Barons Ball


Hosted by Device of Wastekeep

The Barony of Wastekeep (Tri-Cities, WA)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Rowena Kyncaidd
Date: October 5 , 2012 until October, 7 2012
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 5th 2012
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on October 7th 2012

Event site:
Sacajawea State Park
2503 Sacajawea Park Rd. Pasco, WA 99301

The Barony of Wastekeep invite One and All to once again join us
for Baron’s Ball at lovely Sacagawea State Park on the
beautiful Columbia River. 

If you
are interested in competing for Championships in A&S or Bardic
then here is your chance.  Link for Baronial
A&S Championship Criteria

Baron’s Ball 2012 is shaping up to be one of the biggest (of not
THE biggest) and best Baron’s Balls of all time.  Join us
Friday night for the Ball.  Saturday night join the ShipCrew
as they host the knighting vigil for Erik Daegarsson. Saturday and
Sunday – all the fighting and activities you can handle with
dancing, feasting, contests, awards, and fun for all.

Feast on Saturday evening will be potluck with the Barony supplying
the meat.  Please bring your favorite side dish or dessert to
serve 10 to share.  
afternoon there will be the Traditional Rapier Rose tournament.
Entrants must have an inspiration present to fight for.



Friday Oct 5th, 2012

     NOON ….  Site Open!

Dance class before Ball



Evening Ball on the eric, Come out and enjoy the candlelight and


Saturday Oct 6th, 2012

Morning Wakeup

     10:00am     Opening
Court – List and Armor inspection immediately

     11:00am     Tables
open for setup of Arts and Sciences Contests

Traditional War Style Tournament will begin!

     2:00pm       A belly
dance workshop (place TBD)

Judging for the best use of heraldry to mark your child at the
heralds day  shade.

4:00pm       Judging of Arts and Sciences
Championship.  Also judging for the best use of
   heraldry in an encampment at the heralds day
shade (or in your encampment if the item is too large to

5:00pm       Feast will be served
– please remember to bring a contribution for feast to feed
8-10 people.

6:30pm       Evening Court



Sunday Oct 7th, 2012

Morning Wakeup



List and Armor inspection for The Rose Rapier Tourney

     10:00am     Rose

     11:00am     YAC

     12:30pm (ish)    Closing

     4:00pm       Site
Closed, Please make sure your campsite is cleaned up.


The Archery Range will be setup both days for your pleasure. 
Please check with the archery marshal for times.


If you are part of Ship Crew and traveling for Eric
Dagarson’s Vigil, we will have a spot reserved for your
group.  Gate will be able to point you in the right


RV’s are welcome, however there are NO hook ups.


Feast Information:  There will be a feast for all to enjoy
Saturday evening, with the Barony of Wastekeep providing the meat
and bread.  Please bring a dish to feed 8-10 people to
contribute to the feast.

hear the words of Baron Styrkarr:

Tourney rules for Baron’s Ball – fought in the style of a 12th
centure Normal team tournament.

When you die you report your loss and the name or number of the
person who killed you to the list table.   At the end of
the day the person with the highest Wins – Losses total is the
Prize: Custom made and decorated rawhide Styrkarr-sword. 
There will be 5 “quarters” of fighting (2 with castle, 1 open
field, and 2 on the cliff). 

For one of the five “quarters” a fighter may fight with a weapon
longer than the Baron’s boar spear (7’4″)
For one of the five “quarters” a fighter must fight with a weapon
shorter than 4′
All other “quarters” your weapon may not be longer than the Baron’s
boar spear (7’4″)


Arts and Sciences Contests:

    We will again be having our Baronial Arts and
Sciences Championship, rules can be found
.   In addition we will be having our ever
popular “Populace Choice contest”.


