Banner War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Iain MacGillean
Date: September 28 , 2012 until September, 30 2012
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 28th 2012
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 30th 2012

Event site:
Masonic Park Campground
24310 Mt Loop Hwy Granite Falls, WA 98252


Households of An
, The
Barony of Aquaterra extends an invitation to all households of An
Tir to come together in honorable competition!  WAR. The
household who wins the most victory points will also take home the
war chest of prizes!  


War points will
be given for heavy armored combat (including combat archery),
rapier, youth armored combat, target archery, thrown weapons, arts
and sciences (cooking, costume, games, darts, bardic, dance),
volunteering, youth/children’s activities, encampment and
heraldry contests, brewing contest (pending participation,
entrants and judges must be 21 and have ID on person
) and
more! The non-military contests will all have war- or
heraldry-related themes – check the website for


intending to compete must present
themselves at opening court with their banner on display, and
donate to the prize chest. Heavy war bands must have a war banner
on the field. (HINT: there are war points for best war banner, best
court presentation…)


Volunteers are
needed, especially for Gate, and will be rewarded with war


Contestants in
all activities, and volunteers, must declare their household
affiliation prior to participating.


Relax between
activities and visit the Marketplace (list of Merchants will be


Camping spaces
are first-come, first-served. Households fielding a war band may
request a large group space. Limited RV parking is available. Power
for RVs, some camp shelters is $10/night, payable directly to the






Attend ye, my Lords and Ladies, for brave bands of warriors shall
soon engage in the noblest of pursuits- WAR! The fens and fields
will ring with the din of fierce combat as roaming units of
warriors face off wherever chance shall find them- From the streets
of the market to the deep of the green wood, banners will rise and
banners will fall, yet through one shall stand proud and win the

The bands are forming now as battle draws near- Gather beneath your
banners, oh brave and true, and prepare for war!


A schedule of events



12PM:   Site opens to Merchants

3PM:    Site opens to Populace



0800:    Gate opens

0930:    Opening Court

Armor inspection follows court by 1/2 hour.

Immediately following armor inspection:


Archery box-tourney shoot

Heavy combat

Rapier combat

YAC (pending torchlight tourney later)

Thrown weapons contest opens

All other contests open


1PM     Vox Off in amphitheater

3PM     Iron Chef contest begins, ends at

5PM     All combat and ranges are closed
for evening court.


6PM     Evening court.


7PM     Following court, Bardic contest
begins (located next to the Tavern)

TAVERN OPEN (Must be 21 and show ID)

8PM     Games finished

YAC Torchlight Tourney (pending)




10AM    A&S armor repair pieces

Ranges open

Pick-up fights (where marshalls available)


1PM  Closing Court


5PM  Site Closes.






scenario is a “capture the flag” style. A point will be
earned for each opposing flag brought to the resurrection point.
This scenario will be unlimited resurrection and last 45 minutes.
Winner will be the force that counted the most captured


open field battle, no resurrections, last man standing decides


30 minute



These battles
will be fought on the road, edge of the road is the edge of the
world and any fighter off the road is dead. Each army will have to
get one of his fighters to the other side of the opposing army
alive to win the scenario. No resurrection.

This will be
fought as many times as it takes to ensure that each banner is



This will be a
battle where one army is sent out into the woods and deployed in
its best “ambush” formation. The opposing force will
march up the road until ambushed by the hidden force. This will be
repeated so that each force has an opportunity to play both roles.
No resurrections, last man standing decides winner.


Should there
still be a desire to eat more rattan, there will be a grand melee
involving all fighters as individuals. Last man standing will
declare which banner he will give his win to.


These scenarios
are a general idea of what will happen but know that they may be
adjusted depending on how many banners are represented on this



Dueling Schedule


One Round-Robin
tournament where the top two finishers will end the tournament with
a duel of first to three slayings for three war points to their

Being a polite,
honorable and chivalrous crowd we will also solicit accolades from
the competitors.  They will recommend one amongst their ranks
for recognition based on their performance, not only with the sword
but with their honor and courtesy as well. This will be worth two
war points for the Banner of the rapier dueler with the most

A final war
point is available and since the crowds and mobs like to witness
and cheer a good killing, the final war point will go to the Banner
of the Best Death as performed on the dueling field, presumably by
the fighter that gets killed.

Pick-up duels
are encouraged both before and after the official events as long as
a marshall is present.


Youth Armored


Why let the
Heavy Fighters have all the fun? Following Opening Court, there
will be a call for any and all youths to sign up for boffer style
war scenarios (the actual details will depend on a variety of
issues including the number of youths interested, parental
permission & involvement and since it is the Masonic
Campground… See the YAC Marshal (Jólgeirr
Álarson) immediately following morning court or come by the
YAC encampment for all the details.

