Celtic Revolt


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Olaf of Montanore
Date: May 22 , 2015 until May, 25 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 22th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 25th 2015

Event site:
Michael Lancaster Estates
6325 Hwy 291 Nine Miles Falls, WA 99026


Celtic Revolt                                                                      
Barony of Wealdsmere

May 22-25, 2015                                                      
Spokane, WA


The Celts, they are revolting. The Trolls are revolting too.
Somehow the Celts have teamed up with Nordic mythology to bring
mayhem to Wealdsmere. Baron Lars and Baroness Kara are calling all
available hands to defend our land from almost certain destruction.
With your help we can put down the revolting Celts and maybe give
the trolls a bath.

Saturday brings WAR! 
Heavy, rapier and YAC battles are planned.  A & S, Spirits and Brining
competitions and Seige Cooking adventures abound plus many fun
classes and activites.  Sunday will host Championships
for the Barony.  Some
documentation is needed for A & S and inspiration and heraldic
banner is required for entry. 


Calling all merchants, calling all merchants.  Please join us for this fun fill
weekend and share your wares. There is no merchant fee, we do ask
for a donated item to be used for prizes or Largess. If you would
like to have a merchant booth please contact Kayte Blackwell


(put merchant in the subject) or 509-496-2585. 


Schedule of events

(details on events are listed below the schedule)




3 PM            
Site opens

8 PM            
Sign up for Tourch Light Tourney

8:30 PM       
Tourch Light Tourney Heavy

9:30 PM       
Tourch Light Tourney Rapier  – Rubber Band Guns




AM       YAC
armor inspection

Announcement Court


Seige Cooking Sign Up at Baronial Pavilion

A & S Magnificent 7 & Pickling entires to Baronial

Armor Inspection Heavy and Rapier

Youth Scavenger Hunt

Silent Auction Opens

Archery Range Opens

Class:  SCA

12:00 PM     
WAR:  Heavy (Sheep
Rugby immediately)

WAR:  Rapier (Sheep
Rugby when field changed)

Class:  Bobbin

Class: Norse Fiber Arts

Seige Cooking begins

Pickling judging /  A
& S Populas Polling

Archery Range CLOSED FOR LUNCH 1 Hour

Class:  Tribal

Class:  Sprang

Seige Cooking Judging

Class:  Pewter

Class:  Armoring

Archery Range Closed

Class:  Event


Dessert Social

Vigil:  Killian
MacThoy  (under
Baronial Pavilion)


Forge is open per Michael of Lancaster





9:30 AM      Armor
Inspection – YAC

Champions Processional

***Please have inspiration present as well as banner

Class:  Candle

YAC Championship

Armor Inspection – Rapier

Rapier Championship

A & S Entries required at Baronial Pavilion

Archery Range opens for Championship

12:00 PM      Armor
Inspection – Heavy

Heavy Championship

Archery Range closed for lunch 1 hour

Ladies Wine Tasting

Archery Championship Closes PROMPTLY

Baric Championship under Baronial Pavilion





2:00 PM      Site



Arts and Sciences


There will be a magnificent seven competition Saturday. What is a
magnificent seven you ask, you make 7 items of the same type ie. 7
game board, 7 hair pins, or whatever you wish to make.  These 7 items are then voted on
by the populace.  The
winner gets to choose 1 item from each entry and the other items
become largess.  What
a great way to show off your talents and give to largess all at the
same time.


Baroness’ Brine Delicacies

In the spirit of fun and love of pickled foods, Her Excellency,
Baroness Kara, will be holding a competition for the best pickled
fruit, vegetable, and/ or protein. All pickled food items must have
been prepared by the person entering the competition. All persons
wishing to enter should bring either one large unopened jar or two
small unopened jars of the item/items they are entering. Entries
will be judged on taste, texture, and appearance with additional
points being given for unique display of the entry. So bring your
best pickled food, and see if you can win the pickling

Friday Night torch like tourney


Shazade is proud to host a torch light tourney.  Warm up fight to begin around
7pm tourney to be from 8pm to 9pm.  The prize will be a wonderful
handmade item from Shazade.

Saturday Heavy War

Come prepared to fight your heart out and defend our boarders from
the fast approaching trolls.  There will be field battles,
castles battles, and don’t forget sheep Rugby. What is sheep
rugby, come watch the heavy fighters Saturday afternoon and find

Saturday Rapier War

Rapiers please bring you rubber band guns, and be ready to fight in
open fields, towers, and the woods. You never know who might need

Saturday YAC War

(immediately after morning court)

The trolls are invading, we need help from all the youth willing to
defend our lands and get rid of the trolls.

Siege Cooking

A fun twist this year, your fellow SCA members will determine your
meal materials. More details to come soon.

If you would like to participate in siege cooking please

Krysten @

moc.liamg@nosirrah.netsyrk (put siege cooking in the subject) or

Kids event Saturday

Nature hunt… Magical forest creatures

Silent Auction

The Grand Bazaar will again be holding a silent auction to raise
money to help keep Wealdsmere’s Sergeants a free event. Bidding
will begin after morning Court on Saturday, and it will close just
prior to Closing Court on Sunday.  Come ready to bid on some of the
great items.  (Cash or
check only) If you have an item you would like to donate to the
auction please contact Baroness Kara

Killian’s vigil:

under baronial pavilion Saturday at dusk- wine and desert social if
your first initial of your SCA name begins with A-J please bring
one bottle of wine or mead- everyone else bring 1 doc cookies or
cupcakes – napkins, cups and forks provided by barony

Sunday Champion

a reminder all Champions are required to swear fealty to the Baron
and Baroness of Wealdsmere and must help prepare/run and attend the
next year’s Championship competition.

