An Tir 12th Night


and Device of Adiantum

The Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Lane County, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Yseult of Broceliande
Date: January 9 , 2015 until January, 11 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on January 9th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on January 11th 2015

Event site:
Valley River Inn
1000 Valler River Way Eugene, OR 97401

Come, join us for the coronation of the heirs to the Lion
Thrones of An Tir!
This event will be at the wonderful Valley River Inn in Eugene
January 9-11th 2015. We have lots of fun things planned for the
event; visit the event website for more info.

Site Fees
$20 for SCA member adults (+$5 for non-members), 17 and under are

Meeting Space
Do you have a meeting planned for 12th Night that you need space
for? Your autocrats would love to hear from you! Please contact
Marian at mch AT efn DOT org.

We have a draft of the schedule
that can be seen here. If you have something that needs to be on
the schedule, but you don’t see it, please contact the

Hotel Info

All the rooms at Valley River Inn
have now been reserved and the rooms for Royals, their retinue and
vigils have been assigned.

Valley River Inn has requested that,
as of Dec. 15, Mistress Yseult handle any room cancellations. If
you have a reservation at the event hotel that you cannot use,
please contact her immediately. Use the Autocrat button at the top
of this page We are still short a room for retinue and there is the
hotel’s waiting list of folks, so your room is desperately

You can still attend 12th Night. See
the event web site at Scroll down
the Lodgings page for alternate hotels within 5-10 minutes drive
time. There is unlimited, free, street level parking around the
hotel, and we will have a cloak room for folks to leave things in
during the day.

A preview of some of the fabulous things planned for 12th Night
this year:

Friday Festivities

Visiting manuscripts in the Burgess Collection at
the University of Oregon
We will gather in the main
lobby at Valley River Inn (VRI) no later than 3:45 pm on Friday,
Jan. 9, and car pool to the UO. You must be ready to leave from the
lobby. We will quickly assign folks to ride with those of you with
vans or larger cars. The Valley River Inn shuttle will also be
available to us. I will have maps and directions available for each
driver and designated navigator (ideally someone familiar with

We are to arrive at the Collection
in the Knight Library by 4:15 so that we can enter before they
close to the public at 4:30. People arriving after 4:30 will not be
able to enter. The visit will probably last an hour or so, and
then we will carpool back to 12th Night in time for dinner.

We are allowed to take photograph
within reason . . . it will be an overload if everyone wants a
picture of every manuscript, so please only take photos that you
will actually use for research/manuscript production. Since there
may be as many as 30 of us, the curator has asked that we not
handle the mss. He or an assistant will do the page turning. He is
both delighted to have such interest in the mss. and apprehensive
about having so many people around them all at once! Below are the
rules that he sent. The first 4 are crucial – the rest are
moot as we won’t be handling the pages.

Your group leader is HL Antonia
Crivelli (Martha Sherwood), Adiantum’s Scribe, painter of
charters and maker of period pigments. She will be painting
portraits and tending the scribal display in the Arts &
Sciences Hall at 12th Night.

Please EMAIL (not FB message) me at
pam@bobwhitman dot com and let me know the following ASAP so that I
can do some pre-organizing of our carpool:

— If you are driving a vehicle we
can carpool in, how many (including you, the driver) does it hold?
Drivers should be fully insured.
— Do you need a ride?
– Whether rider or driver, are you familiar with the route
between VRI and the UO campus?

See you at 12th Night!

Mistress Yseult of Broceliande
moc.namtihwbob@map | 541-344-0896

Rules for the Burgess
1. Turn off your cell phone.
2. No pens, food, or drink are allowed in the Paulson Reading
3. Backpacks, briefcases, computer cases/covers are not allowed in
the Paulson Reading Room, but laptops are allowed.
4. To display, exhibit, publish, or download any SCUA materials to
the web, you must obtain our permission.
5. All materials must be used in the Paulson Reading Room.
6. Respect the fragile nature of the collections by handling the
materials with care.
7. Certain materials, such as photographs and codices, require
special handling.
8. Handling materials: Please respect the fragile nature of the
materials and handle them with care. Please do not mark in or on
them in any way. Please be careful not to exert pressure on any
material. All bound items must be placed on foam supports for
9. Handling of manuscripts and archival material: Do not rest an
arm on a document or write notes on paper or cards placed on top of
a document.
10. Handling of rare books: Rare books should be handled with
extreme care. Please do not place stress on the binding by opening
the book a full 180o. Bound materials must be placed on foam
supports for viewing.

