Antioch Invitational


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Desiree Chirastella
Date: May 12 , 2012
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 12th 2012
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Memorial Peace Park
11900 224 St Maple Ridge, BC V2X 8T1


Greetings Noble Lords and Ladies
I am pleased to announce the official Antioch Invitational 2. We
would like to invite you all to take part in this year’s
event.  This is a demo and
recruitment drive designed as an

There is a new location and it is the heart of Maple Ridge at the
Memorial Peace Park.
( google map link )
We are also partnering with the Maple Ridge Farmer’s

 like us on facebook:  Antioch
Invitational 2 (you’re invited)

This will be a highly visible location and the Market has a good
following and they also will be mentioning us in their newspaper
ad. We will be starting at 9am sharp and it will run rain or shine.
We are looking for all sorts of wonderful medieval goods to be sold
and to keep us unique compared to the Farmer’s Market

Now the really good news, there is no site fee for this event!!
There is no merchant fees either but I would love it if you could
donate a prize for one of our tourneys or our door prize draws for
the SCA members and the public.

Please contact me for further details and to confirm you
space! <moc.liamtoh@dogsed>
Thank you all for
your patients with this event and we look forward to seeing
everyone this spring.
In Service to the
Desiree Chirastella

***We are proud to announce Lions
Gate Defenders tourneys will also be held at this


The time draws nigh for the choosing of new
Martial Defenders for the great Barony of Lions
This year the tournaments to decide the
Heavy, Rapier, and Archery Defenders will be held on May 12th at
Memorial Peace Park in Maple Ridge in conjunction with The Antioch
Invitational Principality demo event.
All those who wish to prove their skill and
prowess on the field are invited to come and do
Those entering the heavy tournament must
abide by Tir Righ appearance laws, no visible plastic or obviously
modern mundane equipment, footwear, or
The tourney format will be a round
robin (one or two fields depending on fighter numbers) to
determine the top four who will engage in a best two out of three
fight to choose the finalists. The finalists will meet in a
best three of five contests to become
and the honour of leading Lions Gates troops
and defend the Barony against all threats.


As the dawn’s mist slowly
clears we see a group of archers standing ready. Why have they
gathered? What would bring them together in the chill morning’s
light? This is the moment they have been waiting for. A chance to
test one another’s skill in the art of bow and arrow. A chance to
stand as Archery Defender, for their Baron and Baroness….for
Lions Gate!

The format for the shoot will
3 competitions with the top
two archers in each competition proceeding to a final shoot off.
Should an archer qualify twice, the honour will fall to the next
placed archer. Once six archers are ready for the final there will
be a quick elimination round to bring the group to four and then to


Tournament Format

1. Two 30 minute bear pits to determine seeding. Wounds will be
cumulative. Double Kill = Double Death. Current membership or
desire to be champion not necessary for this round only.

2. Multiple Single Elimination rounds to get to Final Two. Each
pairing will fight a best 2 out of 3. Double Kills will be

3. Final 2 will fight a best 5 out of 7. Double kills will be

A&S Contest
Theme: Anything Goes!
Categories: 1. Period Recreation This would include any piece that
is based on an actual period artifact.
2. SCA Creation This would include any piece based on our SCA game
to make it more medievalish
For example, if you crafted a chair based on an actual chair from
period in a museum that would go into the Period Recreation. On the
other hand, if you created a slipcover for your Canadian Tire camp
chair that hid the fact it was a folding camp chair, that would go
into the SCA Creation.

Documentation: Exhibit Display Documentation only. Documentation
must fit on an index card no larger than 4″x6″. Information should
include the artist’s name, what the piece is, whether it is a
period recreation or an SCA creation, and the purpose of the

Prizes will be determined by the bean count. Anyone that wants to
vote will be given a white bean and a black bean. The White Bean
for period recreation. The Black Bean for SCA Creation.

The winner in each category will be given a $25 gift card to

Sponsored by Baron James Wolfden



730  set up

900  event opens

930 Baronial Court
       Invocation of Rapier Lists
       A&S demos begin

1000-1100 Rapier Defenders

1100 Baronial Court
       Invocation of Heavy List

1130-200  Heavy Defenders

(1200 Cake cutting at Farmer’s Market)

130 Baronial Court
      Invocation Archery Defender

130-400  Archery Defender’s

300 Antioch Rapier Prize Tourney
300 Antioch Heavy Prize Tourney

400  Baronial Court

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