Baroness’ Tourney


Hosted by Device of Lions Gate

The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Eriu of Tlachtga
Date: December 6 , 2003
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on December 6th 2003
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Shriner’s Hall
3550 Wayburn Ave. Burnaby, BC


Baroness’ Tourney December 6th, 2003
Barony of Lions Gate Vancouver, BC

Come one and all to Lions Gate’s annual tourney to honour her
most gracious Excellency, Aurora Argentius.

For the most gentle of our nobles, we have displays of arts
and sciences during the day, as well as the delights that are
to be found while wandering along merchants’ rows. There will
be activities provided during the day for the younger nobles.

We haven’t forgotten those brave, valiant warriors! For the
ease of the Mistress of the Lists, all fighters should be
sure to bring along their fighter’s cards. These must be
shown when you are signing up for the lists.

For the rapier community there will be a round robin,
finishing with a double elimination tourney. The winner of
the rapier tourney will be this year’s Lions Gate Defender of
Rapier! As this is the first Rapier Defender Tourney, we are
hoping to have great participation on this day.

Lions Gate’s Baronial Rapier Defender

This tourney will be happening among the first events of the
day. Anyone who is planning on being a participant in
this tourney MUST be at the opening court to participate in
an Invocation of the Lists.
Court is scheduled for 10:00
am, and we are going to try to get started on time. From the
number of people who have already contacted myself and the
lists mistress, it appears that this may be a rather large
tourney! I hope that everyone has a great time, you die
spectacularly (we’ll be watching), and we can welcome the new
Baronial Defender.

Lions Gate Baroness’ Winter Tourney
For the heavy fighters, Baroness’ Tourney will follow some of
our traditional rules.

    1. — bring an item for the prize table
    2. — you must challenge a Knight to a bout (this does
      not count as a death fo r the tourney)
  • To enter the lists, you must do
    two things:

We will have multiple erics in use, depending upon the number
of fighters attending. Belted fighters will be included in
the tourney fighting till the quarter finals.

This year, we thought that we would try something a little
different, and that is that if we can get enough Knights to
participate, we will branch off into two separate tourneys,
so that when the day is through we will have both an unbelted
and a belted winner for the day. There will be a prize for
the winners of these tourneys, and everyone will be able to
participate in the prize table.

From there, the fighters will be divided between belted and
unbelted, for the finals, with a winner declared in both
categories. A prize table will be set up for those entering
the heavy tourney. Every entrant is expected to provide a
prize, be it a piece of rattan, a roll of duct tape, etc.,
and everyone will receive a prize at the end of the tourney.
Due to height restrictions, no two-handed weapons will be


Now — just to make things interesting — when you come into
the site you will be issued a number of “coins”. These,
needless to say, are to encourage the populace to dabble in
the period entertainment activity of betting on the outcome
of the tourneys (but that’s not the only gambling being done
that day!)

Tentative Schedule of Events: (subject to
change on the day, of course)

  • Site opens to the set up crew only at 8:30 am
  • Site opens to the registered merchants at 9:00 am
  • Site opens to the populace at 9:30 am
  • Opening Court and Invocation of the Rapier Lists — 10 am
  • Lists open (both heavy and rapier) — right after court
  • Armor inspections (both heavy and rapier) — right after
  • Rapier Tourney to start — 11:15 am
  • Heavy Tourney will start — noon
  • Afternoon Court — between 4 & 5 pm (depending on the
    length of the tourneys )
  • Preparation for dinner — you will have 1/2 hour to set
    up your tables
  • after court
  • Evening Court — right after dinner set-up, so that it
    will occur while we
  • are eating dinner
  • Tavern Begins — right after Evening Court is finished.
  • Bar Opens — 6:00 pm — or 15 minutes after the Evening
    Court is finished.
  • Last Call — 11:30 pm
  • Clean up begins — midnight


We must exit the hall by 1 am

For the evening, we will be enjoying a tavern (so please, do
NOT bring your own alcohol, as this will void our license and
insurance!), with food available. The Games Master has
assured me that games aplenty will be found on the tables,
and there will be music and dancing for those so inclined.

Pied Piper: They will be having 2 official
activities during the day — one just after the morning
opening court, and one at about 2 pm.

Gold Key & Gold Key Auction: Will be on
site and located just inside the door to the main hall. If
you know in advance that you will need Gold Key, we would
appreciate it if you could give an advance call to our
officer, listed below, so that she can be prepared. There is
also going to a Gold Key Auction, to auction off some of the
“special” garb that has been donated. The proceeds will be
retained by Gold Key to help with the expenses of the office.

Merchants: At this time we have approx. 30
merchants that have registered for tables at this event. They
can access the site at 9 am. If you are a merchant that
arrives and has not registered, you will be asked to wait
till the registered merchants arrive and claim their tables.
If there are any additional tables when the registered
merchants are situated, then you may be given a table on a
first come, first serve basis. My apologies, but our site
only has so much space, and so many things that we would like
to do. The merchant area will be open from 9:30 am to 4:30
pm. After that, please pack up your goods and remove them to
your vehicles.

