Autumn Gathering


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Eglyntine Merryweather
Date: November 22 , 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on November 22th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
First Christian Church
2000 Kessler Blvd Longview, WA 98632


of River’s Bend

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014


Greetings! We would like to welcome you to our fall
pot-luck.  We have chosen to make this event with NO SITE

We are planning a day of classes, and the traditional chess
tournament for adults will be presented, along with checkers for
children. Our beautiful Gluckhaus board will be available for
anyone who wants to play as well. I would like to encourage anyone
who would like to bring their Arts and Sciences projects for an
informal Bring and Brag corner. The goal is for this to be
interactive, and encourage people to be able to talk to you about
your item. We will have a Subtlety contest and it will be presented
just before dinner.

We would also like to invite any bards who would like to come
and jam. It is our hope to entice a dancing teacher to join us for
the day as well.

Weather permitting, there will be fencing, heavy fighting and
thrown weapons outdoors. I am still seeking teachers for classes,
and would love to find someone to lead us in dancing.  We
are working to get a woodworking based class, with more information
to come. We have a few other people considering classes, but would
enjoy hearing from you if you have a class you would like to


Site opens at 10:00ish, and we plan to be open
until 9:00.

Lunch will be available for purchase (Soup,
bread,dessert) for $4,starting at noon.

Dinner is scheduled for 5:30. Please bring
enough for your party plus 8 people. Contributions will be by
modern last name: A-D=Desserts; E-K=Side dishes;

L-S=Main Dishes;


Event Stewardess: HL Eglentyne Merryweather,
moc.oohay@daer4ekil or call 360-425-4570. Unsleeping golem can take
a message.

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