All Fools Feast


Hosted by Device of Corvaria

The Shire of Corvaria (Bend, Jefferson, Deschutes, & Crook Counties, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Carrick O'Ryan
Date: April 7 , 2012
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 7th 2012
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
American Legion Post
52532 Drafter La Pine, OR 97739

Come join the Shire of Corvaria in a day of fun and folly

Site opens 10 AM and closes at 8 PM.

Children’s Activities: There will be ongoing
children’s activities.  Please be aware this is not a
babysitting service and at least one parent must help with their
child or children.

Court – Their Alpine Highnesses will be
holding court during the event at their leisure

Feasting – Potluck feast*.  Everyone
is invited to participate in the potluck feast. Please bring enough
to feed 6 to 8 hungry appetites.  Potluck contributions are as
follows, divided by modern last name:  A-F:  side dish;
G-L:  bread/cheese; M-S:  Main Dish; T-Z: 

*The kitchen is not available for our use so heating will be
limited to the warming trays, crock pots, chaffers and electric
skillets that you bring with you. If you are unable to bring the
designated item or have a strong urge to create something outside
your designated item, please feel free to contribute what you

Pandybat Competition -(family appropriate

For the information of those who are not familiar with this
(in)famous class of devices, an explanation: a Pandybat is a weapon
(?) of Tournament Combat, which at first glance is
obviously not a sword, mace, or axe, and at
closer inspection does not have any relevance to fighting
whatsoever. Pandybats are difficult to use, and so unlikely and
clumsy in their handling and application that their use is
preferred by only a minute coterie of devotees, who are often
difficult to distinguish from fools and incompetents.

There are a number of species of Pandybats (perhaps mutations is
a bettr term), among which are:

The Classical Pandybat: “Well, umm, y’see, I started out to make
a sword, but the rattan wasn’t long enough, so I put a mace head on
the pommel for fighting at close quarters, then I remembered that I
fight best with axe, so …”

The Left-Handed Pandybat: “But if I use it in my right hand the
flail hits me on the knee, and the corkscrew catches on my shield

And the Equestrian Pandybat, a device intended for use from
horseback, and which, due to its singular lack of applicability to
foot combat, has only been mastered by a hard core of demented
souls, who are shunned by even the general run of Pandybatters.

So let your imagination (and your sense of humor) run rampant,
and join in the carnage (mostly self-inflicted) which will

Pandybat description borrowed from the Kingdom of the West:




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