Banner War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Niali Thorin
Date: September 11 , 2015 until September, 13 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 11th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 13th 2015

Event site:
Masonic Park Campground
24310 Mountain Loop Hwy Granite Falls, WA 98252

Event Stewards:
Niali Thorin (Phil Hamlin)  425-502-2963  

Skallagrim Grimkjellson (Tristån

The site opens
Friday at noon for merchants, 3pm for populace.  Gate closes
at midnight.
Gate reopens
at 8am on Saturday, closing again at 6pm.  Gate will
not open Sunday.
The site closes at 5pm on Sunday.

Children and Youth are FREE! Adults (18+) Weekend
$20, Day $10. The $5 NMS applies. 

Make checks payable to Barony of Aquaterra, SCA


  • Please bring your own
     as the park has been wiped clean recently.
    Do not cut any tree on site or the entire Society will be banned
    from the site. Fires are allowed in fire pits only.  (Cook
    stoves are permitted if raised off the ground and kept away from
    brush and foliage.)
  • Dumpster available,
    but not free
    – this event is pack in, pack out for
    garbage.  Event Staff will come around on Saturday and Sunday,
    once each in the early afternoon, and will collect and deliver your
    garbage for $1/bag, which goes to our hosts for
    providing this service.  We will also take bags of
    aluminum (one container) and
    glass (separate container) for delivery to the
    site’s recycling containers near the upper gate,
    for no charge — but they can’t be combined or mixed with garbage;
    plan containers accordingly or just pack stuff out. (This is partly
    how we are able to afford allowing children to come in for
  • Dogs with current
    are welcome, on leash (no voice control) and
    accompanied by its caretaker at all times. Please clean up after
    pets immediately. 
      The person holding the pet’s leash accepts all
    responsibility for the pet’s behavior.
  • Site is discreetly
  • For RV Reservations, please
    contact Baroness Arianne at moc.reitnorf@sserehcra
  • RVs must not
    be parked in the main activities area.
  • In accordance with the 2013
    SCA Board decision regarding our changing marijuana
    “All SCA participants should follow modern law, both State and
    Federal. As it is still illegal under Federal law, marijuana is
    prohibited at SCA functions.”
  • Smoking is
    limited to encampments only, with the occupants’ consent — there
    can be no smoking at all on the road. A smoking area will be
    designated for Merchants’ Row – please do not smoke in front of
    merchant storefronts.  Please remind anyone you see breaking
    this rule – fire danger is extremely high this
  • Limited electricity
    hook-up available
    for a $10/day charge, please pay
    directly to the Masons, who will assist you with unlocking the



(This may change at any time at
Event team’s discretion for space and time


12:00 pm:  Gate opens for
3:00 pm:  Gate opens for everyone
8:00 pm:  Coronets’ Social – Peterson


8:00 am: Gate opens

10:00 am: Opening Court.
Competing armies must present themselves!

Immediately after Opening Court:
    Armor Inspection followed by Warfield events
(Heavy and Rapier)
    Rapier Tournament
        (Rapier fighters will
also fight in the last Woods and Field Warfield battles)
    A&S – Peterson Building
    Largesse items to be displayed for voting
– Peterson Building
    Ithra Classes TBA – Kitchen Building 
 Specifics are coming – Ithra has this building until
    Archery Competition – Archery Range
    Vox-Off – Court Amphitheatre (including

1:00 pm: 
    Cut & Thrust Champions Tournament
    Children’s Scavenger Hunt – YAC
    Thrown Weapons Competition – Throwing

3:00 pm: 
    Diamond Tournament (Heavy/Rapier)
    Culinary Competition – Kitchen
    Atlatl Throw

5:00 pm: 
    Children’s Scavenger Hunt and Largesse
Competitions close
    Youth Armored Combat inspection and fitting
    Largesse competition closes

6:00 pm:  Evening Court, Gate Closes
7:00 pm:  Potluck Inn opens – Kitchen Building
8:00 pm:  Youth Armored Combat Torchlight Tournament –
YAC Pavilion
9:00 pm: Bardic Competition – fire circle near Merchant’s
12:00 am: Inn closes


8:00 am: Gate Opens

10:00 am: 
    Archery and Thrown Ranges Open
    Ithra: Silk Dye – Kitchen Building
    Ithra:  TBA – Peterson Building 
 Specifics are coming – Ithra has this building all
    Scribal Competition – Kitchen Building
    Games Competition – Bocce Ball

1:00 pm:  Archery Range Closes

2:00 pm: 
    Throwing Range Closes
    Closing Court

5:00 pm:  Site Closes


are included in all woods battles.

are included in the bridge battle with restrictions, but no other
field battles.