Arts and Science

If you are wishing to become the next baronial A&S champion
please provide some documentation (with 2 or more sources) and be
prepared to answer some questions about your entry. If you
don’t have documentation you can still enter A&S populace
choice competition.


Double elimination, nobility to choose weapons style on best 3 of
five final.


Any weapon combination except case and double daggers will be


Double elimination, nobility to choose weapons style on best 3 of
five final.


Anyone entering the Champions Tourney must and will supply their
own equipment (bow, arrows, gloves, etc.) There will not be any
loaner gear, and only serious marksmen need apply.


No doc required


(classes will be throughout the weekend p
see site copy for official schedule and location of


Pewter Casting

Class Time: 2 hours       

Max Participants:   10 participants (places are full), anyone
can watch

Cost:   $15.00

Instructor:   HRM Artemesia Mistress Clare de Lacy

Description: Learn the history and how to of casting in
pewter.  Limited number of participants will work with
metal.  Anyone can watch and learn.

So You Want to Be an Event

Class Time: 1 hour      

Max Participants:   unlimited

Cost: $ 0.00

Instructor: Baroness Kara Bjornsdottir

Description: If you have ever though, “I wish I knew how to
run an event so I could help my local branch”… then this is
the class for you.  Get the basics of budgeting, organizing,
working with nobility and delegation so that you can serve your
local group by running an event.

SCA Resume:  What, Why and

Class Time:       ½ hour

Max Participants:   unlimited

Cost: $ 0.00

Instructor: J
de Luna

Description: Learn what the term SCA resume means, why we need them
and how to compile your information.


Bobbin Lace Making

Class Time:       2 hours

Max Participants:   6

Cost: $ 0.00:  if you have your own thread, needles or
shuttles please bring them.

Instructor: Lady Kathleen

Description: This class covers a brief overview of lace techniques
and use within period, and a practical beginner’s lesson on
the groups choice of one of several techniques.


Tribal Belly Dance

Class Time:       1 hour

Max Participants:   unlimited

Cost: $ 0.00

Instructor: Ul’Fire Tribal

Description: Learn the basics of belly dance and enjoy an hour of
dance and exercise.  All skill levels welcome

Dipped Candles

Class Time 2 hours

Max Participants:  

Cost: $5

Instructor:      Sir Brynjolfr Fjalgeirsson
Description: Learn to dip beeswax candles


Sprang Bag

Class Time:       3 hours

Max Participants:   5

Cost: $5.00, includes handout and material

Instructor: HL Una of Grimwith

Description: So you want to have a sprang bag but don’t know
how to make one?  Well look no further!  Sprang is fun
and easy.  In this class you will learn the basic sprang
weaves, how to make your own sprang bag and how to make a simple
sprang loom.  


Basic Wool Preparations the Viking Way

Class Time: 1-1/2 hr ish

Max Participants: no limit

Cost: no cost

Instructor HL Una Of Grimwith

Description:This class will cover basic Viking wool prep for
spinning. Class will cover preparation of single and double coated

Basic Armoring for SCA Armor:  Elbow

Class Time:       2 hours

Max Participants:   2 participants, many can watch

Cost: $15 per paid participants

Instructor: HL Caelwin Silvertounge, Srgnt Wealdsmere

Description: Learn the basics of forming elbow cops for SCA
armor.  Two participants will complete armor parts, all are
welcome to


Class Time: After Dark Thirty

Max Participants:   Unlimited

Cost: $Unknown

Instructor: HL Michael of Lancaster, Gallant Wealdsmere

Description: Forge will be open on site after dark



Are you looking for a great way to give back and don’t know
where to start. The event team is always in need of

Must be 18 and a blue card holder if willing to sit gate please

Shazade (Sienna Jacobsen)

Voice heralds
have you ever wanted to see how well your voice
travels.  Are you good
at talking to people try out being a Voice herald, there’s
not much to it.  If
you are willing to make announcements throughout the weekend please
contact Kayte Blackwell at


put volunteer in the subject line.

have you been certified to be a marshal?  Are you not able to
fight?  Please help
marshal both the war and champions tourneys. If you are able to
marshal please contact the MIC


All rules apply:  As
per SCA policy, Marajuana or underage drinking is not allowed –
abusers of this rule may be asked to leave site.  Please keep pets on a
leash.  See An Tir web
page for more information



Weekend Site fee:  $13
adults (NMS applies), youth and children are free


Day Trip Site fee: $10 adults (NMS applies), youth and children are
free. If you  


    plan on day
tripping both Saturday and Sunday please pay weekend


Site: 6325 HWY 291   Nine Mile Falls, WA

Site opens Friday at 12 for MERCHANTS ONLY, otherwise 3
PM.  Site closes at
1PM on                  


Event Stewart:  Olaf
of Montanore
(Robert McCallum)                          

(360) 393-4286



Co Stewart:      
Baroness Kara Bjornsdottir (Rachel Kleinpaste)

(509) 315-7057 



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