Autumn War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ambriel Stillglamdottir
Date: September 26 , 2002 until September, 30 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 26th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 30th 2002

Event site:
Riverglenn Farms
14715 South Fork Rd E Orting, WA 98360

Autumn War
The Barony of Blatha An Oir (Tacoma WA)
Sept 26-30 2002 Thurs thru Mon

Due to the increasing population at this event there will be a site cap of 2,500. Once this is reached the gates will be closed to all who have
not already signed in/pre-registered. It is strongly recommended that you pre-register even though it is not required.
Pre-registrations must be postmarked by Sept. 5, 2002. Please do not alter the form and do fill out form completely. Please print clearly and
legibly. Photocopies are acceptable at full size. Do not alter the form. Pre-registrations are only accepted via regular mail, no e-mail
pre-registrations. Send completed form(s) along with check or money order (US funds only) for the correct pre-registration fee. Make payable to SCA Inc. Barony
of Blatha An Oir. If you are sending in forms for a large group make sure that all monies are included. Any form(s) received without the
correct amount of money will be discarded. (In other words we will not call and have you send the correct amount nor will you be pre-registered). For large group registrations sent in one envelope to
me the event tickets will be sent to just one address.
Cancellations or transfers must be postmarked by Sept. 10, 2002. There
will be no refunds before or during the event. To request a refund, send
a self-addressed stamped envelope, the note needs to be signed and dated
along with the mundane name(s) of the person(s) wishing a refund.
Refunds will be mailed out by Oct. 15, 2002 after the event. If you show
up at the event after requesting a refund one will not be given.
Each person that is pre-registered will receive an event ticket. All
pre-registered people will need to bring this and show it at the gate.
This will help speed up the sign-in process.
Site fee is $15.00 13 and older, $10.00 6-12 and 0-5 free. Family cap is
$40.00 and the minor children are those 17 years and younger. If you
have adult special needs children etc then contact HLS Ambriel for
information on family cap.
For those planning on attending on Thursday night you must include a copy
of proof of membership. Mail pre-registration forms to Ambriel at PO Box
3472 Kent WA 98032. Contact the Autocrat via phone at 206-718-1523 or
email at moc.ibtta@raWnmutuA

***Reminder the Family cap is for those that have legal guardianship of
either minor children or special needs people, not SCA households.***

Office Use Only Total_____________________

Amt___________ Check #__________ Date_________ Name_____________________________

Mundane Name ___________________________________________ Age __________ Phone ____________________

SCA Name _____________________________________________ Membership # and Expiration Date _____________

Mailing Address ______________________________________________________________

City _________________________ State/Province______________________ Zip+4_____________ Country ________
Group You will be camping with if any
(Use below for additional people)

Mundane Name ___________________________________________ Age __________

SCA Name _______________________________________ Membership # and Expiration Date _____________

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SCA Name _______________________________________ Membership # and Expiration Date _____________


Autumn War Barony of Blatha an Oir
Sept 26-30
Tacoma WA

It is time once again for Blatha an Oir Autumn War. There are many
changes this year: 1st, we will be running the event from Thursday
through Monday. Thursday night camping is for paid SCA members only, 2nd
is the site cap of 2,500 people. Pre-registration is strongly advised.
If the site is sold out no one will be allowed on site for day tripping.

We will be having a fencing war using the city scape of the Baronies on
Friday. This will be good for one war point. There will also be an
archery tournament, the memorial fencing tournament, the memorial
woodcarvers contest and of course the War. We will also be running the
small war dog races again on Sunday at High Noon. If anyone would like
to come up with other contests to run for war points please contact the
Autocrat. There will be an open bardic on Saturday night with James the
Obscure heading up the bardic.

The Autocrats still need volunteers for specific functions such as the
creation of War Scenarios and other items. If you would like to be
involved in the event planning please contact HLS Ambriel or Lady Maeve.
Volunteers are always needed! Anybody interested can contact the

Parents please remember your minor medical waivers and your minor
waivers. If you are under the age of 18 you must have a legal guardian
on site with you registered at gate.

Autocrat: HLS Ambriel Stillglamdottir (Ambriel PO Box 3472 Kent WA
98032), moc.ibtta@raWnmutuA, phone 206-718-1523 before 9pm.
Co-autocrats: Lady Maeve email moc.onuj@eveammom and Lord William Mac An
Toisich of Falconmoor. Land-acrat: Mychael Wyndsyngyr at
ten.ogreve@nesnejr or at
206-779-7538 calls from 6pm to 9pm only. This is for large group
encampments only. Merchantcrat: Lady Priscilla Amberfyre at
moc.liamtoh@1erifrebma phone 425-787-9023.

Site fee is $15.00 for those 13 years and above; $10.00 for ages 6 to 12;
0-5 free. Family cap is $40.00 for legal modern family with children
over 17 not included, call autocrat with any questions about family cap.
Merchant Fee: $2.00 a foot frontage and site fee. Make checks payable to
SCA Inc., Barony of Blatha An Oir. Site opens on Thursday at 2:00 pm and
on Friday at 12:00pm Merchants will be allowed on site at noon Thursday.
No early arrivals.

Directions to Riverglenn Campgrounds: Following I-5 from the North, get
on Hwy 167. Go south to the Hwy 410 exit. From 410 take the Orting
exit. Turn right onto Hwy 162, heading towards Orting. It is 5 miles to
the campground on the right. If you cross the lovely stone bridge you’ve
gone too far! From the south, take I-5 to Hwy 512 till it ends on Hwy
167. Go north to Hwy 410. Follow the rest of the above directions to
reach the campground.

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