Friday Dancing and Fun
Our dance master, Good Old Lord Petronius, has planned for those
weary travelers joining us Friday night to have, in his words,
“a sedate and elegant ball, with none of that flashy footwork
and flourishes so inconceivably loved by the youth.” The
great hall will be in process of being set up for the festivities
of the next day, and Petronius doesn’t want dancers getting

However, rumors from Adiantum have
started spreading. Certain… ladies… of An Tir have
declared that they know exactly what weary travelers are looking
for Friday evening… FUN! To that end they’ve conspired
against dear old Petronius, and have plans to send him to bed early
whether he wills it or no, as they intend to take over the ball!
Join the courtesans of An Tir for a lively evening of getting
underfoot. They welcome all − those brave enough to be seen
in the company of courtesans and those who would hide their
identity behind a mask.

Along with the dancing, our lovely
courtesans are hosting a couple of competitions during their ball;
one for the best Documentably Trashy Garb, and one designed to be a
social mixer during the dancing.

For the costuming contest, bring out
your best documentable courtesan (or less noble working profession)
clothing, and let our judges know about what folks in the
world’s oldest profession were wearing during your period.
Yes, documentation is required; it doesn’t need to be a
research paper, but consideration will be given to depth of

Anyone that wishes to participate in
the social competition will be given a dance card at the beginning
of the ball. Before each dance there will be a moment to write in
the name of your partner for that dance. Whoever has the largest
number of different partners during the evening will win!

Saturday Shenanigans

Heraldry Consult
If you have a name or device or badge to submit
or have questions about names and /or armory, please stop by. It’s
a great way to learn heraldry too!
Prices, number of forms per item, etc can be found here. Depending on interest, the consulting table may
be open Sunday as well!
Period Games: A gaming area next to the A&S
Hall, also in the Great Hall Friday evening.
Labyrinth: A 30’ candle-lit labyrinth to
walk overlooking the river on Friday and Saturday nights.|
Music & Drama: The bards of An Tir are
planning musical presentations, and the An Tir Players have
promised an entertainment.
Portrait Painting: Adiantum’s Antonia
Crivelli paints portraits on the spot using period pigments in the
Arts & Sciences Room.
Bar Party: Saturday night, hosted by Baron Durin
Oldenmoor. Bring your room party here and turn up the volume while
the rest of the hotel sleeps peacefully.

Queen’s Rapier
The tournament will start out with a round
robin of four pools. The top four fighters in each pool will seed
into a 16 person single elimination round, with each bout being
fought the best 2 out of 3 kills. The two finalist will face off
best 2 out of 3. All bouts will be fought with your best form, but
weapons are limited to a combined blade length of 65 inches. We
wish to encourage fighters to communicate with each other during
the fighting as well as making deaths clear to the spectators.
Double deaths will be refought.

The victor will be clothed in the
glory of their new station with the cloak of the Queen’s Rapier
Champion and be tasked with representing the rapier community in
all things. As Queen’s Rapier Champion you will have the privilege
and honor to attend to Her Majesty in Court.

Planning on fighting? Save yourself
the hassle of waiting in line and juggling your documents!
Pre-register for the Queen’s Rapier Championship! It’s an easy
process – simply send this information to Rose Atherton at
gro.acs.ritna@ytuped-stsil or moc.liamg@2422ezalb

Those who are pre-registered will
still need to check in and confirm that they are present the day of
the tournament. Lists will be open on site from 8:30 AM – 10:30AM,
and from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm (or as close as possible as allowed by
the end of court).

