Baronial Arts & Sciences


Hosted by Device of Madrone

The Barony of Madrone (King County, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Sarra the Brave
Date: February 25 , 2012
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 25th 2012
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Magnolia Lutheran Church
2414 31st Ave West Seattle, WA 98199

The Barony of Madrone invites
you to join us for a day of Arts & Sciences enjoyment &

Come see what your friends and
neighbors have been up to all winter; enjoy a “Laurels’ Road Show”;
play games throughout the day; and enjoy dinning & dancing into
the evening.

We ask you to bring your
projects (completed & in progress) to display and share.
If you would like to have your project critiqued, let us know
in advance so we can have a friendly, knowledgeable Gentle

We will choose our next Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion from
those in attendance who wish to compete.

Set-up for Contestants / Displays
   10am         Gate Opens
   10:30am     Opening Court
Displays Open & Competition Begins
Iron Needle & Scavenger Hunt Begin
   11:30am     Persona Development
Longest Thread Competition
Closing Court
   7:30pm      Dancing
Site Closes

A&S Championship
: Gentles who wish to compete to serve
Their Excellencies Madrone as Their Champion should send a Letter of Intent for
the Madrone Baronial Championship
to their Excellencies, Cire
and Elisabeth, Baron and Baroness of Madrone.

The Baronial Champion will be
expected to assist in the selection of their successor, and to
positively champion arts and sciences in the barony and around the
SCA.  Activities such as teaching and sharing one’s work
at artisan’s teas at events are ways to

     *  Entrants should plan to arrive
before opening court, and will be asked to avow the contestants
oath at that time
     *  At least One (1) entry is required
to become the Champion, two or more are welcome.
The work will be considered individually and as a whole.
     *  Documentation is encouraged,
because we all want to learn more!
     *  The draft judge form is as
follows. This is a great guideline for the questions one might be
prepared to answer.

          Created by :         

1.   What item is intended to be (or) what does the
exhibit intend to convey?
2.   How successful is it? 
Usable/edible/wearable/informative, etc.?
3.   Information about item or topic:
What:  What is the item/topic ?  Any special
reason as to why it was selected?
When:  When did this item/topic originate? 
Specificity preferred.
Where:  Where did this item originate? 
Specificity preferred.
Why:  Why did people make/use/study this
item/topic?  What was its context?
Who:  Who would have made/used/worn/eaten/studied
etc. this item/topic?
How: If applicable, how it is made? Of what
materials?  Where were these obtained?
With what tools/processes?  How it is used/worn/eaten
4.   Well thought-out rationale for
design/execution/materials, and for any departures from period
5.   Able to
display or discuss resources and knowledge?
Authenticity:  How well does it conform to period models?
Complexity:  How much time and thought was involved in
8.   Quality of
execution:  How carefully and well is it
Documentation:  Does it demonstrate an ability to find,
evaluate and appropriately use available information
on the item/topic?  Are these appropriately

*  If you have questions, maybe even with a project you are
working on or on how you might put together your work as a
documented project, please write and ask Spike (ten.tsacmoc@tnomudyddam) or
Her Excellency (ten.enordamfoynorab@ssenorab).

If you have a culinary
display or entry which requires use of a Kitchen, please contact the Event
no later than
February 8th to confirm

Games will include:
      “Iron Needle” — sewing grab bag.
Bring your needle, thread & scissors. Choose a bag and go to
Viscountess Gabrielle, the original creator, has agreed to ‘judge’
this ever popular game! 
You’ll have until 1 hour before closing court to complete your
All sewing-skills/levels are encouraged to participate. Parents,
team up with your children!

Persona Triathlon — Mistress
Kirij-e & Sir Rapheal have agreed to ‘judge’ this game &
offer their knowledge of this integral part of our Society!
Have you researched your persona’s skills, clothing, and/or food,
and applied that knowledge?
As a fighter, have you researched your fighting kit? 
Do you ask yourself ‘what is persona development?’ Then this game
wants you!!
Submit 3 items a persona would have owned or used. 
Documentation (of a sort) is needed…

It’s you, your entries, & your
knowledge; written documentation is not required; it is your job to
convince to judges that your entries are the ‘best’.
          — Laurels and others who
have been doing this for a very long time will be judged more
stringently than someone who’s is new to this skill.
          — Bribing the judges is a
perfectly acceptable practice, provided you can convince the judges
that it’s appropriate to your

There are five categories to choose from, no more than 2 items may
be from the same category. Categories are:
1. Studio Arts (bookbinding, drawing/illumination, wood carving,
2. Clothing & Needle Arts (bead-work, costuming, hats,
embroidery, spinning, etc.)
3. Pyrotechnica (armor, ceramics, lamp-working, etc.)
4. Domestic Arts & Sciences (basket weaving, cooking, brewing,
soap-making, etc.)
5. Courtly Arts (heraldry, equestrian, music, poetry, dance,
Extra points if all 3 items are from the Same persona.  Extra,
extra points if they’re all from Your persona!

Longest-Thread (spindle &
wheel) — how long of a thread can you spin on your chosen device
within 15 minutes?
Do you spin on a spindle or wheel? Well, I do….. I challenge all
comers to show their skill!
Fiber will be provided. You bring your spinning implement and
friends to help prep fiber during the contest!

Hunt — All attendees are encouraged to play.

Parents, team up with your


The wonderful Madrone Culinary
Guild will present a dinner of German Food.

Send culinary questions to Baroness Bergdis Thorgrimsdotter
(Kitchen Head).

          Cheese Buns
(German, 1553)
          Sausages in
Potage (
1604) or Mushroom Pie (German,
1581 – Vegetarian)
          Bread and
Roots (German, 1581)
          Red &
White Cabbage Salad (German, 1581)
          Apple Tart
(German, 1553)

is required for the dinner.  Dinner is now SOLD
 may email to be added
to the wait list. Otherwise, there is seating available

Please email the Event
Steward the following information to
     — your
name (Society & Mundane)

     — #
of dinner tickets requested

Name (Society & Mundane) of every person in your

Membership #’s for you and everyone in your party  (please
indicate if anyone is a Youth or Child)

indicate whether you
need a Vegetarian (non-pork) Main


Event Steward:  HL Sarra
the Brave (Sara McPhail)


Event Fee: Adults, $10; Youth
(5-17), $5; Children (4 & under), Free;  NMS ($5)

Dinner Fee: $7 per person (5
& over)  SOLD


Make checks payable to: 
“SCA, Inc.,
Barony of
”  & Bring to the
event.  The site is wet. No open

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