Words from Their Majesties – 48-Hour Scribal Backlog Challenge

Greetings An Tir,

We are delighted to announce that the 48-hour Scribal Backlog Challenge is kicking-off today under the stewardship of Dáma Maminka the Bohemian.  This amazing project is designed to match scribes with scrolls for individuals who weren’t able to receive custom scrolls at the time the award was given.  The creation of original scrolls by the Scribes of An Tir is a generous gift of skill and artistry to our people.  

Over the next 48 hours, 39 scribes from across An Tir and the Known World will be participating in this challenge.  We offer to each of these artists our encouragement, support, and undying appreciation.  Please join us in celebrating the scribal community of An Tir!  #AnTirScribalChallenge

In heartfelt service to the Kingdom of An Tir,

King Athos and Queen Alianora