Canterbury Fayre


Hosted by Device of Lions Gate

The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Morweena
Date: February 27 , 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 27th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Lochdale Hall
490 Sperling Ave Burnaby, BC V3n4p4

Listen to bards as they vie for the coveted
champions belt!
Roll the dice as you try and win the FIRST
EVER games championship of Lions Gate.
Watch artisans explain
their projects and try to win the right to be A&S


Take a TUTR class
Attend the panel for those interested in the Trials 
Meet new
faces and welcome the newcomers to our branch
Display your
creations in an A&S display contest (there will be categories
for Novice and more experienced artisans)
Sit and socialize
with your friends and work on projects!

Children- there will be a colouring station
(parents please join your child as this is unsupervised) as well as
build your own games board contest and a castle siege game (these
activities will be scheduled and supervised – but the people
running these contests are not babysitters, please join your child
in the fun

In the evening after all the champions have
been declared we will sit and enjoy a shared meal. For those that
wish to potluck we have a good person organizing – please label
your serving dishes.

For those that wish their own food – sit with us, eat with us,
order a pizza (thats what I’m doing)
We have no stove access
in this hall for reheating – there are some outlets in the kitchen
for crock pots and there is a Safeway a block to the west of the
There will be a small microwave in the kitchen – its mine, be

Suggestion for Dinner – by mundane last

A-F – Bread and Cheese
G-L – Side
M-S – Main Dishes
T-Z –

But don’t leave yet!

After our repass there will be dancing run
by our fair dance mistress Rhiannon and fun and games encouraged by
the mighty Mikhail
And a cash tavern hosted by me! (no
outside alcohol please, all alcohol must remain inside the hall,
please do not take your drink

(plus NMS) for Adults
Youth are

For those that can only attend in the evening
-a bonus of a reduced price!
If you are coming in after 6 you only pay $5 (plus nms for non

So please if you work in the day or the arts are not your thing
please do come and join us!


Doors open at 9 am

TUTR Reg opens 9 am
(suspended during court, please note class registration end 10
minutes prior to class start time)

court/invocation of lists 9:30

Please note all those entering the
championships must swear in at opening

Games, A&S and Bardic championships to
begin immediately after court and continuing throughout the day
until complete


Throughout the day SGT


Chilldren’s activity table will be open
throughout the day with some scheduled

11 am till noon
Children’s create your own games board

Time: 11 am
 TUTR class
Introduction to the SCA


Lunch (break in judging) 12:30 to 1:30

1:30 pm
 TUTR Class Basic
Medieval Clothing: What can I wear?

2:45 pm TUTR Class- In Courts and Campfires: A Newcomer’s Guide to
SCA Bardic Arts

4:30 om or following the last of the bardic
Children’s “battle siege”


Court of T heir Highnesses Tir
Righ and Their Excellencies Lions Gate and to follow championships
(estimated 5 or 5:30 pm start)


Dinner and Tavern – following


(Note: If needed, more court may follow


6 pm – Tavern pricing in effect for those only
coming in after 6 pm ($5 plus NMS)


10 pm last call at

10:30 pm please help me clean up

Please note the evening will have a licensed
tavern. Please respect the license holder who is liable for all
alcohol consumption while the license is in effect, no outside

Games Championship!

Lions Gate’s Games Champion will be chosen after a competition in
three different games.

We’ll begin with Quoits. We’ll try for a
round-robin tournament, but the number of competitors may change
this opening format. The number of wins will determine ranking
coming out of this, and will indicate a number of points (1 for
first place, 2 for second, etc.)

The next game will be Tablut, with the same
competition and ranking format as above. However, each player will
need to play as both attacker and defender, to determine skill in
this game.

The final game will be Nine Man’s Morris.
Ranking from the combined scores above will determine how these
final pairing will play out, as will the number of entrants and
time remaining. It is my intention to have the four top ranked
players enter this tournament, and come down to two final
competitors playing for the title, but this will be determined at
the time.

(Specific tournament rules for these three
games will be published separately,

The winner will earn the rights and title of
Games Champion of Lions Gate! It could be you! It won’t be me.
(insert sad face)

Play more games!

Baron Uilliam

Class List Canterbury Fayre 2016 –
please note times subject to

Time: 11 am
Introduction to the
Duchess Caoimhe ingen Domnaille
Length: 1
Cost: $.00

Description: A good overview to the Society of
Creative Anachronism from someone who has travelled the width and
breadth of the world. Find how why she is titled Duchess. Learn
about the structure of the SCA and what you can do in it. Learn
about the resources available to YOU!

Time: 1:30 pm
Basic Medieval Clothing:
What can I wear?
Mistress Desiree Chirastella
Length: 1
Cost: $.00

Description: Topics covered will include
descriptions of what people wore throughout the SCA time periods –
materials and silhouettes, fabrics, advantages to layering, and how
to do it on a budget. If there is time talking a bit about
accessories and how to find patterns.

Time: 2:45 pm (2 hrs)
In Courts and
Campfires: A Newcomer’s Guide to SCA Bardic Arts
HL Wulfstan Hrafnsson
Cost: $3.00
Maximum number of
students: 12

Description: One of the many fun things about
the SCA – and indeed about the Middle Ages! – is the tradition of
sharing together in jokes, stories, songs, poetry, dancing,
juggling, and many other performing arts. In the SCA, we refer to
these as the “bardic arts”, and those who perform them as “bards”.
Come and find out for yourself what bardic is, and what it’s all
about. Learn mediaeval-, SCA and SCA-appropriate songs, what the
differences are between them, and how to write a

Students will receive a songbook (with blank
pages for adding new songs as you learn them!) to get them started
in bardic pursuits, and a course handout. The course will be
divided into two sections: a one-hour classroom tutorial and a
one-hour practical section in which we will apply what we’ve
learned by holding a bardic circle, which will be open to the

Parents please take note: while children are
welcome to participate in my class (children under 13 must be
accompanied by a responsible adult who is also taking the course),
the mediaeval sense of humour can be quite earthy, so questions may
arise from the course content.

Students should bring: A pen or pencil for
making any notes; water (not too cold) or other beverage would be a
good idea.



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