Woods Battle 1 –  Take and Hold.
3 rounds, each 10 minutes, unlimited

A marker
will be thrown randomly into the woods.  Every 10 minutes a
Hold is called.  At the hold, if any army is alone in a 6-ft
radius around the marker, that army is awarded a


Woods Battle 2 – Banner Raid, no

Each army
must have a banner on the field carried by a combatant (simple
flag, banner pole, banner on a pike etc.), if a standard bearer is
killed he/she must drop the banner; anyone may then pick it
up.  First complete army (all living members) to exit the
woods with an enemy banner wins the point.

A standard
bearer may not leave the field with living allies left on it or
with his/her own banner.  Friendly kills are allowed; suicide
is not.

Woods Battle 3 – Last Man Standing
(Heavy).  1 resurrection.

Woods Battle 4 – Last Man Standing
(Rapier).  1 resurrection.

Field battle 1 – Bridge Battle. 1 or
2 res (depending on number of armies). 

Cross the
bridge!  Mark the bridge with chalk instead of using the road
on the site.

will designate a line on each side of the battlefield; archers may
not fire while advanced beyond that line, but they may use melee or
thrown weapons.

Field battle 2 – Maerkermathur
Melee.  (No archery)

Each army
selects a champion for a free-for-all melee amongst the champions
only. Each champion must fight with a single handed weapon in one
hand and their banner pole (or a pole arm facsimile) in the
other.  The banner pole is legally a shield; the champion may
block or press with it, but not bash or strike.

If the
banner pole should fall the champion is


Field Battle 3 – Cursed object. No
archery, no resurrection (see below)*


All armies
position themselves on different edges of the field.  In

center of
the field is a heavy medicine ball.  The first army to carry

ball back
to their edge of the field wins the point.


The bearer
of the ball:

– Ignores
leg hits

– Must
walk (cannot run)

– *Can
resurrect by touch with the ball or ball hand (dead fighters count
5 seconds and rise)


If you kill the ball’s carrier,
you also die.

Field Battle 4 – Advance Warning –
any terrain, 0 or 1 resurrection (see below)*

(At the
MIC’s discretion, this scenario can be moved into the woods. 
If that happens, archers may join for the Heavy portion of this
engagement — but not the Rapier portion.)

divides everyone into two forces, along army lines, as equally as

Each side
brings Rapier fighters in addition to their heavy fighters. The
“defending” army deploys these fighters in a bridge scenario, where
they are set upon by the “attacking” army’s rapier fighters. 
These are teams of advance scouts.

winners of this skirmish have earned one resurrection for their
side; the other side cannot resurrect. 

The field
is then cleared and the heavy fighters then run an elimination

If the
winners of this scenario make up more than one army, the MIC will
divide them along into two new armies and repeat the scenario using
only the winners.


Cut and Thrust
Champions Tournament

Existing SCA Cut and Thrust
Champions, Household sponsored or Royal sponsored Cut and Thrust
Champions step forward this year to compete and showcase the
bravado of the hero’s in An Tir.  Win war points at
Banner War for whom you represent in this standard double
elimination tournament.
Heavy and Rapier fighters
team up to compete as one unit in this unique double elimination
tournament. Flip and coin to see who fights first from your team.
Heavy vs. Heavy or Rapier vs Rapier and both must win to advance as
a team. If a tie breaker is needed the fighting style will again be
determined by the flip of a coin. Does your team have what it takes
on both sides of the field to win war points at Banner War this


This is a scored
competition (worth at least one war point).  The range will
open immediately after Saturday morning court.

Your archery skills will be tested against moving and novelty
targets.  Specifics will be made clear on the day of the
event, depending on the number of archers the range must

Thrown Weapons

These are scored competitions (worth at least
one war point each).  The range will open in the early
afternoon so as not to conflict with Archery — full scheduling
details will be announced in a completed timeline.

Competitors must throw at a predictable moving

Norse Rope Cut
Competitors must throw at a rope to cut it —
from a sitting position, with a cup in the off-hand.

