Boars Hunt All Champions


Event Summary

Date: June 28 , 2013 until June, 30 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 28th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 30th 2013

Event site:
Masonic Park Campground
24310 Mountain Loop Hwy Granite Falls, WA 98252

Join us in the beautiful Barony of
Aquaterra as we combine our Annual Boar’s Hunt with All Champions!
There will be a hunt, Arts and Sciences demos, classes, and
competitions, and more!

The Hunt! The Great Hunter with a spear, the Dogs with
daggers, chasing the Deer with 2 swords, the Bears with 2 mass
weapons (mace or axe) or 1 great weapon, and the Boars with 2 short
swords! Who will prevail? Who will be awarded the Best in each
category? Come to see the chase through the woods and the results
on Saturday!  

After the Hunt, there will be The Doggie Dagger
 Held in Merchant’s Row, the
format will be dependent on the number of participants. Come
participate or cheer on your fighters!

Marshall In Charge is Baron Styrr Olafsson.

The Tavern will be open Saturday to celebrate the hunt,
menu to come! This will be a Period meal, in keeping with the Hunt
theme, for the bargain price of $6 per person, payable at Gate.
Seats are limited! While enjoying your amazing meal, you can listen
to the Bardic Champion competitors recite their entries to become
the Barony’s Bardic Champion! Purchase of meal not necessary to
come listen to our Best Bards as they compete. 

Tavern Menu:

Rolls w/butter






Stuffed Pork Loin Served with
a Plum sauce





Youth Activities at
Aquaterra’s Boars Hunt / All Champions


Check in at the Family
Activities Pavilion to see what they have in store for

Arts and Sciences

If you would like your
youth to participate in a particular class in the A&S Pavilion,
check with the teacher!  Don’t forget you will have to
stay with them while they are in the class, but that just means you
can learn something too!

Youth Armored Combat

A Youth
Hunt will immediately follow the Heavy Hunt in the

Boar’s Hunt
Arts and Sciences


Presented by HL Adeliza a

The challenge – Make 6 of a largess type item (same or similar)
and present them at opening court for all to see or bring them to
A&S within an hour of opening court. Make sure items are
discreetly marked with the entrant’s name. The winner will be
awarded at court that night and will be given one of each entry,
2nd place (if there are enough contestants) gets a choice of 2
items, and the rest goes to largesse. For a better understanding of
what largesse is, check this out:

Iron Needle

Presented by HL Adeliza a

This contest will also be largesse focused. This will start
right after opening court. Adeliza will be at A&S for an
hour after opening court with supplies for competitors, but
competitors should bring their own tools and any supplies they
specifically would like to have on hand. The competition will end
Sunday morning early enough so the winner can be announced at
closing court. This time will be nailed down as the event schedule
gets finalized. There will be an adult and a youth category. 
Contact Her Ladyship Adeliza at moc.liamtekcor@aziledA

Aquaterra Culinary Guild
Interactive Demos

Presented by Baroness
Fiamma the Unquenchable

Food on Sticks 

description: Food on Sticks: Easy period recipes for foods
cooked on a skewer over fire. We will cook cheese and bread,
grilled mushrooms, meatballs, roasted apples and play that
“absurd game of cooks”, Eggs on a Spit. Students get to eat what
they make. Please inform the teacher of any food allergies or

What students should
  We will be cooking over open flame,
so an apron, oven mitt or leather gloves will be handy;
long hair tied back or covered, avoid long trailing sleeves.
Bring a chair, a plate and a beverage or a cup for water. Minors
must be accompanied by an adult.

Cooking over a fire

Class description: 
Cooking over a fire: Come prepare some easy medieval recipes cooked
over a fire in period pottery. We will also learn a simple and
quick bread recipe cooked in a Dutch oven. While the Dutch ovens we
use today are not totally period, we can use them to imitate a
period method of cooking and baking bread over a fire.

What students should
  We will be cooking over open flame,
so an apron, oven mitt or leather gloves will be handy;
long hair tied back or covered, avoid long trailing sleeves.
Bring a chair, a plate and a beverage or a cup for water. Minors
must be accompanied by an adult.


