Banner War/Aquaterra Champions


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Branch Seneschal): Dame Rosamund of the Misty Meadows
Date: September 13 , 2019 until September, 15 2019
Site opens at: 3:00 PM on September 13th 2019
Site closes at: 5:00 PM on September 15th 2019

Event site:
Masonic Family Park
24310 Mountain Loop HWY Granite Falls , WA 98252


Banner War…The horns call your name! The thrum of your blood in your ears beats in answer; your rivals should be taught to hear its song.
Bring your sons and daughters and show them the power that is their birthright! Show those who follow in your prints what it means to be born of your blood! But when the ardor of the battlefield at last cools in the dusk, remember these are brothers, by better than blood. Sheathe the heralds of death and take back your cup and plate; light roaring fires, bring gifts and tales; clasp again the hands of neighbors in boasts of what has been, and toasts to what shall be!
All households wishing to raise a banner must declare themselves at Opening Court with an honor inspired donation to the war chest.

Competitors…Eager to show your prowess in the eric, the power of your voice, your artistic skills or shooting or throwing? The Barony of Aquaterra is holding Champions contests at Banner War Saturday and Sunday. More info to follow.

Questions regarding the evnet should be sent to our Event Stewards:
– Samira al-Waddi (Melody Henning)
– Elewyn verch Emrys (Susan Meyers)
– Halawa al-Waddi (Bethany Dukellis)

Site fee Adult Weekend, $30.00 with a $5.00 Member discount
Site Fee Adult Day, $20.00 with a $5.00 Member discount
Ages 17 and under no Charge
Make Checks payable to: SCA Inc, Barony of Aquaterra—


This event is held and managed by Barony of Aquaterra, a region/branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and is considered the official presence of this group here.

Any discrepancies between the electronic version or any information and the printed version that is available from the originating office will be decided in favor of the printed version.

Anyone with a banner can create a team! Bring your banner to Opening Court, ante up, and you are in!
Banners do not have to be complicated, but they do have to be family-friendly.

IMPORTANT: You do NOT have to be “on a team” to participate or win points! Everyone can play!

Each competing team, no matter how small, will provide a mini-banner for the Scoreboard and some loot for the War Chest.
Teams can contribute whatever they feel appropriate. Everything from trinkets and toys to bits of armor, gifts from the merchants, crafting supplies, jewelry, weapons, food, clothes, cooking gear – whatever you can think of, it’s probably been in there.

War Points are awarded for various contests from martial combat to artistry and skill to silly games and contests.

The winner of a War Point Event will be given a physical War Point Token. You can donate your token to your favorite team – or wait for the bribes to roll in. A point token may change hands any number of times until it placed on the scoreboard. Once it’s scored, that’s it. All points must be on the Scoreboard by the end of Closing Court. The team with the most War Points wins the event and ALL THE LOOT!

Check the schedule, watch the score board, cheer on your favorite team, have fun, and win points!

War Point Scoreboard – Make Your Mini-Banner Today!


Each competing war band is represented by a mini-banner on the Scoreboard. The winner of each contest is given a physical War Point token. The mini-banner is taken out of the hole that it is in, the token is placed in that hole, and the mini-banner is moved up to the next.

It’s best to prepare your team’s mini-banner ahead of time. There may be minimal materials available on site, but you shouldn’t count on it.
The team banner and the scoring banner are not the same; each team should have a large, identifying banner for use in Court.

Specs for the mini-banners:

  • no more than 10 inches wide
  • no more than 12 inches long
  • Need to be able to attach to a 1.25″ dowel at the top. Ties or a pocket sleeve are fine. 
  • Doesn’t have to be pretty or sophisticated.
  • Does have to be family-friendly.

You can easily tell who is winning – their banner is highest!…. for now …. 
Points may not be scored immediately; winners may wait as late as Closing Court to decide.

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adult Non-Member – Weekend $30
Adult Non-Member – Saturday ONLY $20
Adult Non-Member – Sunday ONLY $20
Adult SCA Member – Weekend $25
Adult SCA Member – Saturday ONLY $15
Adult SCA Member – Sunday ONLY $15
Youth 0-17 years of age FREE

Event Schedule

Time Activity Location
Friday, September 13, 2019    
12:00  Site opens for Merchants and Setup Crew  
3:00 PM – 11:59 PM Gate Open to the Populace  
Saturday, September 14, 2019    
08:00 AM Gate Open to the Populace  
09:00 AM Opening Court, Banner War Team Processional Main Hall
10:00 AM Armor Inspections start Various locations for activities
11:00 AM All competitions start  
5:00 PM Banner War Evening Court Main Hall
8:00 PM Heavy Fighter Stand Up Tourney, Bardic Circle, & Adult Scavenger Hunt  
Sunday, September 15, 2019    
08:00 AM Gate Open to the Populace  
09:00 AM Champions: Opening Court, Declarations of competitors Main Hall
10:00 AM Champion Competitions Begin  
1:00 PM Champions Closing Court  
4:00 PM Site Closes  


Meal Information

Siege Cooking: War Point

New rule: Each team must include at least one person who has never entered a siege cooking contest before.

