Celtic Revolt and Baronial Champion’s Tournaments


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Nakagawa Sukeie
Date: May 25 , 2012 until May, 28 2012
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 25th 2012
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 28th 2012

Event site:
Lancaster Estates
6325 Highway 291 Nine Miles Falls, WA 99026


Mórda Treason: The battle of


  In the early 1000s, Brian Boru,
High King of the Irish, worked to unite all of the provinces of
Ireland under his rule. By 1011, he had succeeded in achieving his
goal, though several regional rulers submitted with great

The King of Leinster, Máel
Mórda mac Murchada, rose in revolt in 1012. This was not the
first time that Máel Mórda had rebelled and Brian
moved to quickly destroy Leinster’s forces. Campaigning in 1013,
Brian’s forces marched into Leinster, while his son, Murchad,
ravaged the southern part of the province.

Reuniting outside of Dublin, they
unsuccessfully laid siege to the city and were forced to withdrawal
around Christmas. Realizing that aid would be needed to continue
the rebellion, Máel Mórda sent his cousin Sigtrygg
Silkbeard, the Viking king of Dublin, to find help overseas.
Sailing the Orkneys, he was able to enlist support from the Earl of
Orkney, Sigurd Lodvesson. The earl then convinced the leader of the
Isle of Man, Brodir, to join the cause. As the Vikings converged on
Dublin, Brian raised his army…


Can you say “REVOLT”, these are
things that are unheard of in our homeland of Japan, granted we may
have Treachery but never Revolts!


The Great Barony of Wealdsmere invites one
and all to this Special Occasion with Epic battles, Irish, Celts
and Vikings, oh mine!


We will also be selecting the succeeding
Champions, come bring your best and show our Barony your skills to
bear the title of Baronial Champion.


Once more, Wealdsmere is
proud to accept the Hospitality of HL Sgt. Michael of Lancaster.
Come enjoy Lancanster’s Tower for Heavy and Rapier to play
with, additional perimeter walls for Siege enjoyment and the
property that belongs to the Department of Natural Resources that
is available for our use.

We will have war
scenarios on Saturday and Champion’s Tournament Sunday. There
will be classes to warm you up for Iron and Ink.  A&S, Bardic and Archery
Championships. Family and Newcomer activities will also take


1st Court of Their Excellencies Of Wealdsmere Baron Lars and
Baroness Kara, Saturday Morning @ 10 am Baronial



As a reminder
all Champions are required to swear fealty to Baron and Baroness of
Wealdsmere and must help prepare/run and attend the next
year’s Championship competition.  


****NEW!!! A&S Competition Rules
(From the Champion)****

I have decided that for
the championship you;

1. Must enter at least one item, each additional item, up to three
{including the original entry}, is extra points.

2. For each entry you must give a short, but well executed oral

3. Must provide separate documentation on all items entered.

4. All entries must be onsite to be considered.

5. Have fun {probably the most important}!


Merchants are wecome with
no additional fee. Please contact the autocrat team in advance
if you plan to merchant, so we can work on setting a merchants

Merchants will be allowed
on site at 2 PM.


****NEW List of some of the Merchant for

& her daughter will have a booth with Traditional Norse

Lynn the Weaver will have weaving goods as well as supplies.

Una will have Wool as well as handmade oils and soaps.

Mystical journeys will have handmade Jewelery

Otters Den will have some Great Leather goods such as pouches and

The Lalickers will be on hand with Pottery.

Weezil’s Plunder Swap Carrying feast gear, books, handmade copper
jewelry, train tracks for anvils, and odds &

Stags Tavern Offering food and
feast gear. A portion of the menu is Fry Bread.

The Grand Bazaar will be on hand with our Traditional handmade
Norse Pies as well as items fried with tempura. The grill be going
full blast with kabobs (if its on a stick I can cook it) Willing to
try and Cook anything. Also in the booth will be the Knives,
Chainmail, and Jewelery items we know you look for.

Health permitting we will also see Montgomery with his fine
Clothing for all of the populace to enjoy.


Site fee:

Weekend or portion
thereof:     Adults $12.00
(+ NMS $5.00) (age 16 and up)

   Youth $8.00
(age 7 to 15)

Day Trip:                                    Adult
$10.00 (+$5.00 NMS)


Family Cap Rate $40.00.
Children 6 and under are free.


Please make checks
payable to “Barony of Wealdsmere, SCA Inc.” 


Site will
open Friday at 3:00 pm and closes Monday at Noon.


The Autocrat

(208)772-9581 moc.loa@otoyKtayrehcaerT

Nakagawa (208)772-9581

and some people who do
not wish to be published!


Some Basic Rules
Please respect the site and hospitality
and follow the rules.

All pets must be at
owners control at all times.

Clean after your

There is potable water on
site, but if you want to bring drinking water, please do

All trash is to be packed

Fire pits above ground
and ashes must be empty at Bardic pit.

We won’t know about fire conditions until the day of the
event, will post information at Gate.

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