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Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Eulalia Piebakere
Date: October 16 , 2010
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 16th 2010
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Canby United Methodist Church
1520 North Holly Street Canby, OR 97013

Please join the Shire of Dragon’s Mist on October
16th, AS XLV (2010CE) for a day of arts and
sciences classes and activities, as well as the selection of
the Shire’s new A&S Defender. Currently on the schedule
are classes in scribal arts, period food and cooking, games
and pastimes, and more.  There is also ample space for
working on projects, an artisan’s display for Laurel comment,
and a period art supply barter blanket.

Lunch will be provided, and the day will end with a potluck
feast with the Shire providing a main dish. You are
encouraged to bring a persona appropriate or other period
dish.  Feel free to contact the autocrats via email for
a recipe.  You are encouraged to bring your banner to
decorate the main hall.

Site opens at 9:00am and closes at 9:00pm.  We look
forward to seeing you there.

(Includes lunch)

Adults $7.00
Youth (12-5) $5.00
Children 4 and under free
Family Cap $29.00
NMS $5.00 (per person)

Please make checks payable to “Shire of Dragon’s Mist SCA

Schedule of Events
(Details of activities
listed below schedule.)

A&S Defender Competitors Setup (Main Lobby)

Block A Classes Begin

B Classes Begin

Is Served

C Classes Begin


Judging Begins (Main Lobby)


and Moot


(For those classes not needing
pre-registration there will be a signup sheet at gate. 
Registration for these classes will be first come first


Room 3: Using Rectangular Construction to Make
Medieval Garments
Instructor: Katrine de Saint Brieuc
Cost: $0
Class size:
All are welcome to a hands-on course on how to use period
cutting methods
make a tunic or gown that is designed to fit you as well as
use your fabric.  These methods are used through the
medieval period and
into the Renaissance era for certain garments.  The
information we will
would be most useful for those new to medieval clothing,
anyone who
would like to move to a more medieval way of constructing
garments or
who want to fine tune the fitting of their garments.
should bring at minimum pencil and paper, but could also
bring a roll of
paper to make a paper pattern or fabric (4 yards of 60″
cotton muslin) to
make a mock up.

Room 2: Venetian
Instructor: Lady Berte le Webbere
Cost: $0
Class size: Open

A brief history on Venetian masks in period and how they were

Room 1: A&S
Moderator: Mistress Arlys o Goron, OL, OP
Cost: $0
Class size: Open

is an open discussion period headed by a forum of people who
have competed,
and/or set competition criteria at everything from branch to
Kingdom level.
The idea here is that those interested in competing may bring
their questions, concerns,
and comments about competing and preparing for competitions
and receive good and
useful advice in return. Whether you’re looking at competing
two months or two years
down the road, this forum should be of great value to you.

Room 5: Raised Gilding PartI : Support Preparation
and Laying in
Tamlyn of Wyntersea
Cost: $5 – covers both Parts of Raised Gilding
Instruction will cover methods for preparing the support and
then applying a lead based
gesso to be used for Raised Gilding. Work template will be a
diapering pattern found in the
Gottingen Model Book.Please join the Shire of Dragon’s Mist
on October 16th, AS XLV (2010CE)
for a day of arts and sciences classes and activities, as
well as the selection of the Shire’s new A&S
Defender. Currently on the schedule are classes in scribal
arts, period food and cooking, games
pastimes, and more.  There is also ample space for
working on projects, an artisan’s display,
and a period art supply barter blanket.

Hall: Kumihimo: Basic Round
Lady Lissette de la Rose
this basic Kumihimo for beginners course students will
most basic pattern for a round braid. The resulting cording
used for a variety of things ranging from bodice lacing to
tent tie downs.
Pre-Register by emailing moc.cni-oohay@raebj.
Students will
a reusable foam wheel, printed instructions for a variety of
and enough cording for one long cord


Room 3: Rectangular Construction

Room 2: Period Style Book Covers for Mundane
Master Sven Odin-Eye
Cost: $0.50 (Optional hand-out)
Class size:
Instructions, with samples, of how to make a temporary (or
cover for a mundane book in a period style. Several different
of covers are discussed and shown. Allows you to read that
racy novel,
or Sci-Fi thriller, at events without the jarring modern
cover exposed.

Room 1: Reverse Aplique

Instructor: Svava in Litla
Cost: $3
Class size:
Learn the basics of this layered applique technique. We will
be making
a small felt project which students will go home with. All
will be provided. If you have a sharp pair of scissors that
would be 
helpful to have, but not necessary.

5: Raised Gilding Part II: Applying gold
Tamlyn of Wyntersea
Cost: see Raised Gilding PartI
size: 6

Students will apply gold leaf to previously laid in
gesso and burnish. Students must have taken Part I.

Kitchen: Cooking Forsoothly – Medieval Cooking for
Cost: $0
Class Size:

This class is for beginners in medieval cooking, or for folks
who want
hang out and cook.  We will be looking at source
documents and
talking about how to redact recipes into modern cooking. We
will be
making soup for lunch and hedgehogs for fun.  Come and
play in the


Room 3: Square Necked
Instructor: Lady Lissette de la Rose
Cost: By donation (See supply list below!)
Class size:
Students will receive a handout with instructions for the
project. In this class
will cut and pin your chemise and talk through the
Then there will be free sewing time where I will walk around
and assist
those in need. Pre-Register by emailing moc.cni-oohay@raebj

and a 1/2 to 4 yards of linen, silk, or cotton fabric. Solid
colors are recommended.
The usual… thread, scissors, tape measure, pins, etc.
(sewing machine is purely optional, ample outlets will be
2-3yrds ribbon, trim, or double fold bias tape for the
neckline (optional for the class but needed for finishing the

Room 2: Introduction to
Master Sven Odin-Eye
Cost: $2 (Handout)
Class size:
This is a beginner’s class with information and samples on
period style bookbinding. Presenting the treatment and
selection of
papers, sewing materials and covers and what tools are
required. Each
student will get some hands-on experience with sewing the
pages of a
book together.