1. Fighting title
2. SCA name
3. Modern name
4. SCA membership number and expiry date
5. If you are a Cadet (and to whom)
6. If you are a champion or gallant.
7. Your SCA Branch
8. The main fight practices you attend, up to 3

The memberships and fighting
authorization will be confirmed, and you will receive an email from
Lists containing your pre-registration number as confirmation.
Pre-registration deadline is Wednesday, January 7th at

Roman Baths at 12th
The Baths of the Two-Tailed Sea Lion will be
open for attendance during the next 12th Night! Your event stewards
are working feverishly on decorations to transport Valley River
Inn’s spa back to a Roman Bath complete with mosaics and murals and

The Roman Bath Party will offer a
hot soaking tub and the use of saunas to relax and soothe you.
Julia Sempronia has offered a class on Roman Bathing Culture, and
Ariadne will be teaching how to use Strigulae. Sharon Rose will be
taking appointments for massage during the party and if you
require, I’ll be available to drape togas or arrange hair. We’ll be
allowed to have food and drink, but please leave your glass vessels
in your rooms. We hope to have a Roman Lunch Plate available for
purchase from the Inn.

A&S Room – Columbia
Come one and all to the Arts & Sciences
Hall at 12th Night. We have a great line up of displays planned for
Saturday and our Artisans would love to talk with you about their
projects. Some of the amazing displays that have already been
offered are:

Guild and Group

Apothecary Guild display
Décor Guild of An Tir display
History of the chirurgeonate display
Moneyer’s Guild display and demo
Scribal Displays
Oops Table Display – In addition to the regular A&S
display at 12th Night, we are looking at having an area called “To
Err is Human.” So many people seem to think their work needs to be
perfect or it is garbage. To dispel that myth, we’d like people to
display a) stuff they really screwed up and then version 2,
improved (or plans to improve the next one), and b) stuff they
screwed up / are stuck on / need help and advice on. There’s no new
work or documentation needed, so I think 12th Night is feasible. We
will have 2 tables reserved for this display, so please bring your
projects and join us!


Spinning and wool processing
Blackwork (On Saturday at 3 pm there will be a 1/2 hr demonstration
of a blackwork sampler for anyone interested)
Rectangular construction
Soap Making
Fibulas, Straight pins and hooks and eyes
Portrait Studio
Roman Tunic
Lace – Punto in Aria, Bobbin Lace
Medieval cooking (including pies!)
Stone Carving (there will be a demonstration until court begins on
Garb making of various sorts
Silk Banner Painting


9-11 Norse Tentrad Bending, taught by Algifu
(Vandy), Siuslaw Room
class limit 8, cost $35
Come learn to create Norse possament, a Viking wire bending
technique using silver tentrad wire. Create interlaced decoration
for both men’s and women’s clothing in Viking or modern styles.The
class fee includes 10 meters of silver tentrad wire, written
instructions for recreating some known patterns from the finds at
Birka and 2 hours hands on instruction with Aelfgifu. 

10 Bathe Like A
taught by Ariadne, class held in the Roman
class limit 12 (auditors welcome), cost $5 ($1 for auditors)
Curious about oil bathing? Want to know how to use a strigial? In
this hands-on (clothes off) experimental class we will learn how to
use strigilae for classical oil bathing. Join Ariadne for a
participatory demonstration of classical oil bathing.
$5 per person to defray the cost of oil and wool flannel will be
gladly received (12 person limit). Please bring your own strigil.
Auditors are welcome, there will be a $1 cost to cover the

10-12 Punto in
, taught by Prudence Goodheart, class will be
held in the Arts & Sciences room in the Columbia Ballroom
class limit 10, cost $2
An introductory look at the 16h century needle lace “punto in
aria”. This hands-on class will cover basic stitches and set
up to create a basic lace edge and small lace insert. Students
should bring a small pair of sharp scissors.

12-1 Roman Bathing
, taught by Julia Sempronia by the Roman Bath
No class limit, no fee
What really went on in Roman Baths? Ancient Roman public bathing
facilities underwent an extreme makeover from Republic to Empire,
becoming a major focus for social interaction. Visit our recreation
of the Roman Baths for an overview by Julia Sempronia, OL and dive
into the secrets of Roman bathing culture!

