Art of War


Hosted by Device of Aquaterra

The Barony of Aquaterra (Snohomish County, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Jade Redstone
Date: April 20 , 2017 until April, 23 2017
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 20th 2017
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on April 23th 2017

Event site:
Camp Pigott Boy Scout Camp
24225 Woods Creek Road Snohomish, WA 98290

An Tir’s Warriors are called to
assemble and train together!



While the passes filled with snow and winter took hold, many
found war the farthest thing from their thoughts – Those who think
not of war are doomed to be defeated when it comes to their

Those who would rise and lead in the defense of our lands, we
call you to join us at Art of War and train to defeat those who
come against us. Train now, The West is Coming….

We will train in Heavy, Rapier, and Missile Combat skills as
well as Marshaling these combat styles.

Join us at Camp Piggot, with open training fields and
abundant trails and hills for bridge battles and tactical

Bring your armor, your favorite tankard, bedroll, shower kit,
and a passion for WAR!

We supply lodging, showers, and home cooked meals and snacks all
four days, and an amazing line up of

There is also a War Support Track for those who would learn
about feeding an army, selecting a site, laying out war fields,
setting up war events, and understanding how to work with local
vendors for best prices.



William Geoffrey the Rogue (OP) – Curriculum Lead for this years Art of War

Current Warlord of An Tir, has been involved in the SCA for a
quarter of a century. In that time he has served as the Defender of
the Principality of the Summits, Prince of the Summits,
war commander at large and Warlord of the Summits. He is a Knight
of AnTir, a founder of the Blue Crush; the Principality of Summits’
Armigerous War Band and has commanded troops at AnTir West War and
Great Western War on numerous occasions. He credits his attendance
of Art of War as being instrumental in his success on the


Don Archos Warwick Drakkar (OP, Wiki) – Instructor Heavy War Tracks and May grace us
with a little instruction in the Rapier War Track too!

Currently authorised and senior warranted in Rapier, Cut and
Thrust, Heavy and Missile Combat, and is the Tir Righ Earl Marshal.
Warwick is currently An Tir’s Kingdom Protector. He has participated in heavy and
rapier wars in An Tir, the West and at Gulf Wars and led the forces
the Barony of Lionsgate, and the Principality of Tir Righ, as well
as large coalitions of mercenary forces (about 100) at Clinton war.
He has previously attended Art of War twice as a heavy fighter and
once as an instructor and finds great value in the camaraderie and
learning that occurs at the event. His SCA war related awards
include the Principality award Hafoc and the Kingdom award Hastae Leonis. He is a White Scarf (OWS) in the Rapier Community and an Archos (OGGS) in the Archery community of An Tir. He received
his OGGS for Missile Combat. Warwick is squire to Duke UlfR
Blodfotur Fallgrson and student to Master Sebastien de Caen.


Tadhg Fairbairn (OP) – Instructor Heavy War Tracks

For two decades Tadhg has led Clan Carn, a house founded on and
dedicated to the practice of war. Carn’s fight company has received
many awards over the years including the honor of carrying the
Kingdom battle standard at AnTir-West War as the White Lions of
AnTir. Tadhg is Squire to Sir Stephen of Huntington and member of
the order Hastae Leonis. He looks forward to training with and
being inspired by his fellow war fanatics.


Maestra Althaia filia Lazari (OP) – Lead Marshaling Instructor

Althaia joined the SCA in 1991 and began marshaling in 2000. She
was the inaugural Martial Authorization Officer in An Tir from
2012-16 creating that position from the ground up. She was also
Martial Projects Deputy from 2013-17 taking care of a wide
assortment of administrative and educational tasks which benefited
An Tir’s martial community; including working on nearly every
manual revision done during that period. Althaia regularly marshals
events in the central area of the Kingdom, primarily on the armored
and rapier fields, but also sometimes on the archery range or as
equestrian ground crew. She has been Marshal Activities Coordinator
overseeing multiple sports at September Crown 2012 and June Faire
2013-14. She has been armored or rapier MIC for multiple events
including Art of War 2014-15, September Crown 2012,
June Faire 2012-14, Sport of Kings
2009, 2011 & 2015, Emprise of the Black Lion 2010 & 2013; and
was Deputy Armored MIC for May Crown 2013-14 and Autumn War
2009-15. Althaia has coached other MIC’s at multiple events from
the local to Crown level; and regularly teaches about marshaling to
whoever wants to listen both on the field and through formal
classes at events. It is due to this service that Althaia was named
as Honored Marshal of An Tir in 2007 and 2010, and
then admitted to the Order of the Pelican in 2011.


Eoghan ÓBriain (OP) – Curriculum Coordinator for the Rapier Track

An active member of the SCA since 1992, Eoghan has been fighting
rapier for over 15 years and has served as branch champion for
multiple branches. Also, he is currently the rapier marshal for the
Barony of Dragon’s Mist. Eoghan is the rapier commander for the War
Band Havoc and been able use the skills learned at previous Art of
Wars to command rapier armies at a number of AnTir-West Wars,
Autumn Wars, and Acorn Wars.


Duke Amalric Blackhart (OP)

I started in the SCA in 1981, and went to my first war, Pennsic
12. Let’s just say the motivation for fighting was already strong,
but the elation of that event was inspirational! Since then, I have
been to many wars, got knighted, and won a few tournaments. I want
to bring my joy of fighting to new fighters, as I have always
wanted to share my experience with as many people as I can! The
more, the merrier. Looking forward to sharing what I can with the
fighters at Art of War.


Sir Phillip de Mantel (OP)

I have been in the SCA since 1986. There are few things better
in life than crashing through an enemy line with my friends at my
side and more of my friends dead at my feet! I believe that the key
to warfighting is communication and strong fundamentals, and looks
forward to teaching those skills at Art of War.