Room 5: Gottingen Model Book: Diapering
Tamlyn of Wyntersea
Cost $1 (color copy of GMB manuscript for additional cost of
Class size:
Using the instructions for creating diapering patterns found
in the GMB
will lead students through the steps to a completed
Recommended to take the Raised Gilding class, but it is not
necessary for this class.

Room 3: Trade Blanket (1:00p-2:00p)

Room 3: Games (2:00p-3:00p)

Instructor: Svava in Litla
Class size:
games that your persona might have played. Knuckle bones,
and card games will be explored.

Outdoors: Encampments 101

Instructor: Mestra Rafaella d’Allemtejo, OL
Cost: $0
Class size: Open (gentles over 12
Hands on! Learn encampment strategies by doing! SCA camping
is modeled
on the pilgrimage journeys/tourney circuit encampments of our
Come learn how to camp when you take along the kitchen
sink. We’ll cover tips/tricks on: researching historical
furniture, and other items; local shopping; decorating on the
packing & traveling and more. Whether you can afford full
or not, this class will help get you started on your journey
to a
happy outdoor event experience. Please come prepared to do
which means clothes you can move in.

Outdoors: Coils in Medieval
While not necessarily glamorous–or as difficult–as the
wheel, coil-building has a long
and venerable tradition.  We’ll build a small vessel
using coils.  If you’re satisfied with
your creation, I’ll fire it (More details about this can be
discussed at the time.).

Cooking Forsoothly for a few of your friends – Feast
cooking for
                          Instructor: Elisabeth
So you got talked into cooking for a feast.  Where do
you start?  Who
do you call?  This is a very basic class in feast
stewardship.  We
will be talking about cooking, and cooking while
talking.  We will
prepare the main dish for the potluck feast while discussing
in cooking for many.

Arts and Science Defender Competition

  • Items entered for competition should be something that
    your persona would have either made or had.
  • You can choose a “persona for the day” if the item is
    outside the bounds of your usual persona or if you have not
    yet developed one. You will still need to be able to discuss
    how the item fit into the life of your persona for the day
  • Each entrant can enter 1 or 2 items. If you enter two,
    only the higher of your two scores will be considered for the
  • Each entrant should declare their intent to compete,
    along with what they will be entering, no later than October
    1st so we can find the appropriate judges
  • Each entrant will have 10-15 minutes to present their
    entry, followed by 10-15 minutes for the judges to ask
    questions. There is no need to fill the entire time if you
    don’t need it.
  • We will be using the Kingdom A&S judging forms
    Entrants should take a look at the forms ahead of time.
  • Fear not, you will not be judged against the KAS
    standards! Using the forms provides good consistency, but
    should not imply KAS level judging standards.
  • NOTE: given last month’s declaration by the OLCC on
    homebrew competitions (,
    the only way we can accept entries of alcoholic beverages
    is if the entrant lives within 5 minutes of the site, and
    can host the judging in their own home. This is a drag, but
    I don’t see any alternative at present.

Other Events

by The Honorable Company of Artillers:
known as the Archery Guild, their focus is to research,
recreate and practice the skills of making and shooting
traditional archery gear. In turn they record and share what
is learn through print and electronic media, lectures,
classes and workshops to preserve and expand archery
heritage. They will mentor to anyone who desires to learn the
skills of traditional archery.  Enjoy observing their
skills and crafts up close as they demonstrate them
throughout the day.

Artisan’s Display:
 You may bring
finished works and/or works in progress. While documentation
is not necessary, although you are welcome to include it if
you wish, at minimum please tell us what your item is, when
it would be from, and where. There will be Populace Choice
voting for determining favorite displays.  If you are a
performer and wish to present these talents, please be ready
to provide entertainment for the evening feast. Works
showcased may be original or not.  Again, there will be
voting for Populace Choice. The only “rule” is what you
display must be representative of period or SCA.  If you
are interested in participating, please contact Arlys
ten.tsacmoc@65yelC<>. While
we expect to have a good amount of room, the autocrat team
needs to be able to plan the space. I look forward to hearing
from you all and seeing your wonderful entries!

Scribal Arts
There will be a scribal arts drop-in
room from 10:30am until end of day.  Kingdom charters
will be available and scribal books will be on hand.
 Please drop by to paint, discuss scribal activities,
online resources and where to buy supplies locally.

For those of you planning to attend the
fabulous Artsy Fartsy please consider participating in a
basket auction.  All proceeds will be used for the
Shire’s future events. It’s easy! Bring a basket filled with
period items you would like to put up for auction or bring
money to bid on items or both! If you do not have basket a
few spares will be available. Auction sheets will also be

(Please bring your own dishes and
cutlery.  A rinse/wash station will be available.)


Geoffrey Albryght: paddenj328@hotmail, 503-729-0655(no calls
after 9pm)

Eulalia Piebakere: moc.liamg@fawirb


Conflict with Fire Mountain Keep okay

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