12-2 Basics of Holbein-style
, taught by Anja Snihova, class will be held in
the Arts & Sciences room in the Columbia Ballroom
class limit 10 people, cost $5 for basic kit
Includes the basic stitch, several patterns in a graded
presentation and patterns for further stitching. You will work the
basic stitch, a simple line stitch, a simple side-trips stitch and
a fill stitch at the very minimum, and learn some tips and tricks.
As time permits we will get into more complex patterns, mix-n-match
patterns and suggestions for projects. This class also includes the
history of the basic stitch, development through Middle Ages into
the Renaissance, the difference between this style and the “other”
blackwork, plus examples of uses on clothing and household items.
The class is in two parts; allowing time to ctually do some
stitching in between the sections, which means that the 2nd section
will start with answering the questions and checking over pieces
for problems. Pre-reg addy: gro.kaep@thgiltneicna, please include
12th Night Blackwork Class in the subject line or text.

-2nd half of class will be Sunday at
10 am-

Kumihimo, Alys will also be available to
teach/demo Kumihimo out of her booth in the merchant room for
anyone interested in learning a new braiding technique. No time,
stop by and see if Alys is available at Gold Key in the merchant

11 Lute Technique for Guitarists – Rogue 84
Workshop on lute technique targeted for guitarists. Focus on
tuning, right hand technique, late 16th century sound, and any
other topics of interest. Bring your guitar (or your lute, if you
have one!) and let’s play! 

Scribal Activities
– Scribal activities will be running full force at 12th Night! In
addition to the off-site manuscript viewing on Friday afternoon and
the Scribal tables in the A&S room, please come to the Scribes
Room (on the map) and enjoy some “all scribal, all the time”,

Iron Scribe Contest
– posted on Steps & in the AnTir Scribes group
Sign in and pick up a charter on Friday evening or Saturday
morning. You have until Saturday night at 9pm to turn in your
completed charter. There will be prizes!
Categories, based on how many charters you’ve painted, include:
Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced.

Scroll Display
Come view some of the original art work completed by your Scribes
or bring your completed original works to be displayed. Please
bring a support structure so it can stand up by itself (we won’t
have room for them to be flat on the table). Make sure they are
labeled so they get back to you.


Want to paint? Bring your kit and hang out with us!
Want to learn?? We’ll teach you!

Sarra the Brave
Sable Sable

Dirty Dozen
There will be a Dirty Dozen Dirby Largesse
competition at 12th Night this year!

The way it works is that entrants
create 12 items based on a theme… the theme is up to the entrant.
The primary rule is your items must be tagged and ready to be given
out as largess immediately

There have been so many amazing
ideas for the entries! Children’s crayon rolls, 14th Century silver
brooches, children’s toys, jewelry, jams, silk painted fans, sets
of beads, embroidered needle books, felted bowls… the list just
goes on and on. Remember, as this is not an Arts and Sciences
competition you do not need to document your items however if you
have done a re-creation please include that information on the

People come by, vote on their
favorite item by dropping a token in that entry’s cup. The winner
is the entrant with the most tokens. …and the
The winner of the derby gets one item from each
of the other competitors!!!”

14th Annual Knight’s
Twelfth Night is fast approaching and with it
the 14th Annual Knight’s Auction. Since the beginning of this
century The Crowns of An Tir have chosen a Worthy Cause to make a
charitable donation to. This year’s charity is the American Heart
Association. All items in the Auction are either crafted by a
member of the Chivalry, or sponsored by a member of the Chivalry.
Past items have included lamp work beads, a birch shield, custom
arrows, Norse wire weaving, and the infamous Liquors made by
Sargent Karl der Ermutiguder. What will the Artisans of An Tir
donate this year?

All donations must either be by
members of the Chivalry, *or* be sponsored by a member of the

Please use the following format when
contacting me with your donations.
Approximate Value:

Please contact
brynphalan(at) with your donation information. Forms
with your information will be printed up and provided on the day of
the auction.

Inline image 1

Labyrinth and stained glass windows at
12th Night 2011.

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