Baroness’ Birthday / Rapier Defender’s Tournament


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Myrrim de Lancaster
Date: November 6 , 2010
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on November 6th 2010
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Maritime Labour Centre
1880 Triumph St. Vancouver, BC


Witness history in the
making, as we celebrate Baroness Caitrin’s birthday
with a Winter Tourney followed by the step down of their
Excellencies, Baron Griffin and Baroness Caitrin and the
elevation of their successors by their Royal Majesties. The
Annual Unbelted Heavy Tourney will take place in the morning,
followed by two Rapier Tournaments: Lion’s Gate
Defender and Gerhard’s Riposte. The A&S competition
at the event will be to produce a birthday gift for Baroness
Caitrin. Merchants will be in attendance to share their
latest wares. The little ones will be able to enjoy Pied

NOTE: There will be no food or drink available
on site; however, there will be a dessert buffet available
during court. Donations for the buffet are very much

Site Fees

Adult SCA Members $15
Adult Non-SCA Members $18
Minors (13-18) $5
Child 12 & Under Free
Family Cap* $30
(*Family Cap: Max 2 Adults & their minor children, modern
family only. Does not include NMS.)


Note: Only 4 erics will be available, as this
is not our usual venue. The heavy event will start with
rapier following 3-4 hours

Lions Gate Defender of
Rapier Tournament

The Baron and Baroness would
like all competitors in the defender tourney to know that as
a part of this rank, the victor this day will be expected
over the next eight months to:
• Defend Their Excellencies and the Barony of Lions Gate
against all who would take up arms against Them whenever
• When present, to join us at Our courts;
• Represent the Barony when travelling to other
• Attend the three major local events, being Banquet,
Baronesses and May Bardic;
• Compete in the name of Lions Gate over the next year;
• Swear fealty to their Excellencies or Lions Gate or an
of service to the Barony.

Note: The Rapier Defender’s Tournament will be moved to
July next

The Rapier Defender’s tourney details will be confirmed at
Court. You must be
present at the Rapier Invocation at Opening Court first thing
in the morning (see schedule) in order to compete for Lions
Gate Defender of Rapier.  Those competitors holding
champion/defender titles from other branches or planning on
competing in other branch competitions for the next year
should speak with the Baron or Baroness.

Proposed rules for Rapier Defender Tournament.

1. Two group round robin. Two bear pits are needed.
2. Top 4 (or top 8 depending on number of participants) from
each group advance.
3. Groups will be seeded by order of Precedence. For example:
1, 3, 5 in one group, 2, 4, 6 in the other.

TRPs –
4. Targets: Hands and feet are not valid targets.
5. Allowed weapon combinations: Single Sword, Sword and
Dagger. No other weapon combinations will be permitted.
6. Loaner daggers will be available for fighters to
use.  Gerhard’s Riposte Tournament We will be
celebrating in tournament the anniversary of “Gerhard’s
Riposte”. This is a tournament for ALL Fighters authorized
for less than a year. You must also have patron to recommend
and be accepted by the Master of Blades, who will be advised
by attending White Scarves.

Questions about the tourney format can be directed to Lucien
A Chivalry prize will be awarded to a rapier fighter in Dona
Lasairiona inghean Uilliam na Seoltadh’s name.

Heavy Tournament

The heavy tourney will follow some of the Lions Gate
traditions. To
enter the lists, you must do two things:
1. Bring an item for the prize table
2. Challenge a Knight to a round (this does not count as a
death for the tourney).

Belted fighters will be
included in the tourney fighting till the quarterfinals. If
there are enough Knights participating (and if eric space
allows), we will branch off into two separate tourneys,
that when the day is through we will have both an unbelted
and a belted winner for the day. There will be a prize for
the winners of these tourneys, and everyone will be able to
participate in the prize

Questions about the heavy tournament can be directed to Lord
Dalibor – moc.liamg@ssegrub.annerb.trebor

Please note that the Sergeant who excels for the day in
fighting will be awarded the Boar Spear for the next year; a
tribute from Sir Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland.


Lists will open immediately
after Opening Court. Heavy fighting is scheduled to begin at
10:30 promptly in the main hall. This will last 4-5 hours and
be followed immediately by the Rapier fighting.

Rapier Lists: Dame
Elena de Mainslwarin ac.wahs@nirawlinsiam.ed.anele

Heavy Lists: HL Algae

Arts & Sciences

Make a birthday gift for her
Excellency Caitrin. Gifts will be displayed throughout the
day.  There will be a prize for the favourite entry
selected by Her Excellency, Baroness Caitrin, and the
favourite of the Populace.  Voting tokens will be handed
out at Gate as you come in. Voting will begin after morning
Court once the display has been set up.  Merchants
Merchants are very welcome! There is no merchanting fee but
pre-registration is required due to very limited space.
Merchants who have not pre-registered may not be given space
to sell their wares as a result. 

Merchant Coordinator:
Morweena –

Pied Piper
Activities for children will
be available at the event during the day. All children must
be accompanied by an adult during participation. Remember,
this is not a babysitting service.
Pied Piper: Stefano di Armani

Oh yes, you are very much needed! List runners, tourney
heralds, waterbearers, set up, take down etc. You know the
drill. If you can loan your precious time for even one small
task, please contact Myrrim
de Lancaster => english_marjan Your efforts
will be very much appreciated.


9:00 Gate opens, Event and
Heavy lists Open
10 – 10:30 am Opening Court including Rapier Defender Tourney
10:30 am (approx) Heavy Tourney Begins – Promptly as we
only have 4 erics and rapier will follow immediately after
the heavies (estimated time 3-4 hours)
3:00 pm (approx) Defender of Rapier Tourney Begins (Gerhard’s
Riposte immediately after Rapier tourney)
7:00 pm Court and elevation of the New Baron and Baroness
11:00 pm Clean up begins
Midnight Site Closes

As always, schedule is subject to revision.

Maritime Labour Centre
1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver, British Columbia
Tel: (604) 254-9550 Fax: (604) 254-9570

Event Steward: HL
Myrrim de Lancaster, moc.liamtoh@najram_hsilgne, , (604)
940-8304. No calls after 9pm please.
Co-event Steward:
John Mail moc.oohay@retagsnoil

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