Ancestral Remembrance Celebration


Hosted by Device of Myrtle Holt

The Shire of Myrtle Holt (Josephine County, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Andreana Sionnach
Date: October 2 , 2015 until October, 4 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 2th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on October 4th 2015

Event site:
Flying B Bar Ranch
1100 McMullen Creek Rd. Selma, OR 97538

Please come join the Shire of Myrtle Holt for our Ancestral
Remembrance Celebration.

What is the Ancestral Remembrance Celebration? The A.R.C. is a
chance for the populous of the Summits to join us to gather and
celebrate the lives of those within the Society that we knew
personally who for one reason or another are no longer with us on
our journey through life.  Each year, the names of those
SCAdian players of the Summits that have passed on are added to the
Summits Memorial Scroll and their names are read out in our
Remembrance Ceremony.  In addition, family and friends are
encouraged to bring mementos, regailia, or other artifacts of those
passed on that were near and dear to them to be displayed at
stations that surround the Town Square of our event, inviting the
blessing of their spirits upon all the events of the Summits for
the coming year.  


A.R.C. is a day meant to be a celebration of life, full of fun
and games, tourneys and competitions, and other such frivolities
capped by a potluck feast, and finally an evening of bardic
offerings commemorating our fallen friends.  We pay special
attention at this event to providing lots of entertaining
activities aimed at pleasing the youths of our families at all
ages.  We want our SCAdian children to have an event that they
really enjoy going to.

We are proud to announce that in addion to our normal list of
traditional activities, by category, we will be hosting two Summits
Level Championships.  This year’s activities, by category,
will be:

  • Heavy Fighting:
    • Myrtle Holt Heavy Defender Championship
    • Ronald Hawkwood Memorial Single-sword Tournament
  • Archery & Thrown Weapons
    • Myrtle Holt 5th Annual Archery Championship
    • Summits Captain of Eagles Archery Championship
    • Archery Royal Rounds
    • At’latl Rounds
    • Darts Rounds
  • Youth Armored Combat
    • The 3rd annual YAC Castle Diablotin Defender Championship
  • Equestrian:
    • Myrtle Holt 1st Annual Equestrian Championship — Horsemaster
      of Myrtleholt
    • Sunday Pumpkin Shoot (equestrian archery)
  • Arts and Sciences:
    • Bard of the Summits Championship
    • Rememberence Bardic
    • Classes (Further details coming soon)
    • Garbology Competition
    • Brewing Competition
  • Childrens activities:  (Details coming Soon)
  • All age fun:
    • Granny Grimm Kettle Toss
    • Norse Trading Blanket


Gate Fees:
Family Cap-$35

Fires, torches, and other open flames:
had been hoping that the predictions as of 2 weeks before the event
were going to hold true and
that there was going to be a rainstorm coming through mid-week
before the event.  Unfortunately,
that weather pattern has apparently disappeared and we’re going to
be having nothing but beautiful
sunny and warm weather for the event.  The down side is, that
while this means that the daytime
temperatures are going to be mid-80’s for the event, our fire
danger has only been decreased to “HIGH”, and
the site is very dry.  Therefore, we’re going to have to limit
braziers to only those which are propane
fueled, must be on top of a non-combustible surface, and they must
be a minimum of 16″ above the
non-combustible surface, and a fire extinguisher must be maintained
at all times close at hand.
Cooking devices must be liquid fuel ONLY.  No Tiki
torches.   Candles/lanterns on tables will be
again, fire extinguisher must be within visible easy reach from
said light device.




This year, the two reigning archery champions have been working
hard on
devising another exciting and fun competition to find the next
archery champions for the Summits and Myrtle Holt.   Said
will be happening a short month from now at the Ancestral
Celebration (ARC) in Myrtle Holt.

In order to accomodate having two championships happening in a
that keeps the archery community having maximal fun in a unified
we have decided to unify the two championships in
activities.   Competitors
will be asked to declare which championship they will be competing
at the outset, and most of the activities will be identical with
exception of one and the finals.   While this is
primarily an archery
championship, there will be a multi-disciplinary feature
thrown weapons, just to keep everybody on their toes.

Please do not be deterred from entering if you happen not to
some equipment that is necessary to compete, such as Atlatl,
throwing axes, or combat arrows.   You will need to have
bow and a
minimum of 6 arrows.  At’latl and darts, throwing axes, and
arrows will be available on a loaner basis, if you have
please bring it to share. For the Combat archery (zombie)
bow strengths will be limited to 30lbs.  Lower draw strength
bows may
be available to borrow.  If you have equipment that you can
please bring it for those who might not to borrow.