Announcement:  I Luaithrenn the Falconer’s Wife, am sponsoring
a contest at Baron’s Ball!! With PRIZES!!! After much consultation
with People Who Know About These Things, it has been determined
that we need more heraldry at our events. No, not people yelling
things outside of your tent at 7am (although those are important
announcements, and you should listen to them!), I’m talking about
heraldry that we can see. To that end, I will be sponsoring a
Contest for:


The contest will be in three categories, with a PRIZE to be awarded
in each! The categories are:

1. Best use of heraldic device or symbol on your field/war garb
(NOT your shield) in the armored combat tourney/war held on
2. Best use of heraldic device or symbol on your tourney garb (NOT
your shield or mask) in the rapier tourney to be held on Sunday
3. Best use of heraldic device or symbol to mark your children (if
they are lost, to whom shall we return them???) (to be judged on
4. Best use of heraldry in Court Garb (to be judged on
5. Best use of heraldic device or symbol to enhance your

Did I mention that there would be PRIZES???

Those prizes will be as follows:

1. To the winner of the contest for beast armored combat garb will
go: A wooden viking storage box made by Master Ulrik, with a
beautiful space on top for you to place your own device;
2. To the winner of the best marking of the children will go: a
period-style portable “tent” for the little ones;
3. To the winner of the best encampment decoration will go: Two
strands of hand made glass beads in baronial colors, made by HL
4. To the winner of the best Court Garb contest will go: a viking
storage box, suitable for decoration with your own device.
5. To the winner of the best use of heraldry in the rapier
tournament will go: many beautiful silver buttons to enhance your
already pretty garb.

And many thanks to the artists and craftspersons who are making
these items. Your skills are much appreciated!!!

So, if that whets your appetite, get busy and get those entries
ready! Barons Ball is just around the corner:)



Baron’s Ball, Saturday, October
6th, 2012

Turkish Dance

Sample the Ottoman Turkish Dance

with Karena

Part One: Folk

Part Two: Danse Orientale (or
Danse du Ventre)

Each part will be roughly 40 min,
times to be determined on Saturday 

and announced in Morning

We have just received some
information about the site for Barons Ball and

like to inform you all of some
updates.  It appears that Sacajawea park also

planned a “haunted forest”
happening on Saturday night (October 6, 2012).

will be moderns setting up the
haunted forest sometime after noon and the event

will be taking place starting at
7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. With this happening we 

will be seeing some tram buses,
coming into the park and dropping ppl off by the

boat launch area. They will be
dropped off behind black curtains/walls so they

can not walk over in our area.
During the time of 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

we will be hearing some “strange”
noises some of which might be screaming, 

chainsaws, spooky music and of
course the all popular crow cannons. 

Reid, the park ranger says they
should be all cleared out around Midnight. 

Also, due to the tram buses coming
in and having to turn around the park rangers

have informed us that we will not
be able to park the RV’s where we normally do.

As soon as we get onto site on
Friday we will find out where we can

park them.

One other update, they will be
having sprinklers on Friday morning and are

planning on turning them off til
10:30 am, so set up will be starting at 10:30 am

and at that time we will start
setting up the baronial pavilion and the

We hope that you all understand
that this is something that we did not plan

happening, and we the wonderful
group of people that we are will make the

of the small disturbance


HL Rowena Kyncaidd (Sandy Parchen) 405 N. 23rd Ave. Pasco Wa.
509-541-4690 (no calls after 8:30 please).


Weekend: Adult (18 & up) $15,

 Youth (6-18) $10, children under 6 free. 

Family cap $45. 

Day Fee: Adult $10, Youth $5,  children under 6

Family cap $25. 

make checks payable to “Barony of Wastekeep  SCA
Inc.  A merchant fee of $10.00 payable to the Park is required
plus a Temporary Concession Permit.  Please  contact the
Autocrat for the appropriate paper work.


Sacagawea State Park  2503 Sacagawea State Park
Road   Pasco Wa. 99301.  Site opens noon Oct 5 and
closes 4:00 pm Oct 7.  Discreetly wet.  All fires must be
18 inches off the ground, weather permitting.



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