Boar’s Hunt


Hosted by Device of Aquaterra

The Barony of Aquaterra (Snohomish County, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Sarra de Glen
Date: June 13 , 2008 until June, 15 2008
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 13th 2008
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 15th 2008

Event site:
Masonic Park Campground
24310 Mt Loop Hwy Granite Falls, WA 98252

We would like to invite you to join us at Aquaterra’s Boars Hunt 2008. There will be: The great hunt, the doggy dagger tournament, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, darts, bardic, art & sciences competitions, kids activities, merchants,  great food, awsome raffle, and so much more!

SITE: Masonic Park Campground – 24310 Mt Loop Hwy Granite Falls, WA 98252

GATE HOURS: Friday 3:00 PM (noon for merchants) until Midnight; Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

SITE FEES: Ages 16+: $13* (weekend) or $8*(day),
Ages 6 – 15 : $8 (weekend) or $6 (day),
Ages 5 and under: Free.
*$3 NMS is in effect for non members age 16+.
Make checks payable to: Barony of Aquaterra, SCA Inc.

HL Sarra de Glen (Holly Glenn) (425) 771-5776, moc.leots@nnelgsh;
Master Robyrt of Watersyde (Robert Morris) (425) 355-3826, ten.nozirev@1trybor;
Annette Antonelli, (Annette Jones), moc.liamtoh@468201oiprocs
HL Adrianna MacAVerr (Buzzy Mounce) moc.liamtoh@66yzzub

MERCHANTCRAT: Sarra Treemaker, (425) 397-8242, moc.oohay@regolatak. Merchant fee will be a donation for our silent auction.

FOOD: There will be fabulous food at the Boar’s Inn on Saturday night prepared by Lord Beorne Silverhair for the cost of $5 per person (to be paid at the Inn’s door).

POWER HOOK-UPS: For RVs (and at some camp shelters) are $10/night. The site is discreetly wet (period containers only please). RV Reservations: Baroness Arianne, (425) 778- 2359 no calls after 9:00 p.m., gro.arretauqafoynorab@snoitavreser.

SITE INFO: All SCA and modern laws apply. Pets must be leashed at all times. No brazier ashes in the garbage cans.  Please do not leave trash in the fire pits.  All trash/recycling must be packed out.


A&S COMPETITION: This year’s Boar’s Hunt (June 13-15) is Boars Galore!

There are many different ways that boars were represented in art or used in period. Whether it’s boars in heraldry, pigs in the Tres Riches Heures for the month of November, the 14th century painting of St. Anthony and the Pig, pigskin used for clothing or games or household goods, or recipes in “Den medeltida kokboken” (Swedish cookbook), pigs and boars are prevelant throughout the Middle Ages. They were inexpensive animals to feed and you got a lot of bang for your buck! I challenge you to make YOUR medieval artistic BOAR for our Boars Galore A&S contest!

1  Must be your original work and something that has not been entered into any other challenge or contest.

2. Must have a pig represented in the work somehow.

3. Documentation strongly encouraged–primary sources, if possible.

4. Edibles must be accompanied by a recipe. If they are meant to be EATEN, they must be stored in a safe manner until judges have a chance to eat it.

5. If you wish to have your item judged, please let me know what medium your pig is, and I will do my best to find a couple of judges to properly judge the item.

6. If you are not interested in having it judged, but would like to display your BOAR project, we will have a display space as well.
Any questions, please email me! ten.nozirev@rellehtsolk or call 425-367-4529




YAC Hunt

Announcement:     Let the horn of the hunt ring true!   For the young hunters of An Tir will show their prowess in the woods of Aquaterra!  Come and test your courage against the wild and ferocious animals that hide deep in the forests of our fair barony.   The YAC hunt will follow the Heavy Fighters Hunt. Come and see our new and exciting format for the Youth Hunt this year!

Format:     The YAC participants will form hunting parties. 

YAC Hunting Party:

1 Hunter armed with Pike/Glaive or 1 Hunter armed with Bow

2-3 Hunting Dogs armed with 2 daggers


Boar armed with two short swords, 3 blows to kill

Stag armed with two long swords, 2 blows to kill

Bear armed with great weapon, 3 blows to kill

More to come…

The “Baron Andreu Reckless” YAC Doggie Dagger Tournament

Announcement:   Warriors of old pay heed! For the youth of the kingdom are hereby called to test their skill and ferocity in single combat, with only daggers to maim their opponent, “Baron Andreu Reckless” Style!  Toe to toe with death they will stand, and in the end there will be only one!

Format:    We will break into age brackets based on attendance.  The format will be single combat to 3 counted blows against the body or helm.

Children’s Forest Adventure

Announcement:   Greetings unto the parents and children of An Tir!  As the mystery of the forest cannot be denied, there will be an adventure through the forests of Aquaterra.  This will be a dangerous journey that will require foam swords and bravery!   It will also require a keen eye as there may be treasures hidden within, and I have heard rumors of trolls!

Format:    Kids will be grouped according to age.  We will be using pool noodle swords and have a variety of obstacles!  NO ARMOR REQUIRED!  Prizes for ALL!


Other Fun Stuff!!!

RAFFLE:: We will be raffling off two (yes 2!) Treasure Chests with locks and keys.

2 chests

We will be raffling off 2 Large-size wood camelback chest. (Drawing 2 tickets each winning one chest) These chests  measure 20 inches x 12 inches and 11 inches high. The lids are reinforced plywood and there are handles, legs and wood buttons covering the screwholes. They are made of pine lumber and have been finished with 120-grit sandpaper and then stained.  All-wood glue/screw construction.  Inside wooden trays are 18 inches x 9 inches. These trunks have been crafted by people with disabilities. Preciouswoodcreations is the user name of a shelter workshop in Missouri who employs the handicap.  They are lovely and each ticket is only $1!  Will draw 2 tickets so you will have 2 chances to win with each ticket!

LOST BOAR HUNT: – (Children’s Activity) Lost boars will be hidden in the park each corresponding with a prize!

Hear ye Hungry Warriors – We are having a “Breakfast to Benefit  – ART OF WAR 2010!” Saturday Morning  7:30 – 9:30 AM (before Opening Court.)

Cakes and eggs, $2
Cakes and eggs with meat $3
Bring your feast gear and a tankard


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