All equipment must comply with Antir Book of Target (ABT)

Here’s what is currently being planned:
1.  An Period Archery Royal Round:
    Scoring will be period regardless of equipment
    but there will be a bonus for using period gear
for this round.
2.  A  SSAC “Falling Leaves” shoot: 
    for full information
3.  An A’tlatl Royal round:
    The scores from 18 dart throws will be totaled
for your score.
    There will be three throws for each of the three
ends at 15 and 20 yards
4.  A Thrown Weapons Round – Thrown Axes only
    20 Axe throws from 10 feet at a standard 14″
target.  Scoring as standard
5.  Zombie Shoot:
    This is being brought back from last year’s
ARC.  Fighters
     who loose at our Defender Championship
will be resurrected
    as zombies.  The Archers will need to save
the world from
    being attacked by these zombies.  
This is a combat Archery
    scenario.  Archers will not be required to
fully armor up. 
    Zombies will be armored up for heavy combat.

    Captain of Eagles Competitors Scenario: 
The zombies will be entirely
     misguided about what they are trying to
accomplish and will
    be staggering aimlessly to and fro in front of
the castle wall
    and the archers will be required to kill the
zombies with a
    head shot.   Archers will have the
additional requirement of
    having to wear a helmet during the
scenario.  Points allocated
    by # of zombies killed. 

    Myrtle Holt Osprey Competitors:  After
having realized that
    there are people inside the castle bent on their
    the zombies will be moving towards the
archers.  Normal Combat
    Archery rules apply:  should a zombie get
within 3 feet of
    an archer, if the arrow is nocked and drawn,
zombie deemed dead; 
    Arrow not drawn, Archer is deemed tagged and
therefore dead.
    Scenario 1:  Zombies attack the castle,
Archers defend castle
    Scenario 2:  Zombies are escaping the
castle, Archers protecting
outside world.
    Points allocated by # of zombies killed

6.  There may be a possible surprise round…

Scoring on all initial rounds:
You will receive points based on how well you do in each round,
i.e. top
score gets 10 pts, next gets 9, etc. At the end of the above rounds
will be totaled and the finalists decided.

Tower Arrow-Slot Shoot:
    The top two competitors on each of the
championships will be
    shooting against each other.  The target
will be an arrow-slot
    with a head target behind.  Archers will
start at 40 yards, one shot
    at each distance, and move forward a pace. 
Winner will be whomever
    hits the head 3 times first.

Please bear in mind that this will be October in Oregon and the
possible weather
conditions that brings. Adjustments may have to be made due to
weather, but we
will try to stick as closely to this format as possible. We’re
looking forward
to seeing you all and meeting our successors.


As the Summits gather together at ARC to tell the tales and
honor our people, look to each other to pass on our Traditions and
To add in this – We ask you all to join for the bardic circle
that will be held DURING THE DAY as we gather not only for company
and merriment – but to also choose the Summits next Bardic
I cannot think of a better time or place to choose the next
champion for the Summits. The competition will be held around the
‘fire’ with entrants,
judges, and spectators performing as we go around the circle. I ask
that those wishing to vie for the Championship prepare 3 pieces
– Two for the circle and the third for the last round which
will be held during the time of feast at their Highnesses leisure,
and to send a letter of intent to Their Highnesses, HL Rowen
– Principality MOAS and myself no later than September

I’ve outlined the basic
overview of the competition below, and am more than happy to
discuss any questions or concerns anyone may have, but please allow
me to address one very important point. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION
acceptable… especially if you can tie it to the information
below. We want someone to be a Representation of the Principality
and its people. Come enjoy just sharing your talents. We have such
amazing people out there that perform for their friends and chosen
family…. Please come share that with us.
The Competition will be held in a bardic circle formation that will
allow for a much more informal setting. I would like those
competing to be interspersed with the judges and with EVERYONE
performing. Once we have gone around twice (thus allowing
competitors to perform their first 2 pieces,) the competitors and
judges will retire to a smaller area where the competitors and
judges can discuss the pieces in panel.

The judges will then tally
scores, with the top 2 performing a final piece at court/ feast –
as it suit their Highnesses. Judges will gather for a final
consultation and scoring.

Scoring: Will be based on the
1) Technical Ability
2) Complexity
3) Overall Impression
With each category scored 1 – 5

Most of the emphasis will be
focused on mentoring for the performers, helpful hints, and if/ how
to make it more period – either historically or with in the
SCA timeframe
**Note this means that documentation IS NOT REQUIRED, However there
are some opportunities here:
Bonus points: Up to 2 points per each of the following categories
between the first 2 pieces. (Total 10pts Possible)
Written Documentation (Summarize the Ws)
Tying it to your personae
Differing styles (poem/ song/ puppetry/ instrumental/etc.
Original piece (You wrote it)
SCA History
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may
Mea Passavanti – Bard of the Summits
Mea.Passavanti (at) gmail dot com




This year will be Myrtle Holt’s first equestrian
Championship.   For those of you who have been to ARC in
the past and participated in the equestrian activities there, you
will know that MH provides an exceptionally interesting set of EQ
activities.  This year, we’ve bundled these previous
activities into a full championship! Here are the three segments
which will count towards the championship:

Tir Taingiri Hunt

The hunt will be limited to six targets, on a somewhat shortened
course. It will have a maximum time for the teams of two or three
to run. Penalty points for going over time. There will be team
winners, but all individual scores will count toward EQ


Games will be run as they were at Hocktide. Maximum set time for the course, with penalty points
added to your time for what you miss. You will be free to run the
course in any way you choose.