Dame Brighid MacCumhal (OP) – Returning Instructor

Is a former Rapier General of the Middle Kingdom and deputy
General of the East. She is a member of the Order of Defense, Order
of the White Scarf of An Tir, Companion of the Order of the Bronze
Ring (Middle Kingdom) and Companion of the Order of the Golden
Rapier (East). She is a senior marshal of the Kingdom of An Tir and
currently resides of the Barony of Madrone.

She was involved in the Pennsic rapier melee war points from the
very first War and continues participate there. Dame Brigihid has
served as a General of the Middle Kingdom Rapier Army for multiple
Gulf Wars (2005-2007) and also at Pennsic War (2009) to command
over 300 fencers to her side. She has also served as XO of the
Middle Kingdom rapier army (2007-2008) where she was in direct
command of the woods battle and managed the regional and unit
commanders. From 2005-2007, she was commander of various
specialized kingdom units from the Rapier Scouts (which gathered
intelligence and deliverables) to the Black Ops units (which were
in charge of battlefield tactical advantages and assassinations).
Brighid was also the Kingdom Scout Commander for rattan for the
Middle Kingdom for several years (2005-2007) in which she was
involved in wartime planning, communications, and execution of the
overall plan. She has been intimately involved in the War
negotiations for both Pennsic and Gulf Wars for rapier (as well as
rattan) and has run Kingdom-level and Regional-level War Practices
training up unit and regional commanders who would later become


Baron Loegaire mac Lochlainn (Loric) (OP)

I started in the SCA in 1983 in Meridies, moved to An Tir in

I have been Kingdom Royal Archer twice, from 2003 to 2005, and
from 2012 to 2016. Currently the Kingdom Missile Combat Deputy.
Received my OGGS in 2002 and became a Court Baron at May Crown 2016
for service to the Kingdom. My Missile Combat knowledge started
before moving to An Tir, upon arriving was the first Heavy Archer
in the Kingdom and used to test the now current full heavy archer.
Currently authorised as Armored, Missile Combat and Siege Senior
Marshal. I am also a Man at Arms to Sir Walter of Minstead.


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Registration is now live!

Registration closes April 7,

Please complete one form per person.

Make checks payable to “SCA, Inc. – Barony of Aquaterra”

If you are attending with a group and wish to be in the same
lodging together, please let us know by noting the name of your
warband on your registration form. We’ll assign your group to
lodging with sufficient space. Remember to bring warm bedding!

Site: Camp Pigott 25600-A Monroe Camp Road
Snohomish, WA 98290
Gate opens at Noon on Thursday the 20th – Closes Sunday 3pm

Directions to Site: For GPS directions, use
Camp Pigott’s physical address: 24225 Woods Creek Road


Registration Questions?

For registration questions, please contact the
registrar and event co-steward, HL Elizabeth de
(Elizabeth Lee), at gro.acs.ritna.arretauqa@rawfotra-rartsiger
or by phone at 425-319-2192.

For general event questions, please contact the
event co-steward, HL Jade Redstone (Jade
Jeter-Hill), at gro.acs.ritna.arretauqa@rawfotra-sdrawetstneve
or by phone at 425-343-6105.

Sometimes email fails. We have a
policy of responding within 72 hours. If you do not hear back from
us PLEASE CALL. We want to be sure and connect to help you have the
BEST Possible Art of War experience.

No calls to event staff after 9 pm please!

Follow us on Facebook at



Please bring your proof of membership or send a copy of your
membership card showing it is good through the date of the event to
confirm your $5 member discount.


Early Reg
(until Feb 28)

(until Apr 7)

War Student
(Heavy, Missile Combat, Rapier)







Collectible T-shirts

We are pleased to offer another, collectible, 100% cotton
t-shirt, available at pre-order prices when you register. We may
have more onsite, but no guarantees!

S – 2X


3X – 5X



Remember to Bring Your Card and Waiver!

Fighters must show their Fighter Card, or make arrangements with
Maestra Althaia filia Lazari to become authorized on site.

MINORS 17 and younger must be accompanied by a parent/legal
guardian AND bring with them the following documents completed by
their parent/legal guardian: SCA Medical Authorization for
Minors and SCA Minor Event Waiver
(forms may be obtained at


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Information here will continue to grow over the next couple of
weeks. Check back frequently!


Missile Combat Inspection

This class will cover a little history of missile combat in the
Kingdom of An Tir.  The basic of how to inspect a wide range
of arrows used on the war field.  This is a practical class
with hands on exposure to combat arrows and hand thrown


Basic Marshaling

From the fundamentals of what a marshal’s role is, through the
basics of armor and weapon inspection, and the physical and
personal dynamics of managing fighters on the armored and rapier
field.  At Art of War this class includes more discussion of
the weapons and dynamics found on a war field.


War Planning From A Marshal’s Perspective

Factors to consider when selecting and setting up a site where
an armored or rapier war will take place, including the
requirements for missile combat. Elements which make for clear and
enjoyable fighting scenarios for participants using hand-held and
missile weapons.


Report Writing For Marshals

The Marshal in Charge of an event is expected to write an event
after they have completed those duties. Branch Marshals also have
to complete reports each quarter; and both they and MIC’s may need
to write an Incident Report at some point. What do these documents
ask for, when are they due, and who do you send them to?


Off Field Discussions and Activities for all participants will

A Marshals Discussion Group

This is an opportunity for fighters or prospective marshals to
ask questions about equipment and field conduct, and for current
marshals to share ideas and questions with one another. The goal is
to create a dialog which will improve everyone’s positive
experience on our martial fields.


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