Carnevale de Venezia Feast


Hosted by Device of Dragon's Mist

The Barony of Dragon’s Mist (Washington county, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ilariya Charmain Litomerice
Date: February 22 , 2020
Site opens at: 9:00 AM on February 22th 2020
Site closes at: 8:00 PM

Event site:
Saint Bartholomew Episcopal Church
11265 SW Calbot Beaverton, OR 97005

This is a Level 2 event.

Celebrate the opulence and pleasures of Carnevale di Venezia. Join Dragon’s Mist for feasting, dancing, and fun diversions on the day of February 22 2020.
Events of the day:
Rapier Championship Challenge,
Bardic Championship, Games, Mask competition, Iron Scribal, Heavy fighting, Thrown weapons.

Through the day we will also have dancing and classes to keep us entertained with everything culminating into a fantastic feast and the court of Their Excellences Ana and Jose.
The fee for this event is $20 with a $5 member discount for all those over the age of majority (18).
In addition, it is $10 to partake in the feast ages 5 and up, and those under the age of 5 are invited to join their adult at no charge. (All fees are based per individual)
Make checks payable to Barony of Dragon’s Mist, SCA INC
Site opens at 9am and closes at 8pm
11265 SW Cabot St, Beaverton, OR 97005
Dragon’s Mist located in Washington county Or

This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted event.

More coming soon.

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adult Site fee $20.00
feast fee (5 and up) $10
Youth site fee $0
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the site fee cost listed above.

Event Schedule

Time Activity Location
9 am site open  
10 am opening court  
11am-1pm Championships  
2pm-4 pm  classes more info to come   
4:3 pm closing court  
5:30 pm feast  
8 pm site closes   

Meal Information

Feast of Carnivale

“Foods of Al Andalus”

1st Course:

Olives and assorted nuts

Ahrash of beef and lamb

Stuffed eggs


2nd Course:

Palace Chicken with Mustard

Arnabi (Eggplant with thyme and saffron)

Aromatic Rice

3rd Course:

Misri (Egyptian Beef with Fennel)

Muzawwara (Lentils and Vegetables)

Semolina Egg Bread

4th Course:


Honeyed Rice with Butter

Almond cookies

Hot beverages of lavender, basil and mint will be available.

Tournament Information

Greetings Singers, Storytellers, and Minstrels of All Varieties,


I, Lady Colette la trouvere, Bardic Champion of the fair Barony of Dragon’s Mist, do hereby seek my successor. At Carnivale, a competition in three rounds will be held to determine who will be the next Bard of Dragon’s Mist. If you wish to compete, please prepare the following. *A period piece, preferably with documentation

*A piece on the theme of revels, carnivales, or merrymaking

*A piece of your choosing


This competition will be a process of elimination. All will compete in the Period round, four will be chosen for the Theme round, and two will compete in the Bard’s Choice round.


If you are interested in competing, please contact my via private message or at moc.oohay@drabehtetteloc



Lady Colette la trouvere

Bard of Dragon’s Mist


Heavy Tourney Round Robin would be best we don’t know how many opponents or heavies will show up


Tournament of Games:


Game enthusiasts across the Known Kingdom are called to test their mettle and mastery at the gaming tables of Carnevale! To be held in the hours between Opening and Closing Court. Games of chance, of strategy, and of intrigue await!


Prizes will be had by all who play! Grand Prizes will be had by winners of 3, 5, or 7 games. Many prizes may include historical games, decks of cards, dice and much much more!!


Children of all ages are welcome to play. Following SCA policy set forth by the BOD, children under 18 years of age must be attended by their parent or legal guardian at all times. Our Game Masters will be on hand to assist in game matters only. Children without a legal guardian or parent present at all times during game play will not be able to participate.


If you are interested in being a Game Master and volunteering to assist please contact the Event Steward or the Master of Games, HL Renna Ravenswald for more info and keep an eye out for future announcements for all the fun at Carnevale 2020!

Rapier Championship

It will be a Luck of the Draw Accolades Tournament. Fighters should bring all of the secondaries that they’re authorized to fight with. From an event planning perspective, we’ll need audience participation, so we’ll want to encourage the populace to be present and we’ll need to make sure their’s room for them on the sidelines.

The mask competition will consist of a masquerade parade during lunch. Contenders can either present themselves, have someone wear or carry their mask for presentation. Afterwards, the masks will be put on display for voting. The three categories will be “most historically accurate”, “most creative”, and “coronet’s choice”. Voting will be done by placing a corresponding colored bead for each populace vote in a basket with the mask. Awards will be given in closing court.

Join the Scribes of Dragon’s Mist while we compete to find the best Illuminators in the land. Notecard sized designs and basic supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring your own paint kit. There will be different art to paint for three categories: Youth, Novice and Advanced (older children are welcome to choose one of the other two categories if they want). Prizes for the winner of each category!

Classes Offered

1 to 4pm Classes in Room 10 and 12.


Room 10: 1PM

Period hair taping


Learn how to put your hair up in a period manner using ribbon. Hair length can vary from shoulder length to rapunzel locksl! Not only is this a great way to add a finishing touch to your period look, it also helps keep your hair cleaner and is a great foundation for your caps and cauls. 


Materials provided: 


darning needle

hair ties



Class size max: 10 people


Class cost: $5 for materials


Room 10: 3PM

Intro to Hand Stitching Buttonholes and Eyelets


This class will introduce the basic methods and considerations for making hand-stitched buttonholes and eyelets for historical garments. Expect this class to be light on lecture and heavy on practice. 


I will be providing all materials for up to 12 students on a first-come, first-served basis but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.


Class is open to anyone who can safely and responsibly handle sharp objects such as scissors, needles, awls, and chisels. Anyone using tools in an unsafe or irresponsible manner may be asked to leave class without prior warning. Minors will need to be supervised by a responsible adult.


Cost is $5 per participant.


Room 12: 3PM

Basics of the Carolingian Hand


Learn the basics of penmanship and the history of the Carolingian hand as taught by the works of Marc Drogin. 


Will provide paper, calligraphy pens and ink and a small handout.


10 max, 8 years and up, please.


Class cost: $5.


1PM in Room 12

Dance with HL Ignatius Rieger


No limits, no cost, age minimum means that their parents need to be there.  


2PM in Room 12

Gothic Cathedrals


Near the start of the 12th century, the Catholic Church underwent a revolution in architecture that spread across Europe and has created some of the most recognizable cathedrals today. We will be taking a look at why these changes came into being, along with the strengths and weaknesses of the Gothic style. I will talk about how these magnificent Cathedrals were built, their use, and their meaning to the people of the 12th to 16th centuries.


The class will consist of a Slideshow and lecture, and those attending are strongly suggested to bring notebooks and writing implements. There will be a small handout, and I’m requesting a small fee of $2.00 per person to cover this. 


15 person maximum, 12 years old and up with parents supervision. 


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