Presented by Lady Sabina di Zorzi

This will be a basic ‘knitting in the round’ class to get
you started on any number of period items, from basic bags to hats
and socks. There we will have some information on period
knitting available and some yarn (non-period) for those that need
it, as well as home-made wooden needles in case you don’t have your
own to use during the class. You are welcome to purchase them for
$2 if you would like to keep them.  If you have advanced
knitting questions, feel free to ask those as well! 

Spoon Carving

Presented by HL Thorbjorn Inn

He will be teaching his spoon
carving class to students at his merchant booth! He can teach
one or two students at a time, so bring your leather gloves and
good hand strength, $2 for the spoon blank and the written
materials, and stop by his booth to sign up for a time slot. He
will provide the carving tools for you to use during your session.
He has taught this as an Ithra class, so if you would like to get
credit for it, speak to the local Ithra Chancellor, HL Elewys of
Finchingefeld at ten.rellehtso@nerak.


11am Sunday – Presented by Marguerite

Marguerite fitz William has graciously agreed to host a
Persona Development Tea!  This will be a casual class
/ conversation to help those that are trying to figure out how
to develop their personas as well as “live it” while
enjoying an everyday nicety of tea.  Beginners welcome! 
Feel free to ask questions or just come to practice being in
persona!  Please bring your feast-cup to fill with your choice
of tea.

Schedule for the event. All times are SCA times, and therefore
subject to change. 


1pm- site opens for populace

Midnight- gate closes

8am – gate opens
9am – opening court – Champions present

Largesse Challenge entries due
After morning court – Boars Hunt and A&S activities

30 minutes after morning court – Thrown
Weapons range opens for practice

11 am Thrown Weapons Championship

2pm – Rapier and Archery

A&S Championship – Peterson
6pm – evening court / gate closes
After evening court – the Tavern opens with the Games and
Bardic Championships

8am – gate opens
9am – morning court
After morning court – Heavy and YAC Championships

  – Boars Hunt Archery

11am – Persona Tea

Noon – Gate closes

3pm – Closing court


5pm – site closes

All Champions

Bardic Arts

There is still plenty of time to get your performances ready and
your documentation written up for the Aquaterra Bardic
Championship. The championship contest will be held
on Saturday June 29.  The honor of a champion is great
and the required duties are small.
Those that wish to compete must send a letter or e-mail message to
the Baron and Baroness of Aquaterra and the current Bardic Champion
declaring their intent to compete for the position Aquaterra Bardic
The format of the competition will be:

Three performance pieces:

  • Two pieces must be fully documented to SCA period with a
    minimum of one primary reference.
  • The third piece should be at the very least SCA appropriate
    (this includes filk and original pieces) but does not need to be
  • One of the performance pieces should have some element of humor
    or comedy.

Competitors will be required to provide printed copies of their
documentation for each of the three judges.
If you don’t know where to send your email letter of intent to
compete or have any other questions contact the current Bardic
Champion (moc.liamg@notpmocfolegin). Email addresses for the
Baron and Baroness are gro.acs.ritna.arretauqa@norab
and gro.acs.ritna.arretauqa@ssenorab



Arts and
Sciences Championship

The main point of the discussion criteria for the submitted project
is for the creator to be able to discuss not only the total project
and use, but to be able to know what the lineage of a specific
material, knowing its original source, who produced or processed
the material, the value of the material and the difficulty in
acquiring that specific material for use in the presented

Each submission must have the following criteria.

Item(s) will be related, however creatively, to horses – per Her
Excellency’s whim. This can mean anything from actual horse
equipment, to a good yarn.

Objects cannot have been entered into an A&S competition
previously. Judging criteria on workmanship, artistry,
documentation, etc. will follow Kingdom A&S competition
standards- see this link for the Baronial judging forms: HERE

Discussion should include a brief mention of the details below:

A) How the object would have been used in period

B) Who would have owned the object

c) Object entered may be unfinished, if construction time is

D) Describe at least one item that inspired the project. It can be
something that is similar to your object, from a “cousin” culture
and time period (within a 100-year range).