Knife and Ax Royal
Spear A

A Dart
will be used to break ties.  (This is not
worth independent points.)

Atlatl Throw

This is an unscored
competition (not worth any war points).  This will take place
after evening court closes.
Our Thrown Weapons Marshall will hold an Atlatl throwing
competition for a prize.  An atlatl is a throwing device used
by the Aztec Empire to throw dart-like projectiles the size of
short spears.  If you haven’t seen an atlatl in use before,
now’s your chance!

YAC Torchlight
These are scored
competitions (worth at least one war point).
There will be a Torchlight
Tournament Saturday evening!  (Whether we’ll have live
torches, or other light sources, remains to be
YAC Scavenger
The Youth of Aquaterra and our neighboring
territories are invited to participate in a Scavenger Hunt! 
This will be witness format — an adult will sign off when you find
a thing, but you won’t actually carry off the physical
object.  Wink


Judges will recuse themselves
if the subject of their judgment shares a mundane household, a
direct bond of fealty, or family relation.


Competition:  Bocce

This is a scored competition (worth at least
one war point).


This is modified from its original
team version and is more free form for the terrain that we are
playing on.

Each player will choose a color of
ball and will be given 2 balls of that color. The initial starting
player will be determined by a dice roll, highest wins. All players
will receive a number and play will always be in that order
– Player 1, then 2…….etc. If the starting player is #3,
then the next player will be 4, followed by 5, then 6 and if 6
is the last number then its player 1’s turn then

Goal: The first player to reach 15
points is the winner, other players ranks will be determined by
how many points they have attained. In the highly unlikely
event of a tie, the tied contestants will roll one more round
for a tie breaker.


  • The
    starting player throws the “jack” (little white ball)
    down the field (in this case anywhere that they want that will
    not interfere with or endanger anyone who is not playing the
  • The
    starting player throws their first ball toward the jack, trying to
    get it as close as possible.
  • When a player gets their ball the
    closest to the jack, their turn ends. If it’s the starting
    player, their 1st ball is automatically closest so their
    turn ends.
  • All players take their turn in
    order, if their first ball gets closer than all the others, their
    turn ends, if its not the closest, they throw their second
    ball, then wait til the end of the round while all other
    players finish their turns. Players can hit other players
    balls out of the way and even hit the jack to move it
    away from other players balls or closer to their
  • When all balls have been played, the
    2 balls that are closest to the jack each win their player 1
  • If
    no one has attained the score of 15, the next round begins and the
    starting player is now the player that had the closest
Presented by Lord Jax the Jester at the Inn
Saturday night after evening

Here are the official rules for Bardic. The
first one allows for preparation. The rest are designed to
challenge Bards with impromptu style

Preparation:  The Rhyming
Bard must select a short story and turn it into an original poem or
song, which the Bard will perform at Banner
A). The piece
must be 500 words or less.
B). The piece
should capture the heart of the story and match the stories tone
(i.e. if the story is a comedy, then a comedic song or poem should
be created).
C). If the
selected story is from a published book; the books title and
author(s) must be presented.
D). If the
selected story is an original short story, then a copy of the story
must be printed and provided to the
Note: If
documentation is not provided, the Bard may still perform but the
score will strongly penalized.

No Preparation 1: Extemporaneous
Haiku Challenge:

This is a team challenge that does not require
The teams will design a
series of five Haikus that describe an event that will be provided
at the start of the round.
A). When the
competition begins, all Bards present will draw a random number
from a hat.
B). Matching
numbers will be used to form teams of three or four people
(depending on number of applicants).
C). The teams
will have 10 minutes to create the
D). The
Haikus must follow the standard “5-7-5” syllable

After all
scores are added up, the top three Bards will move on to the final
No Preparation 2: Impromptu Finals

Create an
impromptu story related to (any) Banner War. No documentation
required for this contest.
A). The Bard
with the highest running score begins the
B). Each Bard
will say one complete sentence and then stop. The Bard to his/her
left will then say a new complete sentence that plays off of the
first sentence.
C). The
sentences provided should flow together to create a short story and
keep it moving along. A sentence that is not related to the story
will receive no points.
D). If a Bard
cannot think of a new sentence in 10 seconds or less, that Bard is
eliminated from the competition.
E). If two of
the Bards are eliminated, the third wins the competition
F). If the
competition runs for the entire 5 minutes, the remaining Bards will
each be allowed one final sentence to bring the story to a close.
After which, their total scores added up (including all points
earned during the this contest) to determine the winner of the
Bardic Competition.

