A Mid-Winter’s Revel


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Gwenhwyvar de Acland
Date: January 27 , 2007
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on January 27th 2007
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Ye Towne Hall
127 N. Main St. Waitsburg, WA 99361

.The Canton of Akornebir announces Mid-Winters Revel! Join us
for a one-day Tavern style event. There will be contest,
games, music, and tourneys to delight, entertain, and amuse
the populace. We are also looking for our new Rapier and
A&S Champions. Rapier Fighters bring your own personal
Hearld for a Battle of wits!The following contest are open to
all ages (please see below for rules for each contest) Table
decorating contest, Cooking contest (your imagination is the
only limit). A Tavern brawl/Contest open to all ages will be
held. An award by populace choice will go to the maker of the
most creative item. Bards of all types are welcome and would
be most appreciated please bring us your best family friendly
tavern tales and filks! A rapier Tavern brawl will be held
please bring your favorite boffer tavern items! We also
Welcome all Boffer fighters to participate in a Tournament!
Pied piper activities will be offered! Sharpen you
conversation skills for our conversation game! Rules will be
handed to you at gate. Classes to be offered: Period
Encampments (on a budget), Courtesy and Etiquette, and
Baroness Rowena’s Problem prescription class (Attention
all sewers bring your problems to the Baroness for answers,
how to’s and general shortcuts to great looking garb!)
Feast will be a Served 1 course meal; Dessert Donations would
be greatly appreciated. Site is discreetly wet. Site opens at
10 am and will close at 10 pm Site fees: 12.00 for adults
(ages 13 and up) 6.00 for Children (ages 6-12) 5 and under
are Free, Family cap of 30.00, NMS fees of 3.00 are in effect
for non members. We will be collecting pop can tab donations
at the door to be donated in the name of the Baron and
Baroness’s grandson William McDuncun to the Ronald McDonald
House please contact Lady Gwen if you ahve Question on how to
help support this organization who has done so much for our
William Contest Rules: Table Decorating- the theme is best
use of the colors in the Canton device (Blue, Red, Gold,
Silver) Cooking Contest- Participants are asked to use food
items to create a squirrel it must be edible tooth picks and
other items to help with form are acceptable as long as the
squirrel is edible (no glue or other craft type items may be
used) Tavern pillow fight Item- Open to all ages. Can be made
of foam stuffing or anything else you can come up with that
is safe to bop someone on the head with, all items must
resemble something you would find in a period tavern! You
must make your own soft tavern item and have a pillow fight
style brawl, Autocrat: Lady Gwenhwyvar moc.nsm@liame_snewG
(541) 276-8960 Feastocrat: Lady Eireannach
moc.liamg@hcannaeriEydaL Please refer to the calendar at
www.wastekeep,org for schedule information. Site: Waitsburg
town hall 121 Main Street Waitsburg, WA 99361

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