E) What materials were used and how it was constructed

F) Where and when at least one of the construction materials would
have been found in period and what it would have “cost” to obtain
(rough estimate from your research)

Example> gold fittings may have cost as much as a horse or raw
wool may have cost a duck at the local market in the next town.

G) Would the materials used to create the object have been found in
your country and time period? If not, where would the materials
been found during your time period? What is the likelihood this
object really existed? Where and by whom would it have been

Letter of Intent to compete deadline is June 15th to allow time to
seek the judging panel.

Please contact Kometessa Octavia with any questions about this new
contest format: aq_octavia(at) Octavia Laodice
Kometessa An Tir AS XXVI, OGdS
Citizen of An Tir, Barony of Aquaterra

Rapier Championship

Unfortunately, Aquaterra Duelist Champion, Lord Sebastian von
Aterdorff will not be able to attend the Champion’s Tourney this
year. He did create the outline for this year’s competition and HL
Vredric Utgar die Wild has graciously agreed to run it for Their
Excellencies. Utgar requested that I post this for all to see! This
will be one of many championship competitions at this year’s All
Champions held at the Masonic Family Park, June 28th through

If three or more Duelists are present to compete, let them all
practice and warm-up with a round robin or a period of pickup
matches. At a specified time, all are to assemble at the designated
place. Since by nature a duel is a one shot deal then this shall be
as well. Some manner of “drawing straws” will determine the first
to challenge another to a duel. The defeated is now a spectator. Of
the remaining, including the previous victor, straws are drawn
again and again there is a challenge and a duel. This continues
until there is but one left. ****

Each duel is a kill shot only match, no arming or legging. Each
duelist will bring to the duel their choice of equipment (dagger,
buckler, empty hand, etc). A double kill is exactly that and both
are out. Should this happen in the last duel so that no victor
remains, all duelists are revived and the process starts over.
Should one duelist remain after a double kill that had not yet been
challenged, then that duelist is the Champion because clearly all
others were afraid to challenge him.****

Should only two duelists arrive to compete, either a single duel as
described above or a best of 5 or 7.****


Archery Championship

an archery competition for Champions combined with Boars Hunt
Saturday, June

welcome to participate.

wishing to compete for the honor of
for the Barony of Aquaterra are invited to send a letter of intent

Excellency, Baroness Sineidin at 
moc.liamg@ladnek.ares and
to myself at 
moc.oohay@worrap.ecnal no
later than 
June 21,

you and Good Luck to all.

in Service:

Torn of Froghaven

Lance Parrow

Baronial Youth
Armored Combat Championship

The All Champions Tourney is scheduled for the Sunday of the Boars
Hunt/ All Champions Weekend.  The qualifications for the
Baronial Championship are posted below this write up, so please
read this over carefully for there are some specific items that
might affect those youths currently in the YAC program. I bring
this up not to try and dissuade anybody from entering the tourney,
but to make sure they understand that this is different from a
normal tournament.

I will address one item in particular. Youths from all three
divisions are welcome to enter the tournament, however, the
Baronial Champion will be chosen from the Dragon Division only for
reasons of duty and responsibility.

For those who wish to enter, please inform
your intention after sending your letter of intent (email) to the
Baron or Baroness, (this is so I have a good idea of who will all
be attending).

If you have questions regarding the letter of intent, please let me

Please find below the specific requirements and format for the YAC

a) The entrants must attend morning court the day of the tournament
and be prepared to present themselves to their Excellencies along
with the other competitors when they are called forth for the

b) The entrants must present themselves to the YAC Warden following
court the day of the tournament to declare their intentions to
enter the competition.
c) The entrants must have a parent or guardian present at all times
during the competition.
d) The entrant must pass armor inspection and have a clear
understanding of the rules of combat as set forth in the An Tir
Book of Youth Armoured Combat.
e) It should be understood that youth champions, as opposed to
adult champions, may not be considered officers of the SCA and
shall have no corporate responsibilities.
f) The tournament will be fought in a round robin format. All
combatants will be allowed to fight each other at least once. At
the end, the two combatants with the highest ratio of wins to loses
will fight in a separate “finals tournament” the format being the
best two out of three.
g) The “Finals Tournament” will be a best out of three
separate bouts. In the past, theses competitions have each
featuring a different set of weapons; Sword & Shield, Great
Swords & Glaves.  However, I will give the two finalists a
choice as to which weapons they would like to use in the Finals

