Celtic Revolt


Event Summary

Date: May 23 , 2014 until May, 26 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 23th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 26th 2014

Event site:
Michael Lancaster Estates
6325 Hwy 291 Nine Miles Falls, WA 99026


As the snow melts and the ground thaws our borders are once again
in jeopardy. Far off lands have sent word that the Celts are on the
move and headed this way. The Celts are revolting and our baron is
calling for blood and mayhem in defending our fine

The Barony of Wealdsmere would like to invite one and all to come
and enjoy war scenarios, Baroness’ Brine Delicacies Contest,
a great archery range, scavenger hunts, classes, Viking prom,
A&S competition, siege cooking, filk songs, the choosing of
this year’s baronial champions and much, much

Wealdsmere is once again proud to accept the hospitality of HL
Michael of Lancaster, Sergeant. Come and enjoy his glorious Tower
and surrounding perimeter walls for Heavy and Rapier siege
enjoyment. We also have the use of the adjacent property belonging
to the Department of Natural Resources.

Calling all merchants! Calling all merchants! As spring approaches
event season starts. The Barony of Wealdsmere is once again excited
to host Celtic Revolt and we are looking for merchants to come and
sell their wares. The merchant fee for this event will be an item
to use as prizes/largess. If you would like to merchant or have any
questions please contact our merchant coordinator Andy Williams at
moc.oohay@tloveRcitleC, include
merchant in the subject line, or the event steward Kayte Blackwell
at 509-496-2585 


subject to change at the Whim of T


of An Tir



Sight Opens

forge open with forge class,

Note: armoring available all weekend see Ceawlin



Sergeant’s silent auction opens at The Grand

COURT:  Opening court
at Baronial pavilion

Immediately After court:     Rapier and Heavy
armor inspection

War:  Rapier: Castle
(3 hours)

War: Heavy:  Woods                                                                         
(3 hours)

We will need heavies to stay in armor until 3PM to WAR with YAK

A&S Dirty half dozen drop off and voting

Baroness’s Pickling Contest

Please bring entries to tables in baronial pavilion

Event:  Archery range


Parents must be present for any minor archers

Class: Cheese making; Lady Una’s booth-merchant’s
(2.5 hours)

Class: Calligraphy; at heralds point                                                   
(60 Minutes)

Class: Subtleties; Norse Fair on merchant’s row                               
(90 Minutes)

Event: A & S and Pickling contest voting closed     


please pick up remaining your items                           

Class: Arrow making; near forge       
(60 minutes)

Event:  Ladies Tea;
under the baronial pavilion                                
(60 minutes)


must be a lady or at least pass as one

War: YAC War:
(60 minutes)

(Parent must be present with all youth combatants)                

Class: Chain mail; near forge                         
(60 minutes)

Class: Bardic; in the class tent                                                          
(60 minutes)

Event: Archery range close

Event: Sergean’s Silent Auction Closes

Please see the grand bazaar to pay for and pick up won

COURT:  Royal Court;
All should be present                                   
(90 minutes)

Event:  Viking Prom
Feast & Dance 
(starts immediately at 7)         
(90 minutes)


Please bring pot luck items immediately following

Wealdsmere Champion

Competition: SCA filk – Bardic



Sergeant’s silent auction day 2 open

Rapier armor inspection

Champion Processional
(with Inspriation) and

All competitors must be presented to TE Wealdsmere with inspiration
and personal heraldry in order to compete in any Champions

10:00-11:30     Wealdsmere Champion

Wealdsmere Champion
A & S


NOTE: Please bring A&S items to baronial pavilion and sign up
for oral presentation time

Competition:  Games; in the baronial

Class:  Tribal Style
belly dancing; by forge

Heavy armor inspection

Wealdsmere Champion
Competition: Heavy Armor

Class:  Dyeing with
naturel dyes       
(2 hours)

YAC armor inspection

Wealdsmere Champion
Competition: YAC


(Parent must be present with all youth combatants)

Class:  How to make
(60 minutes)

Competition:  Seige
(2 hours)


See Ophila at Nose Fair on merchant’s row for instructions
and sign up

Wealdsmere Champion
Competition: Archery

Class:  Candle Making;
Lady Una’s booth-Merchants Row            
(2 hours)

Sergeant’s silent auction day 2 close


Please see the grand bazaar to pay for and pick up won

COURT:  Baronial
(60 Minutes)

Hunkerhausen and Tiddlywop                      
(60 Minutes)


War scenarios:
battles, open field battles, and castle battles oh my.

 Some 7foot and under limitations will occur.



Please bring rubber band guns if you have them.

Baroness’ Brine Delicacies Competition

In the spirit of fun and love of pickled foods, Her Excellency,
Baroness Kara, will be holding a competition for the best pickled
fruit, vegetable, and/ or protein. All pickled food items must have
been prepared by the person entering the competition. All persons
wishing to enter should bring either one large unopened jar or two
small unopened jars of the item/items they are entering. Entries
will be judged on taste, texture, and appearance with additional
points being given for unique display of the entry. So bring your
best pickled food, and see if you can win the pickling

Siege Cooking

Try your hand at cooking with what you have. All participants will
be given a bag of ingredients and be challenged to create a yummy
dish with what you have on hand.  If you would like to
participate in siege cooking please let Kayte know by e-mailing
include Cooking in the subject line so we  can insure there is
enough to go around.

Youth Armored Combat

Parents must be present at all times for any youth


Subtleties class

What is a sublety? We will go over several recipes and examples of
subtleties will be available for sampling. We will also be making a
sublety towards the end of the class.

