Arts and Sciences Tournament and Honour Feast


Event Summary

Date: October 5 , 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 5th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Milwaukie Community Club Center
10666 SE 42nd Ave. Milwaukie, OR 97222

Excellencies Three Mountains, Aedan and Alexandria invite you to a
day of celebration.

Panache is the one word that
exemplifies the honouree Malcolm Rudolph macGregor and

Panache will be the
overall theme of this event.  A variety of foods will be
served throughout the day and a period  feast “above the
salt” for 20 lucky applicants will hallmark the evening.
There will be delicious meal for all those of us “below the
salt” as well.  We ask that ALL guests bring only a
drinking vessel, all other feasting ware will be provided on
site.  Visiting and moving about during the event is

The Three Mountains Arts
& Sciences Championship will take place throughout the
This year’s Arts and Sciences
Tournament and Honour Feast is October 05, 2013.  The format
will be the same as last year and you are planning on entering
please let me know a rough outline of what you are entering so I
can begin lining up Judges. Here is the format
Participants must submit three entries. Of these, two should relate
to your persona, culture, or period lifestyle of interest; the
third may be whatever you wish as long as it fits into the time
frame and cultures covered by the SCA.  Written documentation
is required for all entries, supplemented as you wish (period
images and/or artifacts, photos, etc.). Including a Reference List
(books, websites, other sources you used) with your documentation
is required.  Those going out for the Championship have their
choice regarding how they do
their entries:
1) Competitors may submit three separate items which bear no direct
relationship to each other besides time frame and culture ; for
example, they might submit a culinary entry, a banner, and a
research paper.


2) They may submit three entries which are in a direct relationship
; for example, a sword, a scabbard for the sword, and
on the scabbard.  The relationship should be clear to the
judges. Competitors who wish to do three entries in the performance
arts are strongly encouraged to do three different types, such as
doing a song, telling a story, and juggling, for example.

I have been very honored to be this years Arts and Sciences
Champion and I look forward to all of this years amazing entries.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Yours In Service to the Dream,
HLs Tamar Rustavelli
tamar dot rustavelli at gmail dot com 


There will be a Rapier
tournament with the theme
Panache as well as
gaming and gambling.

Being above the salt In
order to obtain one of the coveted 20 seats for the period feast
those interested must petition Master Malcolm in writing. 
Using the petitions, Master Malcolm will decide who will be invited
to join him at his feast table.  Everyone is welcome and
encouraged to vie for his approval through their letters of
petition.  Please send your petition to the Steward by
September 28th at
moc.liamg@egiwtulh and remember, although
Malcolm is making the decision, the petitions will be posted
publicly.  Keep in mind the overall theme of



Honor Feast Schedule

Site Opens
High Table Stytch & Bytch open to all
       Knowledge quiz entries open

10:00 am   A&S competition Begins
Game tables open –come play
Second Breakfast is Served
Noon          Lunch is
1:00pm     Lawn games begin
2:00pm     Second Lunch is Served
3:00pm     Knowledge quizzes turned in
3:30pm     Court Begins
5:00pm     Dinner Feast is Served
Arts and Sciences Champion invested
7:00pm    Dessert is Served
Game tables close
Moolah counted and prizes awarded
8:30pm    Tear Down and Cleanup
10:00pm  Go home and rest after a fantastic

ite Fees:

Adult (18 and over) $15

Youth 13-17 $10, 12 and under

$5 Non-Member surcharge will be added to

Make cheques payable to “Barony of Three
Mountains SCA inc.”

Interested in helping contribute to the event
through service?  Contact the Steward Hlutwige (Lois Hale
503-282-8274 moc.liamg@egiwtulh)

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