Please Note: If used, the Great Weapons will be supplied to the
combatants but it is expected they will bring their own sword &

Jólgeirr Álarson

YAC Warden, Barony of Aquaterra 

Baron Steinolf: gro.acs.ritna.arretauqa@norab

Baroness Sineidin: gro.acs.ritna.arretauqa@ssenorab


Equestrian Championship

Their Excellencies
Steinolf Ketilsson and Sineidin inghean an Bhiadtaigh, Baron and
Baroness of Aquaterra, are pleased to announce the Equestrian
Championship of the Barony of Aquaterra.  Like last year, this
competition will be in the form of a quest, which officially begins
at Aquaterra’s All Champions/ Boars Hunt (June 28-30,

from any equestrian contest
held at any SCA event in the
Knowne World will count towards the total accrued score (including
those which occur between the date of this announcement and the
official invocation at All Champions/Boars Hunt). Competitors will
need to get the Equestrian Marshal in Charge (EMIC) to verify their
placing in the event, the event name/date, and the number of
competitors, as this is part of the scoring calculations. Scores
for the Championship must be submitted by Friday September
20th, 2013 and the Equestrian Champion of Aquaterra
shall be announced and inducted during Evening Court at Banner


get points based on their overall standing for an event anywhere in
the SCA:

1st place= 5
points x the number of competitors

2nd= 4 x #
of competitors

3rd= 3
points x # of competitors

4th place=
2 points x # of competitors

5th place=
1 point x # of competitors

Point for every event competed but not placed in

Just like in
archery, the competitors score will be based on an average of their
top three scores – this means that every candidate will need
to compete in a minimum of three equestrian competitions, but the
greater the number of events, the better the chance for a good


· All entrants
must be paid members of the SCA, Inc.

· All entrants
must be at least 18 years of age.

· All entrants
must present themselves in Opening Baronial Court on
 morning at All Champions/Boars Hunt
when the competitors for each competition are called forth, to
proclaim their intent to enter the Aquaterra Championship and
receive and Invocation.

· All entrants
must submit proof of membership, modern and SCA names and complete
contact information (e-mail if applicable and phone number) right
after Opening Court (or with their Letter of Intent).  Failure
to provide proof of membership will result in immediate
disqualification.  Entrants must assume responsibility for
reading the rules of the Championship and complying with all parts
of those rules.

For more
information see the event website: or
contact HL Marguerite fitz William, Baronial Equestrian

submit your Letter of Intent either electronically to Their
Excellencies and the Baronial
Equestrian Officer, or by hand before opening court.

Email addresses:

Steinolf: gro.acs.ritna.arretauqa@norab

Sineidin: gro.acs.ritna.arretauqa@ssenorab

Steward: Arnora Jonsdottir moc.liamg@rittodsnoj.aronra

Heavy Weapons

 – Current
Champion: HL James Carreg O’Gywen

This will be run in a
classic format which will depend on the number of
competitors.  Please submit your letter of intent to Their
Excellencies and the current Heavy Champion by Opening

Championship (Thrown Weapons)

 – Current
Champion: Lord Phydeaux

We will be doing a
standard three weapons round and two novelty throws for a total
points combined for the win.  We will start practice 30 min.
after court and start the competition at 11 am as it will take
several hours to complete the competition.


Presented by Lady Rhiannon Boyle

This year the Games
Championship will be held during the Tavern night on

Each contestant will need to teach a period game, learn a second
period game and play Fox and Geese as both the Fox and Geese or
Htafl as both the King and Invaders.



To swear an oath of fealty or service to the Barony

To defend the honor and prestige of the Barony and the Kingdom
of An Tir, whenever challenged.