Feel free to
bring your own boffer style weapon (although it will need to pass a
safety inspection) and weapons will be provided for those who lack


Combat Archery
Box Tournament

Start with a 10×10 square, roughly 30 feet apart.  Make sure
you’re armored properly, of course, and then eye your
opponent. Then take aim, and fire…and try to kill that other
guy!  Bear in mind, though, that your opponent is trying to do
the same thing to you.

Dropped arrows are lost ammunition, and pending the number of
combatants, you might not be dead just yet.
 Tourney structure
will be as a normal combat 
As always, structure and rules are subject to change.


Arts and
Sciences Competition


year’s A&S competition will stand by the War theme.
Battle is hard, on the soldiers AND their equipment… In that
spirit, this year A&S participants will have the opportunity to
compete in the following contests of skill and


Repair arms and
armor:  Contestants shall bring a piece of weaponry or armory
to the A&S table by noon on Saturday. Each household will then
blindly be given a piece to repair- It may or may not be the piece
they provided to the contest. You have till noon on Sunday to
affect the best possible repairs to the piece.


The Contest is
all about weapons; while documentation is not required it is


For the youth,
entrants will build a castle out of sugar cubes and frosting.
They’ll have one hour to design and build, and these sweet
fortifications will be allowed to set and dry for one hour.
Contestants will then try to knock each others castles down with
marshmallow catapults. Those that survive the sugary assault, still
standing, win.




begin with a short list ingredients., and will have one and
one-half hours.  They may  add two of their own
ingredients, and and work from there.  The contest does not
require that recipes be period, though it is certainly not
discouraged.  Nor must they be done in a period manner, though
again, if you have the urge to do it thusly, by all means, please
do.  The judging will be simple, however.  That which
tastes best to our panel of three judges, by
concensus…wins.  Bring your best skill to the
table…and see what you can do!




There will be
space set aside for children’s activities on
site Saturday 11:00 am-4:45 pm.


Scavenger hunt,
Heraldry hunt, PEOPLE HUNT! (Directions will be provided on

Coloring &
Castle play

to make a woven belt or just a favor for a parent or


by Lady Isabel of Oxeneford

Page School is hosting this area.

for the banner in the main activity area.

description: A green book on a white background

with blue waves
below the book.

(Argent, a book
vert, in base two bars wavy azure)




Merchants –



The Busy

Fairy Dust

Autumn Creek


Proes and





finally, there are new park rules in effect.  These are
relayed from the park caretakers, and are as follows.  Please,
take care to observe them, as they are our hosts, and the event
staff is very grateful for their assistance for this


Welcome to the
Masonic Family Park in Granite Falls. This beautiful 245 acre park
is open to all Master Masons, their family members and guests. In
addition, members of Eastern Star, Amaranth their family members
and guests may also stay in the park. We hope you enjoy your stay
with us. The following are some rules to help you enjoy your
REGISTRATION HOURS: The gatehouse is open for registration from 8AM
to 9PM Monday-Thursday, Saturday & Sunday and open 8AM to 10PM
on Friday.
GATE CODE: The gate code is provided for your safety and the safety
of the other campers. Anyone giving the gate code to any
unregistered guest will be dismissed from the park immediately!
GUESTS: All guests must have their sponsoring member in the
park before entering. Guest conduct is the responsibility of the
FIREARMS: The display and use of firearms is prohibited in the
park. This includes air rifles and paint guns.
PETS: Pets must be on a leash at all times, even within
their own campsite. Campers will receive one verbal warning from
park staff of off leash animals. If seen off leash a second time
the animal will be invited to leave the park. Pet owners are
responsible for cleaning up after them.
CAMPFIRES: Campfires are allowed only in designated fire
rings. Firewood is for sale at the gate and will be delivered to
your campsite between 5 & 7PM.
QUIET HOURS: Please observe the quiet hours of 10:00PM to
8:00AM. Any violations should be reported to the caretakers
MOTORCYCLES & ATV’S: Motorcycles are allowed in the park
as long as they are street legal (licensed and equipped for street
use) to drive to and from your campsite only. Off road motorcycles and ATV’s are
FISHING: Catch and release fishing is permitted in the park
with a valid license. The fishing is always good, the catching well

LENGTH OF STAY: No one may stay in the park longer than 14
days on any one visit. There is a $5 per night fee for any
unattended RV. RV’s left unattended longer than 48 hours are
subject to towing and all towing fees are the owner’s


Please note, There will be a dumpster on site
for SCA use.  




Adults (18+)* $15 weekend $10 day
Youth (6-17) $13 weekend $8 day

Military (With ID) $5 discount
Children 5 and under: Free
*$5 NMS applies to non-member adults
Make checks payable to: SCA Inc. – Barony of Aquaterra










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