Avacal Coronet Tourney


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Gabreille of the Leaf
Date: June 3 , 2005 until June, 5 2005
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 3th 2005
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 5th 2005

June 3/5, 2005
Shire of Bitter End
Red Deer, Alberta

Their Highnesses invite one and all to join them June 3, 2005, whether it be on the field or as a spectator, to witness the tourney that will detrmine their sucessors They would like to welcome all.

AUTOCRAT: Her Ladyship Gabrielle of the Leaf MKA:
Patricia Keim RR#4 Site 11 Box 15 Red Deer Alberta T4N
5E4 Canada. moc.oohay@ecurb_ed_mloclam .
1-403-309-1753 or 1-403-877-2868

Tipi Village Campgrounds, Blackfalds Alberta {no street address}
Site opens at 2:00pm June 3
and closes at 2:00pm June 5 2005.
There are showers on site, they will cost you a loonie for 2 min. So please bring your change.

SITE FEES – Members- $16.00 {site&camping}
$8.00 {day fee}
Non-members- $20.00 {site&camping}
$12.00 {day fee}
These prices include the non member surcharge.
Make cheques payable to ASCA Shire of Bitter End.
Kids 12 and under are free.

SITE DIRECTIONS- Take best route to Blackfalds Alberta. From Hwy 2 take Blackfalds over pass, head east on secondary 597 to Hwy 2A. Turn north{left} on Hwy 2A for 4.1 Km. to Twp 40-0. Turn west {left} on to 40-0 for 0.5KM when you come to the first intersection turn north {right} for 0.5KM. Turn west into campsite. There will be signs posted.

2 pm Site opens


9am White Scarfs
9:45am Knights
9:45am Rapier Tourney begins
10:30am Laurels
11:15am Pelicans
11:15am A&S
11:30am Armour Inspection and Lists open
12:30pm Invocation of the Coronet Lists
Immediately followed by the investiture of Tanist and Tanista
Immediately followed by Squires tourney
4pm Archery

8:30am Nobles Estate
9:45am Curia
2pm Site closes

Interim Avacal Seneschale {Subject to change at there Highnesses wishes}

Greetings from your Autocrat,
I would like to offer people a chance not to bring food, bar-b-q, propane bottle and just the pleasure of not having to cook at this years June Cornet. This will be some of the best food ever made. If you would like to partake in the merchant food tavern all you need to do is send $40.00 per person cheque or money order to

Dan & Sheila McNeil
RR #4 Site 11 Box 15
Red Deer Alberta T4N 5E4

Any Nsf charges will be billed.

You might ask yourself what will I get for my $40.00? I will gladly tell you what is on the menu.

Friday from 5pm to 10pm Dinner
Scottish Stew & Bun

Saturday 7am to 9:30 am Breakfast
Ham, Scrambled eggs, and Hash browns, Fruit.

Saturday 11am to 4pm Lunch {your choice}
Buffalo burger loaded with cheese
Beef burger loaded with cheese
Hot dog
Fries With or without Gravy

Saturday 5pm to 7pm Dinner {your choice}
Tossed Salad Buns
Roast Beef Fruit Tray
Roast Pork Pickle Tray
Roast Turkey Veg Tray
Mashed Potatoes
Apple sauce / Cranberry sauce
Kernel Corn
Lemon pound cake
Chocolate pound cake
Peaches & Cream
Buck Eyes

Sunday 8am to 10am Breakfast
Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Sausage or Ham, Fruit.

ALL MEALS COME WITH YOUR CHOICE OF COFFEE, TEA, HOT CHOCOLATE OR JUICE. Coffee will be Tim Horton’s, Tea will be Earl Grey, Juice will be Apple or Orange.

Children 12 and under will eat for free with pre registration of parents for the weekend plan.
You will receive tokens for 5 meals and for 3 snacks upon arrival on site.

Meal plans are non refundable, but are transferable if suddenly you are unable to attend.
When reserving please include your name (SCA and Modern) any children, and meat preferences for Saturdays lunch and supper.

As well there will also be a snack bar consisting of:
Pop $1.00
Gatorade $2.00
Juice 2 for $1.00
Hot Chocolate $1.00
Chips $1.00
Fruit $1.00
Donuts glazed or jam filled $1.00
Butter Tarts 2 for $1.00
Rice crispy squares 2 for $1.00
Coffee or Tea $1.00
(Friday 5 till 10 pm)
Scottish Stew $5.00
(Saturday 7 till 9:30)
Ham, Scrambled Eggs, and hash browns $5.00
(Saturday 10 am till 9pm)
Buffalo Burgers $5.00
Beef Burgers $4.00
Hot Dogs $2.00
Fries/ Gravy $3.00
(Sunday 8 till 10am)
Pancakes, Scrambled eggs, Sausage or ham, and hash browns. $6.00

*** Saturdays supper is not available unless you have pre registered & prepaid for the weekend meal plan***
*** This is a merchant plan and not part of your site fee***

If you have any questions please call at (403)309-1753
or (403) 877-2868.

Thank you for your time
HL Gabrielle of the Leaf
On behalf of Food Merchants

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