Amergin’s Revolt


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Godwyn Reynard
Date: October 14 , 2016 until October, 16 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 14th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on October 16th 2016

Event site:
Camp Luterwood
22960 OR-36 Cheshire, OR 97419

Please check the event website for the most up-to-date

Join us for
Amergin’s Revolt, October 14-16, 2016!

This is going to be a very
special event. While the details are still being hammered out,
Amergin’s will feature one of the first Persona
Pentathlons/Triathlons to be held in the Kingdom of An

What is a Persona Pentathlon,
you ask? It’s an arts & sciences challenge wherein
participants make five things related to a specific
persona – theirs, or someone else’s –
choosing from a variety of categories of craft. If you don’t
have a persona, you can pick a person who might have lived at a
specific time within the SCA period, in a specific place, and
create five items that they might have used or owned.

For example, you might chose to
create five things that a Roman man of the 1st century CE might
have had: a tunica (sewing), a wax tablet (woodwork),  a metal
stylus (metalwork), a ceramic cup (pottery), and a satchel
(leather). Or a favorite recipe. (cooking).

Or, you might go with a
Norsewoman of the mid-10th century CE: a dress (sewing), a necklace
(glasswork or stone carving), a wooden bowl (woodwork), a woven
belt (weaving) and a Norse-style scroll (scribal).

Whatever you chose, it’s
all up to you, to be accompanied by no more than a page or two of
documentation. Please note, this is NOT primarily a competition.
Participants will not be meeting with “judges”, you
will be meeting with “mentors” – people who are
knowledgable about the period you’re representing and who
will be encouraging, excited, and happy to geek out with you about
what you’ve made and learned for this challenge.

And if five items seems too
many, there will be a triathlon option available: make three items
from three different categories. It’s all about growth,
learning, stretching your skill set, and having fun!

All participants will receive a
certificate of participation and some serious wordfame. There may
be prizes for populace choice, mentors’
choice, etc.

In addition,
Adiantum’s Championships for Heavy, Bardic, and Thrown
Weapons will be held.

For those who are not able to
participate in the pentathlon/triathlon, we will also have a very
special track of classes based around the theme that Winter Is
Coming. Learn about food preservation, cider making, cold-weather
clothing and camping, and more!


Information on cabin
reservation will be posted soon, so please check back.


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