Celtic Revolt


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ailionara Inghean Tighearnach
Date: May 26 , 2017 until May, 29 2017
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 26th 2017
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 29th 2017

Event site:
Lancaster Estates
6325 Highway 291 Nine Miles Falls, WA 99026

(Schedule at the bottom! Please note that ALL war
fighting has been moved to Sunday and ALL Baronial Championships
have been moved to Saturday.)

Lancaster Estates
6325 Highway 291
Nine Miles Falls, WA 99026

Site Fee Weekend:
Adult- $19 ($5 discount for members)
Youth- Free (Under 16)

Site Fee Day:
Adult- $16 ($5 discount for members)
Youth- Free (Under 16)

Children and elders,

Gentles and nobles,

Lords and ladies alike, Hark!

Hark! Hark and take heed. The Barony of Wealdsmere
invites you to join us this Memorial Day Weekend

as we write the final chapter to The Tale of

There will be classes, oh so many classes. There will be
fighting, three days! There will be championships, Bardic, A&S,
Heavy, Rapier, YAC, Archery. And there will be war! Make sure to
gather a tribe and prepare yourselves. Tribes will compete for
points in events all weekend

Stay tuned for more information.

Your Stewards,

Lady Ailionara Inghean Tighearnach

Baroness Kara Bjornsdottir

Lady Ástríðr

The Tribes of Celtic Revolt


A nation of fierce warriors, the history of the Celtic people
stretches thousands of years. They were fond of ornaments, beads,
and many a shiny object. This weekend, travel back in time and
create a tribe that will once again seek spoils and glory. Fight
with the savagery of the Celts. Dance, Sing, and Tell-Tales with
the spirits of our ancestors. Listen to well-traveled adventurers
as they share their wealth of knowledge with you. Band together
with your chosen kin as the trail of bodies left in your wake shall
leave none to question your ferocity and show that you are as
relentless as the Celtic tribes of old. 



  • Your tribe can consist of up to 12 people, and as few as
  • Anyone can be part of a tribe.
  • A well rounded group is suggested, as tribe points are awarded
    for almost every activity:
  • Water bearing, volunteering at gate, taking a class, A&S
    participation, championships, etc.
  • Youth activities such as the Kid’s Scavenger Hunt, YAC,
    Sheepy Games, etc.
  • Extra points are awarded to the winner and runner-up in some
  • Double points are awarded for: The Torchlight Tourney, Trials
    of Rhiannon, Dancing, and Siege Cooking
  • You are responsible for reporting your activities to the
    Tribe’s Scribes. 
  • If you are not reporting honestly, you will be sentenced to the
    stockades for life.


Events, Games, Scenarios, etc Link:



Class List:



Facebook Event Page:



The Tale of Yakbert:




Celtic Revolt

(Tentatively) Approved

(Subject to change, subject to being incorrect
due to Ailionara’s brain errors, subject to typos and misspelled
May cause tire wear, dry heaving, or excessive body odor)


12:30 PM            Merchant

3:00 PM             Site

8:30 PM            
 Torchlight Tourney

9:00 PM              Story
Time for Kids (Time Tentative)

        Forged At Celtic: Opens



9:15 AM            
Champion’s Processional Court



10:00 AM          
 Championship: Rapier (1.5 hour max)

Archery Range: Open Championship Competitors Only

        Thrown Weapons Range: Open

A&S With Judging to Follow

10:30 AM          
 Class:  Viking Embroidery (1 hour)

        Kid’s Scavenger Hunt

11:00 AM          
  Class: Silk Banner Painting (Day 1,
4-6 hours)

11:30 AM          
 Championship: YAC (1.5 hour max)

12:00 PM          
 Class: Mongo Fight with Daggers (1 Hour)

        Newcomers Tour:
By HL Snorri/HL Braith

        Archery Range: Lunch Break

        Thrown Weapons: Lunch Break

1:00 PM            
 Championship:  Archery Range: Open
Champion’s Competitors Only

        Thrown Weapons Range: Open

 Heavy (1.5 hour max)

        Trials of Rhiannon

2:00 PM            
 Class:  Event Stewart 101  (1

3:00 PM            
 Class:  Card Weaving (2 hours)

 Armor Making (2+ hours)

        Forged at Celtic: Closed

4:00 PM              All
Ranges Closed

        Sheep Attack: Youth and Adult

7:00 PM            
 Championship: Bardic

8:00 PM              Viking
Games: Adult Activities

        Glow Stick Archery: Youth and Adult

 Forge (2+ hours)



9:45 AM              YAC
Armor Inspection

10:30 AM            YAC
War Scenarios

        A&S Populace Choice: Open

        Forged at Celtic: Populace Choice

        Archery Range: Open

        Thrown Weapons: Open

        Siege Cooking: Meeting/Start

        Class: Silk
Banner Painting (Day 2, 4-6 hours)

        Heavy and Rapier Armor Inspection

11:00 AM            Heavy
War Scenarios

        Rapier War

12:00 PM            Archery Range:
Lunch Break

        Thrown Weapons: Lunch Break

        Newcomers Tour:
by Lady Shazade

1:00 PM               Archery
Range: Open Kids Only

        Thrown Weapons Range: Open

2:00 PM            
 Class:  Beekeeping (1 hour)

        Sheepy Games: Youth Activity

        Archery Range: Open All Ages

3:00 PM            
 Class:  Gaelic (1 hour)

        Forged at Celtic: Populace Choice

4:00  PM          
  All Ranges Closed

 Great Kilt (1 hour)

5:00 PM            

7:00  PM            

        Tavern Trivia

        Viking Prom



12:00 PM           Site Closes



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