Strafing the Castle Wall

Castle shoot will be three runs per rider. Bonus points for trot
or canter at each run, but only if you hit a target. Miss all the
targets, you score zero.


Total of scores for the hunt, games, and castle shoot will
determine EQ champion, to be called Huntmaster of Myrtle Holt.

Complete and most up-to-date information will be maintained at:


Sunday Pumpkin Shoot, Equestrian Authorizations, Ground
Crew Authorizations, etc.

NOTE: Equestrian Camping information

For those who do not have portable horse corral capacity and
need to have a place to paddock their horse, Lake Selmac Park is
next to the event site, and for those unfamiliar with the
situation, the park has an entire row of “Horse Camping Sites”
which run the fenceline with the event site.   The event
site itself is laid out to provide easy access from the equestrian
camping in the Park to all the equestria activities.  
For those who do have portable horse corrals, and just wish to camp
on the event site in the same area, space is reserved for you, just
let the event steward know this will be your plan.

For those who wish to take advantage of Lake Selmac’s Horse
Camping facilities, here is the phone number for the park service.
Tell them Lake Selmac Horse park. 1-800-452-5687 This is on a first
come, first served basis. If you have any questions, please, feel
free to send email to our Equestrian Activities Steward: Rathyen de
Bures of Acton email: moc.liamg@572msihc, or Sharon Robb-Chism on


We are pleased to announce that at this year’s upcoming
Ancestral Remembrance Celebration (ARC) we will be having a very
special Harvest potluck feast. We will not only be celebrating The
Harvest that this year has brought us but also a chance to share
with everyone those certain dishes that are special in your family!
This year’s feast will be in the form of a competition of
sorts. We are asking those who wish to participate to please enter
a favorite dish of an ancestor who
has passed, in to one of the categories below.

As this is a potluck, the intent is to feed the masses and the
competition will be judged by the populace. Therefore, the dish
will need to feed approximately 20-30 people. Remember, the
populace will be judging, so if you bring less food there is less
chance for people to get some, and to possibly vote for your entry.
The winner will be awarded a $50 Gift card.

Categories include are:
Side dish

The intent here is to try to honor those in our lives who have
passed on with dishes made from things we ourselves have grown or
farmed. You will note we are not dividing the food contributions by
traditional methods, such as mundane last name, but as people let
us know what they are bringing, if a particular category is getting
too many entries, it might be closed to further entries to get the
mix of dishes for the feast to be more even. So let us know early
what dish you intend to bring. Also, please bring a written
description of your dish, including information that might be
relevant to the Extra Credit topics below.

Each populace member will be given a token to vote for their
favorite dish on the buffet.

To keep things interesting, there is the ability to score
additional tokens by including one or even all of the following.
Each of these categories will be worth at least 5 populace vote
tokens, so they are well worth trying to put some thought into:

The dish was a “favorite food” of an ancestor who
was in the SCA somewhere.
The dish was a “favorite food” of an ancestor whose
name is listed on the Summits remembrance scroll.
Presentation (Reser’s potato salad might have been ancestor
X’s favorite food, but likely as not they weren’t
thinking the carton was particularly historically accurate, so
pretty it up!!!) This category might result in tokens being taken
away if mundane packaging is in evidence on the buffet.
Is the recipe period?
If at least 50% of the ingredients came from your very own Garden,
Farm etc. (What better way to use up all that extra Squash,
Tomatoes or Cucumbers, hamburger, stew meat, etc)

Should you be thinking, “Gosh, I’d
love to come to ARC, but I’m just not sure I want to camp, but it’s
too far to
day trip…”  well, there’s
even an option for you.
The Siskiyou Field Institute is
located a short 6 miles from site and they have a variety of
options in pricing for
overnight lodging.   They
also sport a full kitchen which their guests are allowed to use, as
well as a lovely gathering
room with couches and a large stone
fire place.  
So, as far as types of
Yurt A:  Unheated, bunk beds,
and these cost only $15/night per person
Yurt B:  Heated with lights,
bunk beds, and these cost $17/night per person
Both the yurts have access to a very
nice solar powered lavatory block building, heated, with showers,
sinks, etc.
One of the yurts sleeps 12 the other
sleeps 18, just not sure which is which at the moment
Bunkroom:  Inside the facility
sleeps 8, some are bunks some are beds, it’s own bathroom, 
$24/night per person
Private rooms: I think all of these
have a queen and a single bed, so they could sleep up to 3 people,
and they
have their own bathrooms. 
$70/night for the first person, each additional person is $10, max
They are located at 1241 Illinois
River Road, Selma, OR 97538.   Phone #:
541-597-8530  9-4 weekdays

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