Candle making

this class will consist of making the wicks as well as rendering
the tallow that we will be using for our hand dipped candles… We
will also be making some beeswax candles. Discussion points;
different kinds of wicks for different types of candles and the
pros and cons of fats verses beeswax … Class time approx. 3 hrs.
This is a hands on class please dress accordingly class size 5.
Taught by Una of Grimwith

Basic Cheese

In this class we will be making a basic fresh cheese with herbs
this is a hands on class please dress accordingly… Discussion
points; the history of cheese, why we have so many kinds and how
different kinds of milk and bacteria affect the cheese making
process…class time approx 3 hrs. Class size 5 Una of

Chain mail

demonstration and instruction to beginning chain mail


Arrow Making

fletching and arrowhead attachment if you would like to keep the
arrows you make it will be $5 for two arrows.

 How to make
-The mustard class will include a basic recipe,
method, and possible variations of ingredients, as well as a brief
history of the condiment and sources. A jar of mustard, prepared
ahead of time, will be available for the first 8 for a $3

Tribal Style Belly Dance

Workshop Please join Siofra and Sans Appelle for an hour of dance!
There are many different wonderful styles of belly dance from
around the world. We will be sharing some basic movements and cues
of tribal style that will get us all dancing together!! Tribal
style consists of a blend of folkloric dance styles from the Middle
East, North Africa, Spain and India. Trust any body shape- any age,
no experience necessary. This is just plain fun! All

Beginning Bardic

Primer by Lady Emma Godwif, Kingdom Bardic Champion — Interested
in bardic but not sure how to begin? No problem! Participants will
learn what the Bardic Arts are, tips for selecting a piece and
getting it ready to perform, as well as tricks to combat
performance jitters. Includes a Q&A session.”

Natural Period dyes


Though there will not be an official class, if you have any
armoring question or would like to work on making your own please
see Ceawlin Silvertongue


Writing in Uncial, Majiscule, and
Miniscule Hands or How to Write Using the Cool Letters like the
Book of Kells. This class will cover learning the letters in one of
the three hands. Because most students will be unfamiliar with
calligraphy pens, this class will also cover the care and feeding
of a calligraphy fountain pen. Calligraphy pens and calligraphy
paper will be available for use.


Ladies Tea

Once again Lady Avacyn will be hosting a tea for the ladies (or
those who can pass as a lady). Please bring a desert or snack to
share and come and enjoy some yummy treats and good

Viking Prom Feast

 Yes you read that right; our feast will have the theme of
Viking Prom. Get your garb glamoured up and join us for an evening
of good food and entertainment. There will be a prize for the best
“Prom” attire. Entertainment will include a Filk
contest and bardic champion’s competition.

There is no extra charge for this pot luck feast, The Barony and
Lady Una will provide the meet please bring an item to share and
come join us for some merriment.

• If the first letter of your MUNDANE last name starts with
one of the following letters, we request you please bring an
appetizer or bread dish: C, D, I, J, N, R, U, V,
  • If the first letter of your MUNDANE last name starts
with one of the following letters, we request you please bring a
Side Dish, soup, or salad: A, E, H, K, M, Q, T, X

• If the first letter of your MUNDANE last name starts with
one of the following letters, we request you please bring a
Dessert: B, F, G, L, O, P, S, W, Z



Write your own filk songs and come and entertain the masses at the
Viking Prom. If you would like to write a filk song but not perform
it, feel free to find someone else to sing for you.  Prizes
will be given for best performance and best song.

Arts and Sciences competition

There will be a dirty ½ dozen competition,

What is a dirty half dozen competition you ask? It is an A&S
competition will all of the items entered being donated to largess.
What do you need to do? Make and bring 6 items of a similar nature
(no alcohol please), the populace will then vote on them just like
a populace choice A&S competition. What do you get if you get
the most votes? You get to choose one items from each entree to
take home with you. So what are you waiting for? get to making your
fabulous items.

Champions Activities

As a reminder all
Champions are required to swear fealty to the Baron and Baroness of
Wealdsmere and must help prepare/run and attend the next
year’s Championship competition.



Heavy Champion tourney

Rapier Champion tourney

Arts and Sciences champion competition

Documentation of your project is required – it doesn’t need to be
overly fancy, just what your project is based on, how you did your
project, and any period information you might have about it.

There will also be a brief oral presentation to the judges about
your project. I know not everyone can write – when you get some
people talking about their project, they just draw you in and what
they tell you about their project is just magical. Also, this will
be good practice for anyone interested in working toward Kingdom
A&S in the future.

Finally, Dame Juliana has agreed to provide feedback to any
contestant who is thinking about competing regionally and at
kingdom A&S in the future about what things they can do to
improve their projects and competition skills. This is NOT required
for anyone.

Archery champion competition

Must have your own arrows and bow to participate in champion
competition this year.

Youth Armored Combat champion

Parents must be present at all times for any youth

General Information

Silent Auction

The Grand Bazaar will again be holding a silent auction to raise
money to help keep Wealdsmere’s Sergeants a free event. They are
looking for donations to auction off, it can be anything from old
SCA stuff you don’t use anymore, or something you made. If you have
something you would like to donate please bring it to the event and
give it to Ted the merchant in the Grand Bazaar.  Bidding will
begin after morning Court on Saturday, and it will close just prior
to Closing Court on Sunday


or portion thereof
Adults $13.00 (+ NMS $5.00) (age 16 and up)

Youth $8.00 (age 7 to 15)

Day Trip
:  Adult
$10.00 (+$5.00 NMS)

Youth $5.00

Family Cap Rate $42.00. Reminder there is a $5 nonmember fee for
any adult with in the family cap.

Children 6 and under are free.

Please make checks payable to “Barony of Wealdsmere, SCA

Site will open Friday at 3:00 pm and closes Monday at



Some Basic Rules
Please respect the site and hospitality and follow the

All pets must be at owners control at all times.

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