Arts & Sciences: There will be many arts
and sciences displays during the day, as well as some live
demonstrations, hands on, etc. If you have something that you
would like to contribute or do, then please be sure to
contact the Minsters of Arts & Sciences as listed below.

Dessert Auction: There will be a dessert
auction held during the tavern hours of the event, with the
proceeds going to the Barony of Lions Gate. If you would like
to contribute a dessert for the auction, then please feel
free to bring one with you. We would ask that you try to
bring as complete a list of ingredients with you as you can,
so that we avoid any unfortunate situations due to allergies.
The dessert that raises the highest bid for the evening will
be given a special token.

Silent Auction: There will be an additional
silent auction to help with the Clinton cost overrun. If you
have something that you would like to donate, please be sure
to bring it with you. We would be delighted for your
donation, as well as your bids on the items already received.

Special Auction: There will be a special
auction held with the proceeds going to the general coffers
of the Barony to help with practice site costs, etc. Our most
spectacular Baronial Bard Azure has offered one of her
wonderful wall hangings (like the ones used at Baronial
Banquet), that will have the winner’s arms painted on it for
display. The sign up sheet will be there, and I hope that
this auction creates quite a stir.

Non-fighting Activities: Besides the
gambling on the tourney results, we will also be having fun
gambling at the games tables throughout the hall. Feel free
to bet your coins, but realize that you can’t supplement any
of them from your own stock !! We’ll know if you do!! We will
also be having a “Shooting Gallery” happening during the
afternoon for a specific period of time (look to your site
handout at the door), where we will have a chance to see just
how accurate some of you can be with some of Gerhard’s Rubber
Band Guns. This competition will have several categories, so
please come prepared to have some fun.Other activities will
show up on the site handout, so please be sure to read yours!

Food Available on Site: The Barony will be
providing lunch and dinner choices at the kitchen starting at
about 11 am and running through to about 7 – 8 pm. The menu
will be posted at the kitchen, and there will be both
vegetarian and meat dishes. The dinner menu will differ
slightly from the lunch menu. Please be sure to support the
Barony and make sure you have something to eat during the day
(to prepare for the tavern in the evening). Anyone who wishes
to bring along their own food for the day is more than
welcome to bring along their picnic style lunch or dinner.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the kitchen
facilities to heat any food. We are hoping to have coffee and
tea, etc, available as soon as possible after the site opens.

The Dragon’s Flagon Tavern: The tavern will
open as close to 6 pm as possible – listen for the heralded
announcement. We are able to have this courtesy of the NSCA.
Last call will be about 11:30 pm. We will be having various
brands of cider and ale as usual. We hope to have something
that will please everyone. BC Liquor Laws will be in effect,
as well as any Burnaby Municipal Laws regarding liquor as
well. You will be asked to bring your own goblet for the
beverage of choice to be poured into. All alcohol MUST be
consumed within the main hall, not the hallways or in the
smoking area. Anyone that the bar staff is not sure of their
age, will be asked to provide proper ID. No ID, no alcohol.
Pop will be available at the kitchen.

During the evening, we are encouraging anyone who would like
to be a “tavern wench” to feel free to join in and try to get
those coins from your customers — as well you will be
competing for the reveller’s coins with the roaming bards
that will be wandering the hall trying to get the populace to
join in. There will be games boards available all evening,
and we encourage people to play games, bet coins and have a
lot of fun. The wench and bard with the most coins at the end
of the evening will be given a special token. We would like
to try to recreate a period tavern evening of games, ale,
song, and wenching as we can. Even if they are wenches,
please remember that NO still means NO!

Smoker’s Area: The smoker’s area will be
located outside the front entrance to the hall, and all butts
must be put into the butt container. There is a container on
both sides of the entrance under cover, and we ask that the
entrance ramp that is the handicap entrance be cleared of
smoker’s if someone needs to use it. We appreciate everyone’s
cooperation with this. This is the only area that smoking is
allowed. The hall is a smoke free building.

Parking: There is lots of parking at the
site. For the fighters, you will be directed to a second lot
that has access down to the fighting hall so that you can
bring your armor straight in to the fighting area without
having to bring it into the hall and down the stairs. There
is only room for a couple of cars at a time in the unloading
area, so please cooperate with the people who will be guiding
the cars. As soon as a car has been unloaded, we will be
asking that it be taken immediately out to the regular lot.
Merchants will be allowed to bring their goods in through the
front door, using the handicap ramp, and into the hall. We
will have a designated area in the parking lot for the
merchants, so they will be able to take their stock back to
their vehicles when the merchant area closes.

Volunteers are needed for both set up and clean up crews, as
well as to assist with errands during the day. If you are
interested in assisting, please contact the autocrat. Come
and join us all for a fun filled day and evening.

Site Fees

Adults: Members $ 8. You will be required to produce a
current SCA card or Crier label
Non-members $ 12. ( $ 4. NMS included)
Age 13 18 $ 6.
Age 6 12 $ 4.
Under 5 yrs. No site fee

Mundame Family Cap $ 24. (does not include the NMS)


For more information, please
contact the autocrat: Eriu of Tlachtga (Tricia Le Pine)


For merchant info, or to book a table,
please contact: Anna Catrina McKenzie (Teri Tufnail)

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