To support the Barony in war and/or enter A&S competition
for war points.

To attend and support Aquaterra events such as Boars Hunt in
June, Warren War in August, Banner War in September, and Ursulmas
in January.  The Champion will be expected to return to defend
their title or pass along title and regalia to the next Victor at
the following year’s Championship competition in March or April,
unless permission is received from the Coronet not to do so.

To stand behind the chairs during Baronial Court at events.

To maintain membership in the Society during the champion’s term
of service.

To speak or act in the Coronets’ name when delegated to do

To actively further the interests of the area of endeavor
through teaching the populace of Aquaterra or through

To suggest an outline to the Coronets for the competition in
their area of expertise in the following year’s



All entrants must be paid members of SCA, Inc.

All entrants must be at least 18 years of age except Youth
Armored Combat Champion who will be determined from the Dragon

ALL ENTRANTS, including those for the martial arts, must present
themselves in Opening Baronial Court on the day of the Championship
when the competitors for each competition are called forth, to
proclaim their intent to enter the Aquaterra Championship and
receive the Invocation.

ALL ENTRANTS competitors must submit proof of membership, modern
and SCA names, and complete contact information (email if
applicable, and phone) at the beginning of their competition on the
day of the Championship.  Failure to provide proof of
membership will result in immediate disqualification.

Photocopy of current membership card, modern and SCA names, and
complete contact information (email if applicable, and


Email addresses:

Baron Steinolf:          

Sineidin:       gro.acs.ritna.arretauqa@ssenorab 


Entrants must assume responsibility for reading the rules of the
specific Championship contest desired and complying with all parts
of those rules.

If you have sent in your Letter of Intent, but have not
received a confirmation that it was received, please send to the
Autocrat team so we can be sure it was recieved.


There is not a merchant fee at this event. Merchants and the
members of their crews can reserve with Sabina to get their names
on an early entry list to get in at noon. If you need electricity,
there is a fee for that paid directly to the site at the Mason’s
gate (which is before our gate) for $10 a night. Please let Sabina
know the size of your booth so we can be sure we plan accordingly.
We are going to continue to have merchants in the field where
Vendor’s Row usually is at that site, but we are going to allow
merchants to spread out if needed in that field to avoid some of
the puddles that have been there in the past.

Merchant coordinator: Lady Sabina di Zorzi. Email: moc.oohay@izroZidanibaS

Creativity Works
-‘I create and sell clothing and accessories
for both adult and child alike in early period style with the
occasional foray into late period style.

Blackend Buzzard
-‘the SCA roving garage sale’


The End
is Nigh


Wooden Spoon

The Norse
Gypsy Forge

Crafts by
– Neckcoolers , Custom Garb, Ice cream(prepackaged),

and more!

***Due to family issues, Temple Caffeinea will be unable to
attend Boar’s Hunt. We will miss them, and our thoughts are with
the Temple family.


Friday – Site opens at 11 am for merchants, 1 pm for

Gate closes at 12pm (midnight)

Saturday – Gate open 8 am-6 pm

Sunday – Gate open 8 am-noon. 

Site closes Sunday at 5 pm. 


Trash service will be offered at a donation of $2 per bag. Watch
and listen for the truck to ‘bring out your dead’!


Site Fees- Adult (18 and over) $20.00 weekend / $15.00 day – a
$5.00 MEMBER DISCOUNT applies for adult paid members.

Children/Youth (6-17) $12.00 weekend / $5.00 day

Family Cap – $54.00

Children 5 and under are free! 

For information regarding bringing minors to events, see here:

Please make checks payable to “SCA Inc. Barony of

* For RV Reservations, please contact Baroness Arianne
at moc.reitnorf@sserehcra

 Hurry space is limited!


*As always, volunteers are needed (and greatly appreciated),
especially for Gate! Notify the Autocrat team if you would like to


“In regards to marijuana laws, all SCA
participants should follow modern law, both State and Federal. As
it is still illegal under Federal law, marijuana is prohibited at
SCA functions.

Jan 2013 Board

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