Ancestral Remembrance Celebration


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Uilliam Mag Dhuibhfhinn
Date: September 30 , 2016 until October, 2 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 30th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on October 2th 2016

Event site:
Flying B Bar Ranch
1100 McMullen Creek Rd. Selma, OR 97538

Gate opens Friday, September 30, at 12:00 noon.

Site closes Monday, October 3, 12:00 noon

(If you are traveling to the Great West War email moc.liamg@enialetahctloheltrym about staying over)



Adult (18 and over) – $20.00

Youth (10-17) – $13.00

Children (under 10) – Free

Family Cap: $50.00

Members receive a $5.00 discount

Bring a non-perishable food item for local food bank and receive
$1.00 off fee (max $1.00 per person)

Make checks payable to SCA Inc, Myrtle Holt


Event Details:

The Incipient Barony of Myrtle Holt invites one and all to join
us in doing honor to those members of the Summits who have joined
the ranks of The Fallen in an entirely new type of adventure and
festivity as we celebrate our history this October. Grab your
weapons, form your party, and travel back in time to battle the
unknown in a dark period of Myrtle Holt history. Are you the right
kind of leader, collecting teammates and skills from the Three
Pillars, to see this quest through to a successful

This new format is an interactive team adventure designed to
test prowess in combat skills, arts & sciences and dedication
to service. The Myrtle Holt Heavy Defender Championship, Ronald
Hawkwood Memorial Single-sword Tournament, Myrtle Holt Osprey
Archery Championship, Summits Captain of Eagles Archery
Championship, Brewing Competition, Bardic, Drumming, Dancing,
Leatherworking, Arts & Sciences, Kettle Tossing, Littles Events
and more will all be part of the adventure. Don’t have a
team? Don’t worry- you can join one as a mercenary when you
arrive or you can participate in one or more of the individual
challenges by yourself.


The adventure begins…..

“Whatever possessed the King to send along non-combatants
on this mission?” he growled. Frustrated, his mailed fist
struck the trunk of the tree in a shower of the peculiar bark of
this southern tree. Hearing a muffled sound, he spotted a furtive
movement out of the corner of his eye. One of the Littles in the
caravan had been watching him and scampered off at his display of
temper. He sighed. The story would be all over camp that evening of
how His Lordship had been punching trees, again.

Thinking back, he thought his mission was going to be simple.
The King had pulled him aside after Court one evening, “I
have a delicate mission and I need someone I can trust.” At
first he had been thrilled to have a quest; things had been
entirely too quiet lately and each tournament seemed just like the
other. He was glad for the strong arms and fighting spirits of the
fighters that had been assigned to him. Surely their prowess with
sword, both heavy and rapier, would be useful in these back lands!
But the inclusion of artisans, bards, cooks, and children were a
puzzle to him. It did not make him feel any easier when the King
hadn’t been able to explain either, beyond that the Queen had
a vision, that they would be critical to the success of this

After many years of sad neglect, this portion of the Kingdom had
failed to send in tithes and communication had been dismal or
lacking entirely. The King had taken a personal interest in seeing
that this southernmost branch of the Kingdom of An Tir be brought
back into the fold. No longer would this lack of respect be
tolerated and someone would have to answer to the King! His quest
was going to be challenging enough, traveling through the
admittedly beautiful but rugged countryside, encountering who-knew-
what barriers, finding those responsible, and bringing them back to
the King. 

Myrtle Holt, so the tales said, had been charged with a
mysterious task, after successfully repulsing a particularly fierce
attack from the Kingdom to the South. Raiders had broached the
borders and gained access to an enormous cave upon the lands of
Myrtle Holt and what transpired thereafter was a bit of a mystery
to anyone but their Majesties. When pressed, the King remained
tight-lipped. He revealed that what transpired was a matter for
Kings and involved a great deal of secrecy but all knowledge had
been lost after being passed from King to King. He was charged,
too, with finding out the real story and determine if this Shire
still held to the old charge of defending those southernmost lands.
Yes, this was going to be a difficult task and their Majesties
trusted him to bring this to a successful conclusion.

He sighed. Putting the Little out of his mind, he started back
to camp, signaling to the sentries as he did so to pack up and
return as well. They’d need some extra time for the
non-fighters to get their belongings together and get back on the
trail the scouts had found yesterday. As he rounded the large tree
that marked the edge of their campsite, he was surprised to find
that everyone had already packed up and looked at him expectantly
as he entered the clearing. Pleasantly gratified, he gave the
signal to mount up and move out. “Perhaps,” he thought
to himself, “this won’t be so bad after all.”


Check the path of our next heroes of ARC – will you be one
of them?


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