongs to the Department of Natural Resources
and is available for our use- we only scratched the surface
last year on the possibilities for this property.  Baron Caieth will be doing
the fight-o-crating based on Irish History – come learn
something while you whack your friends!


Rules for Arts and Sciences Championship


Entries will be judged by
three judges and based on three criteria; documentation,
materials/techniques (how period were the materials and/or
how well justified is any non-period substitution.) and on
the visual appeal of the finished product and display.
 One entry is
sufficient to win however multiple entries earn bonus points
up to three entries.

Champions are required to swear an oath to the Baron and
Baroness of Wealdsmere and must help the Wealdsmere A & S
Minister prepare and attend the next years Championship



Site opens at 3:00 pm Friday,
and closes at 12:00 pm Monday.   Site fees:
 Weekend –
Adults 16 and up, $12, Youth 10 – 15, $8, Child
 6- 9, $6, 5 and
under free.  Day
– Adults 16 and up, $6.00, Youth 10 -15 $4, child 6-9,
$3.  Non Member
surcharge applies.  Make checks payable to
Barony of Wealdsmere, SCA, Inc.



Autocrat – Baron Sir
Caieth of Umber, moc.liamg@hteiacris


Merchant-o-crat  HL Gilia Maddalena Sofia
del Lago (J. Jensen) 208-755-3140





Private property –
Please adhere rules posted on site, they are basic courtesy
and common sense.


Portable Privies on


Please bring drinking water
(potable water available)


Pack out ALL


Pets allowed on leash (clean
up a MUST!)





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