Baroness’ War IX (Hopping Phules)


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ionamyst V. Reginasdottir
Date: April 7 , 2017 until April, 9 2017
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 7th 2017
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on April 9th 2017

Event site:
Central Washington Agricultural Museum
4508 Main st Union Gap, WA 98903

Her Noble Cousins does the Fair Isa, Baroness of Vulkanfeldt, send
her greetings! As the fall approaches, and winter draws nigh, Her
Excellency’s thoughts are turned to the season of war that
will be upon us once the snows have given way to spring. Our
Baroness grows weary of the distension between the Baronies of this
Great Kingdom, and as such expresses a desire to make peace. From
this peace filled heart comes the idea of unity. It is in this
spirit that Baroness Isa wishes to invite her Noble Cousins to a
friendly competition in the skills of war so that when the time
comes to defend the borders of this Great Kingdom, AnTir’s
fighters will be ready.

Available for your pleasure: various classes , a siege cooking
contest, A&S competition, as well as Vulkanfeldt’s Bardic
Championship. As always, the much loved Baroness Tea will be held


Schedule to follow….


Event Registration Fees:$20. SCA blue card members receive $5
discount. Youth 17 & under are free. Please make checks payable
to Barony of Vulkanfeldt, SCA Inc.)

Hours:Friday 12 pm – Sunday 3 pm 

For LAND GRAB please contact his Excellency Rurik at


Arts & Sciences Competition at Baroness War


Judging and display will be under the Vulkanfeldt pavilion. 
Bring your entries over after morning court.  Judging will be
at ——-.  Please pick up your entries before

There will be four categories this year.






There will be a Populace choice for each category, so don’t forget
to wander through and admire the efforts of our Artisans and


We will be using the new judging sheets developed for Kingdom. This
is for a War Point for your Baroness. 😊


If you have questions regarding the competition, please email me
at moc.oohay@deranoifanoif

In Service to the dream,

Mistress Fiona ingen Conchabair, OP

Seneschal, Vulkanfeldt


Youth of An Tir!  Are you new to youth aromored combat?
 Veteran?  Never put on armor but always wanted to learn?
 Come to YAC at Baroness War, where we will have a big group
practice.  You can learn new skills, have practice fights, and
enjoy working together.  You can even earn your YAC fighter
authorization card if you don’t have one yet.  The big
emphasis here is chivalry and camaraderie.
This YAC event will be hosted by Rashida bint Yusuf (Wastekeep
YAC Marshal) and HL Steinbjorn Tros (Inlands Regional YAC Marshal).
 Limited loaner gear will be available, and depending on
attendance, you might need to share (chivalry!).
Please contact Rashida (alkoppel <> gmail) with any

Baroness’ War 2017 – Schedule of Events

Friday, April 7th

Noon Site Opens

10:30 PM Quiet Time

Saturday, April 8th

8 – 9 AM Siege Cooking entrants pick up baskets at


8:30 AM Laurel Meeting-Vulcanfeldt Pavillion

9 – 10 AM Armour Inspection – authorization cards will
be checked!

9 AM – 4 PM Archery Target Shoot (will suspend for Court)

10 AM Opening Court

10:30 AM Pelican Meeting

11 AM Equine Games

11 AM Battle Begins

11:00-1:00 Confidence polling for Barony of Vulkanfeldt*


Noon – 4 PM Classes – bring your own chair

1 PM Equine Jousting

1 – 3 PM Thrown Weapons

2 – 3 PM Baroness Tea

3 – 4 PM YAC (Youth Armored Combat)

4 PM Field Archery Competition

5 PM Evening Court

7 PM Unicorn Tea for littles and young at heart –

Vulkanfeldt Pavilion

8 – 10 PM Bardic Fire Pit & Bardic Championship –
all are welcome!

10:30 PM Quiet Time

Sunday, April 9th

9 AM Court for the Tournament of Champions

Armour Inspection immediately following

10 AM Equine – Intro to Driving

10 AM Tournament of Champions –

Heavy, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Equine

Noon Closing Court

3 PM Site Closes

*Ballots will be available under the Vulkanfeldt Pavillion. Paid
members of the baronial populace and

members of the Sergeantry are encouraged to take this opportunity
to acquaint their royal majesties

with their opinion of our current Baron and Baroness, Rurik and

Baroness’ War 2017 – Schedule of Events Baroness’ War
2017 – S




Saturday, April 8

11:00am – 12:00pm

Pursuit of Persona, HE Berengaria Longbow

11:00pm – 1:00pm

The magic of indigo, HL Una of Grimwith 

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Event steward roundtable discussion, Dame Ashley Longbow and HE
Kara Bjornsdottir

Basic Embroidery, HL Cler de Cieux

1:00pm – 2:00pm

Cast iron bread baking and homemade butter made simple, Thegn Sir
Rolf Longbow 

Nalbinding with the Baroness, HE Isa Ormriauga

3:00pm – 4:00pm (open cast to follow)

Cludges and casts: a brief overview of pewter and casting, HL Cler
de Cieux

*At 2:00, everyone is invited to the annual Baroness Tea, held
under the Vulkanfeldt baronial pavilion to enjoy conversation,
libations, and tasty treats.*

Also, thanks to the organizational efforts of HL Þorkell
Palsson, we are also offering Marshal Classes.

Friday, 7:00pm-

Instructor: HL Michael of Lancaster

Class: Rapier

Instructor: HL Arawn MacPhillan

Class: Heavy

Instructor: Lady Rashida bint Yusuf and HL Ronan

Class: Combat Archery**

**This class will take place Friday evening, with a
“lab” on Saturday.


A&S 1pt per category: 1 for Kid’s, 1 for Novice, 1 for
 Intermediate, 1 for Advanced

Siege Cooking: Winning team Earns 1 point

Equine Games: overall winner in Skills games Earns 1pt and overall
winner in War games earns 1 point. 

Thrown weapons: overall winner earns 1 point 

Target Archery: overall winner earns 1 point 

YAC Tournament: Winner earns 1 War Point. 

Each Heavy War scenario: winning team earns a point for their

Rapier Tournament: Overall Winner Earns 1 Point for their

Tournament of champions: Overall Heavy fighting winner earns 1

Overall Rapier winner earns 1 point 

Bardic is for Baronial Champion so no War points Just Fame and

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