Badge of the Office of the Herald

Black Lion Herald is seeking applications for Sable Sable, the Kingdom Scribal Officer.

Sable Sable is a lesser kingdom officer and encourages scribal activities throughout An Tir through deputies, branch officers, scriptorium leads, and populace. Sable Sable receives and compiles officer reports, providing that information to the Kingdom and Curia via Black Lion Herald. Sable Sable manages several deputies responsible for backlog scrolls, archives, scribal education, and the An Tir scribes website. As keeper in trust of the Great Seal the kingdom scribe will work in concert with the Royal Scribe to provide needed supplies, such as pre-made wax seals and award paper.

Please email letters of intent including SCA and modern resumes to Black Lion Principal Herald and Kingdom Scribe by September 15th, 2019. The position will transition in early October 2019.

Thank you,

Marya Kargashina

Black Lion Principal Herald