Adiantum Birthday Bash


Hosted by Device of Adiantum

The Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Lane County, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Archos William Cristofore
Date: April 19 , 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 19th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Coburg Community Grange
32663 E. Mill Coburg, OR 97408

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Adiantum Birthday Bash 2014

Now in the spring doth the Dread Baron Durin and the Gracious
Baroness Ceridwen call forth from the populace of the Summits those
who would show skill with the bow and arrow upon the Target Archery
ranges of Adiantum. 
In search of an Archery Champion to follow the most excellent Don
the Archer, who by right of skill holds the title this day, they
have allowed their citizens to bring forth this challenge at

Adiantum Birthday Bash.

Therefore gather, ye good archers, and upon the fields of Coburg
prove yourself upon the day April 19th being counted
2014 Gregorian.

What skill of sight will be tested, what prowess shown, what might
of bow and swiftness of arrow!?  This alone doth Don the Archer
know and will forthwith prepare suitable targets that those who
appear before him to meet his challenge may be tested.

 Yet not only archers shall be entertained at this

Come ye all forth to the festivities for the Event Stewards, the
Honorable Lady Johanna, by the grace of God, and her most esteemed
mentor William Cristofore of Devonshire, have called on friendship
far and near to provide the following activities and their calls
were answered most abundantly!

 Ye Archers, the Archery Championship
by Don the Archer, current Champion

….. and Even more Archery by Lady

Ye Students of Learning and Crafting, Arts & Science
by Yseult and Idonia

Fingerloop Braiding (medieval braiding technique)

Seam Embroidery (cool early medieval embroidery to spiff up your

Hook and Eyes (learn how to make medieval hooks and eyes)

Ye Fighters most valiant are provided not only
activity but display in the Pas d’Arms by
Ayla, Marshal of Adiantum

Ye Throwers of Weapons have targets by Lord Kevin
– TW Officer of Adiantum

Ye that Dance, Petra shall direct.

  Ye that Play upon the Musical Instruments
or Sing Marchello shall gather.


Ye that fight with the Rapier…. the
Champion brings forth a Prize Tournament along with Cut and

Rapier Armor
inspection at 1pm. Timed Bear Pit Rapier 1:30. 
Different Weapon Styles.  Round 1: Sword and offensive offhand
(dagger, case) , Round 2: Sword and defensive offhand (cloak,
buckler, batton), Round 3: Single sword. Depending on the number of
participants and size of the area, we may be able to get two bear
pits going at once.

 Ye that have small
ones there shall be Children’s Activities – and a
possibility of eggs!

that play at Games…. should bring something
fun for many are the tables!

that are skilled with the instruments of dust and dirt collection,
prepare for the cleaning at the end of the day!


Come forth all who would attire themselves in their festive garb
and bear witness to our Archers and the delights of
Adiantum’s fellowship!!

Hast thou no garb? 
Fear not!  For the
Mistress of the Gold Key shall attire thee in
raiment suitable. (loaner garb

Share the news both far and near, the Spring of Archery is


Short Version:  Nine
to Nine on the Nineteenth!!


Date= April
19th, 2014


Places= Coburg Grange,
Coburg Park, Briggs Farm


Feast= Dinner Potluck
Mundane LAST name assigns: A-E
Breads,  F-S Main Dishes or Soups,  T-Z
—  Bring enough to

Bring your own Beverages – Dry

:::Birthday Dessert by
Lady Johanna as a Thank You!!
(Prepare for Heraldic



Time     Activity
Grange – Coburg Grange
Park – Norma Pfeiffer Park
Farm – Briggs Farm
8:00 AM Setup Coburg Grange
9:00 AM Gate opens – Grange
9:00 AM A&S and Gaming all day – Grange
9:00 AM Archery/Thrown range setup –  Farm
10:00 AM Archery/Thrown ranges open – Farm
10:00 AM Dancing – Grange
11:00 AM Children’s Activities all day – Grange
11:30 AM Archery list open – Farm
12:00 PM Archery Championship starts – Farm
1:00 PM Rapier list opens – Park
1:30 PM Rapier Tourney starts – Park
2:30 PM Armor Inspection – Park
3:00 PM Armored combat starts – Park
5:00 PM Archery range closes
6:00 PM Potluck Feast – Grange
7:00 PM Bardic [tentative] – Grange
8:00 PM Cleanup
9:00 PM Site closes


Event Stewarts:

Archos William Cristofore of Devonshire

and the

Honorable Lady Johanna Trewpeny

Queries? Contact= Lady Johanna 541.556.6619   or  


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