Badge of the Office of the Seneschal

Greetings to An Tir:

After discussion with the Crown, and input from the many groups holding events that immediately follow Principality level, Crown level and Kingdom level events, like May Crown, Principality Coronet Tournaments, Coronations and Championship Tournaments, it has been determined that a change in the Kingdom Policy Regarding a Positive COVID test will be implemented.  Accordingly, the entire Kingdom and/or Principality will not be automatically shut down for 10 days following a positive COVID test at a Kingdom or Principality event. 

Groups in An Tir must be able to plan for their events to go forward without the threat of suffering catastrophic financial impacts if there is a positive COVID test at a Kingdom or Principality level event and the Kingdom or Principality is subject to shut down and wholesale event cancellation for 10 days after.  Although the financial impacts would be acutely felt by some of the larger events planned over the Memorial Day/ Remembrance Day Weekend following May Crown (Egils, Celtic and Boar’s Hunt), the Kingdom is cognizant of the health of all of its groups and recognizes that after two years of event cancellations and virtually no income, groups are feeling both a financial pinch and volunteer burnout with regard to “cancellation fatigue.”  Having to cancel events after a COVID positive test in a different geographical area of the Kingdom has the very real threat to be catastrophic to some groups.

This change in policy will give groups planning events that follows these Kingdom and Principality level events the certainty they need to make substantial financial and other commitments to bring their events to fruition without the threat of cancellation.  This change in policy does not affect the automatic 10 day shut down for groups at the baronial and shire level after a positive COVID test following a baronial or shire level event.  The 10-day shutdown policy will remain in effect with regard to possible COVID exposures at a local level.

Thus, in order to maintain the financial health of the Kingdom and its groups, while at the same time facilitating the mental and physical health of its Populace, We are asking that all members of the Kingdom do their part to help keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible.  To that end:

  • Please DO NOT attend any event if you are sick, or feeling sick.  Please default to erring on the side of assuming you are infected and that it is not just your allergies acting up and STAY HOME. 
  • If you attend a Kingdom or Principality event where there is subsequently a reported positive COVID test, please assume you were exposed and self-isolate as recommended by the CDC (currently 5 days).  Additionally, please undertake a COVID test before attending your next event to ensure you are not an asymptomatic carrier.   We understand it may not be possible to get tested if the events are close together, but  everyone should make their best effort to do so.
  • Please DO NOT attend any event if you have knowledge that you have been exposed, or even possibly been exposed to COVID.  Please assume that you have been exposed and follow the CDC guidance regarding isolating and testing.

A lot of great events are planned for this Spring and Summer and we know everyone is excited to get out and see their people.  Let’s work together to responsibly minimize the spread of COVID  and be good citizens of our community by prioritizing the health and safety of the group over our own individual desires to do all the things.  We thank you in advance for your efforts.

All other policies relating to COVID will remain in place – this includes, but is not limited to, the proof of vaccination and/or 72 hour negative COVID test as a prerequisite for event attendance.  If you get a COVID positive result after attending an SCA event, meeting or gathering, please remember to inform your Seneschals.  Thank you.

Attia Prima, OP
Kingdom Seneschal, An Tir