“You are at war in a land far from home. It is September 15th and you’ve been besieging the enemy’s castle since the end of June. You are running low on supplies and reinforcements are not coming. You have raided the countryside nearly bare, the crops have been trampled, the livestock eaten or run away. Tomorrow you are going to make a final assault on the castle. Your commander wishes you to prepare a dish to inspire the troops using your remaining supplies.”

  • One team per household please.
  • All food items will be supplied.
  • Pick up supplies and instructions after Saturday morning court from Maestra Fiamma at my camp (group camp 1).
  • Judging of completed entries begins at 3 PM.
  • Be prepared to taste and judge each others entries!
  • Contact Maestra Fiamma with any questions.

Tournament Information

Fighter Cards and Inspections

If you are planning on engaging in any combat activities at Banner War / Champions, your fighter card must be current. We will be checking them. All armor inspections will be conducted by the MIC and their staff. In-house inspection will not be allowed.


Heavy Armored Combat Banner War Scenarios: War Points

Team vs Team in a round robin format in the woods and multiple locations around site.


Rapier Combat War Scenarios:  War Points

Team vs Team in a round robin format in the woods and escort battles and possibly two 30 minute bear pit rounds.  


A&S Contest: War Point

Where: At the A&S Pavilion across from Merchants Row

When: Saturday after court. Entries due by Saturday at 10 am. Award announced at Evening Court. Will be returned to owners following Evening Court.

Objects will be on display all day in the A&S Pavilion for the populace.

What: Any object made or under construction that is historically related to combat, war,  troop support, etc.

Documentation Required:

  • 1 paragraph – Must define how the object is related to warfare, combat or troops.
  • 1 paragraph to 3 pages – Describe era and culture, use and construction of the object. No specific format required.

Presentation: None

Judging: 3 judges will review and score the objects based on their appropriateness, creativity, construction and aesthetics, usability and presentation, including the documentation.


Family Games: War Point(s)

All events begin at the Family Games pavilion (across the road from Merchant Row).

Family games will definitely include pictures to color, beads to string, beanbags to toss, board games to play, and castle carpet.

Games may also include bocce tournaments, Kubb, table games (9 mens morris, chess, backgammon, game of the goose, mancala, shut the box, senet) or others. Complete details will be available on site.


Heavy Fighter: Stand-Up Tourney: War Point

As the sky darkens and night begins, our honorable fighters will join us for a contest.

…A popularity contest.
The most loved and entertaining fighter will be the victor, chosen by the attending crowd’s cheers and applause.

Our great Aquaterra fighters must demonstrate not only mighty martial prowess, but also an ability to win over the populace. This contest will serve to show that one can have a good laugh and a good time alongside with a display of skill and chivalry.

Those who wish to participate should keep in mind that it is a stand up tourney. You are highly encouraged to dress the part. Dress to impress! – and maybe get a laugh or two. Impressive attire is welcome but if you decide to go the silly route we may love you all the more.



Heavy Armored Combat: Baronial Championship

Heavy Fighter: Bear Pit

This grueling scenario is two 20-minute bear-pit rounds.

Heavy Champion, to me, represents being a paragon of virtue and strength; being humble and gracious; and very clearly skilled in combat. I also feel health and fitness go hand in hand with these ideals. 

The victor stays in the center. Each successive fighter attempts to defeat the fighter in the center. The fighter in the center earns a point with every win. The challenger, if victorious, takes over the center; this does not also award a point. The losing fighter must report to Lists who won so Lists can keep track of the score. Double kills are mutually destructive. Both fighters go back to the line; two new fighters step up; and the victor claims the center.

Once we have our winners (one from each pit), after a small break we will run a best two out of three fight, and, to emphasize the virtues of fitness and strength, two successive victories are required to win. 

In the interest of fairness and chivalry, those entrants who have already proven their stamina and might (such as, but not necessarily limited to, Knights or Royal peers) a minor point handicap may be imposed to even the playing field.

Fighters who do NOT wish to fight for the championship may also participate. These fights do not award points towards the victory tally, but will provide a wider, deeper field for the would-be Champion to overcome.

Do YOU have what it takes to be Aquaterra’s Heavy Champion?


Rapier Championship: Baronial Championship

Round robin or London Masters type tournaments based on number of fighters and current champions preference.


Thrown Weapons: Baronial Championship

The Championship Competition will consist of a Royal Round and 5 novelty rounds with knife, ax and spear.
Come join the fun and bring your best game to become the next Champion of Aquaterra.
Youth Defender (YAC) Baronial Championship

Only Dragon division (ages 14-17) will be eligible for the championship but all are invited to help put the champion to the test!

Dragon fighters fighting for the championship must have a current authorization card and be present in morning court to announce their intention to compete.

As champion, the Youth Defender is expected to support the YAC program by attending some practices and mentoring other fighters.


Youth and Family Activities


Family Games: War Point(s)

All events begin at the Family Games pavilion (across the road from Merchant Row).

Family games will definitely include pictures to color, beads to string, beanbags to toss, board games to play, and castle carpet.

Games may also include bocce tournaments, Kubb, table games (9 mens morris, chess, backgammon, game of the goose, mancala, shut the box, senet) or others. Complete details will be available on site.



Volunteer Information

Volunteers needed and possibly win a War Point!!!!

Enquire with the Event Stewards for where you may be of the most help.


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