In the unlikely event of a tie score, the
Bards will compete in a tie-breaker
A). Each Bard
will attempt to make Jax the Jester laugh with a comedic
B). The
performance can be anything. It does not need to be period. No
documentation is required.
C). The Bard
may use props, but may not include additional people in their
D). The Bards
will be timed with a stop watch and given a maximum of five minutes
to make Jax laugh.
E). The Bard
that makes Jax laugh fastest wins the tie
F). If
neither Bard can make Jax laugh, then a winner will be selected
based on how entertaining their impromptu performance




There will be two separate
competitions (one item can’t be entered in both):

  • Games of strategy! 
    Hand-make the game pieces (including the board/field, if the game
    requires one) for a strategic or war game.  The game and the
    design must be recognizable as pre-1600s.  
  • War heraldry!  Hand-make
    a banner, scroll, or some other item that boldly presents a
    heraldic device.  The device will be proofread, and must be
    accurate.  Please be respectful with the use of devices and
    arms. Quality and accuracy of workmanship on the overall object
    will also be judged.
    Include a brief documentation with each entry; it’s not necessary
    to present full research as for All Champions, but a short
    explanation of background should be included.



The new Coronets would like to
be able to recognize many deserving members of our populace, but
They need your help!  Join us at Banner War in Largess
Competitions!  We will have two separate contests, so you may
enter both with separate entries if you wish. 
This does not involve war points, but the winner of each category
will be able to pick a prize from the donations within their
category.  All other entries will be donated to largess after
the contest.

-The first competition is for
Adult Largess.  Enter 3 items, similar or not, that would be
appropriate tokens of thanks that could be received from the
-In rememberance of the late Lady Affrika the Strong, and her love
of supporting the youth in our barony, we would also like to hold a
Children’s Largess Competition.  For this category,
submit three items, similar or not, that can be used as largess to
be given specifically to the children of the barony by the

The submissions need to be
turned in directly after Saturday morning court in the A&S
pavilion.  Largesse items are ideally handmade or period in
nature and because they will sometimes be traveling, size, weight,
and breakability must be considered. Items should be well packaged,
and a written description (including name of artisan and branch)
should be included.  Each category will need at least three
separate competitors in order to qualify as a competition.  If
we have enough entrants to have at least 3 youth and 3 adults in a
given category, we will separate that category into two separate

Please contact HL Sabina di Zorzi
with questions at
moc.oohay@izroZidanibaS.  She has a long list of largess ideas,
or you can contact HL Adeliza a Donyng, the Coronet’s Largess


The Heralds’ Vox-Off
Competition will immediately follow Saturday morning Court, in the
Court Circle.  Contestants will be judged on public oration
skills — vocal clarity and cadence, correct pronunciation of
tricky names and terms, projection, and general engagement
quality.  Youths will be scored separately; if enough warband
youths compete, the youth scoring will be worth separate war



We shall have a Culinary Competition for the Potluck Inn. Beef stew
and rolls will already be provided at the Potluck, so you will need
to make something else.

Rules and Details:
Teams of 4 people. No person can be on more than one team. More
than 1 team per Household is allowed.
Budget limit of $30 per team.
1 dish per team, enough to feed 10 people, to be presented at the
Potluck Inn on Saturday Evening. Dishes should be plausibly
medieval, or the modern equivalent. Documentation is not required.
A written, short, relatively plausible story of how you came up
with your dish is encouraged.  Silliness, creativity and fun
are encouraged.
A complete ingredient listing is required for every item.
Entries will be judged by populace vote, with every voter having a
bead to put in a cup.  Their Excellencies will break any
resulting ties, taking into account populace vote, creativity,
taste, and presentation.

Contact is:  Lady Arnóra Jónsdóttir at



Calligraphers and Painters are invited to test
their mettle in an Iron Ink competition.  Bring your scribal
kit and show your prowess with pen and brush!  Specifics of
the challenge will be revealed at the competition itself –
Come prepared to be unprepared!  The paper will be provided,
you provide the creativity.  If you don’t have a scribal
kit, but wish to participate, limited supplies will be available on
a first come first served basis.


Further details are coming soon: RV
reservations, tavern,
war points and details about our work party that helps make this
event possible.

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